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Changing the Resonance of Humanity part 1

By Michael White

Has the revolution begun?  That remains to be seen; but there is a resonance of change moving through the world that cannot be stopped. 

We have already seen it take many forms: from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement.

Even the election of Barack Obama represented a change in the resonance of humanity.  Many of us recall how a spirit of unity took hold and inspired the world as America elected a symbol of racial equality, but the lesson we are learning is that we cannot expect the change we are seeking to come from inside the system.  We cannot simply elect change because our elected leaders are prisoners of the same system of control.

The key to understanding the paradigm shift is that it has already occurred in the future.  This is why we must never abandon hope.  There are waves of change echoing backward in time from a future of oneness and equality through a process called: Reverse Causation.  Reverse Causation is when the future has a causal effect on the timeline leading up to it.

During certain key windows of time, many historical potentials have converged in such a way that they captured these echoes of reverse causation, and masses of people were able to ride the waves coming from the future into a new reality.  The founding of the American government was such a convergence, and there have been many other movements that have started through this process; both spiritual and political.

What is happening now is that these waves of change coming from the future are growing stronger and coming faster.  They are similar to the contractions a mother has before giving birth.  Many people have commented that they felt these waves back in the 60's and they have had to wait a long time for humanity to be ready to ride the waves again.

Fortunately we will not have to wait a long time for this process to come to completion.  This does not mean that the path to victory is linear.

The Occupy Movement contains a resonance of change echoing from the future.  Its real significance may not be in the localized effects of the protests but in the way it is helping to change the global conversation.  The beginning of a new global conversation holds a lot of promise because it gives humanity a new platform to cocreate with itself.  Many new movements can be born simultaneously across the world when this happens and we are now poised for such a global shift.  The technology is there.  The interconnectedness is there. What we need now is to catalyze a conversation that generates system-wide changes at every level.

In order to do this, we must better articulate the change that is needed.  We must describe the new paradigm in such a compelling way that it changes the decision making processes we are all using. And, we must re-evaluate our allegiance with the old paradigm values that form the backbone of the current financial system.  How can we affectively change a system that we are dependent on?  That is what we should be exploring at this stage of the new conversation.

There is no one movement that can contain the resonance of humanity's oneness and the world of fairness that oneness will create, but we must make oneness our focus if any movement to change the financial paradigm is going to succeed.  On a deeper level, it was oneness that inspired the Occupy protesters to come together.  It needs no other goal than to express oneness in the face of an opposition that is greedy and divisive.  That is how Gandhi was able to end the British occupation of India.

If the goal is only political, or financial, and is not backed by the intention of human unity, the movement will fracture and disintegrate. 

As a container for the resonance of oneness, it has a potential to grow and expand into something far more profound that could lead to the end of the financial abuses that are destroying us.

Personally, I feel we should be thinking bigger.  The future that speaks to me is not one where we merely stripped corporations of some of their rights.  If the 99% wants to stop the tyranny of greed, we must see everyone as part of the ONE that is arising within us. We must see no difference between the 1% and the 99%.  There is only ONE.

Our vision, our mission, and our passion must be to eradicate the ownership mentality by demonstrating stewardship with our thoughts and actions.  We must see the Earth's resources as Common Wealth and see each other as equal crew members on Space Ship Earth.  We must see the ONE in everyone until this seeing informs the very air that the 1% is breathing.  If we can do that, then we will all inherit the wealth of the world as ONE common wealth, and we will no longer enable greed in any form.  That should be our goal: to change the resonance of humanity.