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Blooming Humans

Ready To Dream a New World Into Being?

Well-Come, Beloveds!

We’re Gathering to Birth a New Reality by Planting Dream Seeds Within Ourselves And at the Heart of Humanity.

More on this in a moment.

First, realize this is a power-filled time on the planet.  The Quero Apache tell us we’ve entered the ‘Year of Birthing New Reality’.  We’ve also begun the 7th Day on the Mayan Calendar, a time of planting seeds to birth a world of Peace and Illumination.

Globally, we are witnessing the Great Shift of the Ages. As antiquated institutions based on competition, heirarchy and the illusion of separation crumble, a new civilization is now rising … one based on cooperation, harmony, conscious-creation and Love-filled awakenings of the Heart.

Now Imagine . . .

Each and every being on the planet carries a Dream Seed, held sacred at the center of our Hearts, present and ready for our attentions to bring ideals into reality.  We’ve created this sacred space to gather, plant Dream Seeds, and share wisdom as we embark on this journey of Birthing New Reality together.

We’ve launched our new 42 Day Program — The Blooming Humans Heart Peace Project — on January 1st

In preparation we prepared a garden space to begin planting Dream Seeds, and to prepare the landscape of our Hearts to Bloom, Rise and Thrive!

Here’s the Simple Plan:

1. Plant a Dream Seed in our Blooming Humans Garden. And Share Your Dream Seed by making a comment (go to our website).

2. Spend a few minutes every day contemplating on this power-filled possibility.

3. ASK for guidance on how to grow and nurture this Dream Seed then take ACTION on inspiration received.

4. Pass along the good word, inviting your friends and family to plant their Dream Seeds, too.  Let’s co-create an over-flowering garden — diverse, healthy and filled with possibility.

That’s it!  This is how we Birth New Reality.

Seem too simple?

Then let’s explore a bit more of the how’s and why’s of this simple, yet life-enhancing formula.


The fundamental principle of Life is this:  You must plant seeds before you reap the harvest.  The more you sow, the more you reap.

By planting a Dream Seed, we are declaring our intent to follow our bliss, live our dreams and give birth to our unique gifts, talents and natural abilities.  This is both a blessing (and gift!) to ourselves, and all others, too.

As each of Us assumes our full-mantle of co-creative power, and chooses to BE the change we seek in the world … our daily reality begins to re-arrange.  In order for something to change, there must be movement, intent, cause.

As we choose to be the FIRST CAUSE, we align with the dynamic laws of creation and catalyze a shift — first within, then mirrored in the world around.

Planting a Dream Seed is choosing to BE THE FIRST CAUSE.


We are all the seed of the Sacred Being.  What our attention rests on becomes manifest.  In short:  Where focus goes, energy flows.

Some call this Law of Attraction, others The Power of NOW.  Essentially, all power is contained in the present moment.  When we discipline ourselves to enter communion with our Higher Power/Source/God(dess), and contemplate the contents of our Heart — the place where the Light of Love Lives — we become familiar with the body of the waking dream.

We engage the full-spectrum lanscape of our imagination, and create space to witness emerging possibilities – potentialities – born of our intent to live purposefully, freely, masterfully.

By coming into relationship with Self, to ‘Know Thyself’ the Oracle of Delphi guides, we tap into our infinite potential and leverage the Genius within.  We are fully aligned with the power of the present, and so open to see the Beauty we ARE.


The Heart that seeks an answer to its question will surely be given one, for in asking we receive.  The inner knowing of the Heart is an effective guide, conveying understanding, truth and wisdom.

By asking for guidance, we open the cosmic gateway of deliverance, putting into motion powerful forces of creation that magnetize and attract ideas and possibilities … simultaneously opening pathways for the realization of our Dreams.

Harmony is created when we ACT on the promptings of our Heart.  Taking action creates movement,  which is vital to making our dreams come true!


Together we are better!  By passing along the good word about our Dream Seed garden, we amplify the power of intent, open the way for more and more of our Beloveds to come and play, and create strength through our diversity.

You see, in order to Birth New Reality from a space of wholeness and harmony, it requires dreamers in EVERY field of Life, every realm of expertise and creation, to plant their seed and offer their Peace.

We’ve designed Blooming Humans to be a win-win-win experience for ALL, and have many ways to play:

Bounteous Blissings,

Stacey Robyn
Ken Herbert
Blooming Humans Ground Crew

It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and
dance among the stars.

We must make the return.

We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.

~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~