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Can you accept who you are?

 By Saxon Knight
What is self acceptance? 

It is the state of being accepted or acceptable, accepting yourself as you are. Words like approval, confirmation, recognition, satisfaction, favorable regard, and preferred are used to describe this state of being.

But could you be thinking of yourself in a very different way - such as self-sacrificing, resisting, giving up, facing unnecessary hardship, thinking you are a burden and ultimately suffering, through martyrdom. Do you feel shy, hesitant, inconspicuous and unremarkable around others because of what you believe about yourself?

When you can accept yourself as you are right now it feels wonderful. You can make an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and support who you are at this very moment, even those parts you would love to eventually change. This is important to understand that even though you want to make changes to who you are - in whatever way that might be for you - it is central to your journey to self acceptance that you appreciate who you are now.

Self acceptance is about loving and delighted with who you are NOW.

If you consistently compare yourself with others who you believe are more beautiful, more intelligent more generous more compassionate or just more - isn't it time you were kinder to yourself?

Self acceptance is a journey to wholeness, wellness and personal growth. Expansion and growth is a lifetime of opportunities and possibilities opening up to one discovery after another.

From the Seraphim Angels - Creating a life of endless possibilities

Your life can change in a moment if you allow yourself to be happy and be concerned with your life alone you can drop the hold that others have on you.

You live in a world of possibilities and opportunities but still you exist in a cage created from limiting thoughts about yourself and the world around you.

You can step into a glorious garden of unlimited potential where you can see beyond the boulders and rocks that have barred your way so far.

How much more empowering would your life be if you could clearly see the opportunities and possibilities within each situation.

Wishing you peace and joy always - Saxon

Rev. Saxon Knight, Angel Minister and translator of the teachings of the Seraphim Angels