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Call on Your Family

 Sharon McErlane - Grandmothers Speak 

"You are not alone in the world," the Grandmothers said, "you need not walk by yourself, and life needn't be difficult for you. You are part of the family of light. We know the times you are living in are challenging, even fearful, and still we tell you that you need not struggle. You are part of a growing family of lighted, loving beings. You are not alone, nor is there anything really 'wrong' with you. You belong to the Divine," they said, "and because you do, you chose to come to earth to support and lift one another during this period of radical change. You are not here by accident. You have important work to do and we, the Great Council of the Grandmothers are here to support you.

"We ask you to reach out to your sisters and brothers in light now. Let them help you as you help them. Some of you are involved in spreading our message and some of you have stepped forward to be Grandmothers' Beacons and group leaders. Some of you teach, some are healers, some of you open your hearts and homes to people while others work silently with the more subtle realms. Some of you feed the hungry, some feed those with hungry hearts, and some of you do both. Many of you pray unceasingly and most of you work with the Net of Light to uphold life on Earth. Many of you are involved in supporting Mother Earth while others work to eliminate the fear of 'death.' There are those who prefer to involve themselves in more practical pursuits and those who chose to work in more esoteric ways. Some of you work in groups while some work privately. All of these commitments to light are wonderful, and each focus perfectly suits the one who is drawn to it.

"We are always here for you," the Grandmothers said,"and this is something many of you know. Thousands call on us every day and this makes us happy. However, you are also here for one another and sometimes you forget this. Today we have chosen to remind you that it is time to call on your family of light. Life is much too difficult, much too 'serious' if you try to 'go it alone.' Don't even try," they said. "We are here and you are here, so take advantage of this and call on us as well as one another.

"Each of you has been drawn by the light, drawn to the light, and it is no accident that you are here on earth at this moment. In truth, you are the light. Beautiful souls," the Grandmothers said, "we love you deeply."

In the above message, the Grandmothers ask us to reach out to one another now and behave like a loving family. So that we can find one another, get to know each other, share our experiences of the Grandmothers, learn from each other, and listen to and support each other, we're opening a blog page on This is not a place for advertising or promoting one's interests, but rather a place to support each other. The blog will be on the We Share page of the site. Please send ideas, experiences, questions and messages you wish to share with your family of light to and we will post everything we can.

Sharon McErlane