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Channel With The Cetaceans

By Dana Shino 

"In kind, in time,
in calm, in tide,
Tis time for you
to know the nature of all true things.

For Tis true, Tis true of heart,
Tis notions, Tis notions
of heartfelt time be.

The heart Tis the center
of all things, all time
even of things you do not know.

When you come to know
the capacity of the heart is time,
it's ticking beating
beating ticking,
You will know the true nature and capacity
of all things, beings, creatures, existencies.

Know the heart,
even in something with no heart
and you have learned it's capacities/non-capacities
over and through the element of time.

You have come to know your hearts
like the ticking of the clocks on the wall.
This is a linear dimensionality of time
and the heart that has limited capacity.

Begin to know the heart and time
in fuller and truer and un-diminished
kinds of ways,

And you will know the beyond place of the heart in all things,
the beyond space of the clock beyond all time.

The nature of the way you hold time
is not dissimilar to they way
you hold your hearts -

How you hold your time element -
the marking, the pace
the knowing, the way.

And you also will see you hold
your heart in the very same way-
the marking, the pace
the knowing, the way.

And as you begin to know
these elements
of heart and time

You will begin to see and understand, thus forth -


How do you create?
Be it so through the markings
of time and the crafting of your heart.

How do you unfold/mold
your creations -
Through clock or through heart?
Through tick or through beat?
Through tracking or through knowing?

Where are your meters?

Do you let yourself create
beyond the meters of  your clock of time
beyond the beating of your heart?

Be it understand so
that creation,  
The truth of creation occurs
beyond the metering
of any clock and the beating of any heart.

It is the melding
of the ticking and the beating
into the "beyond" space
beyond time
yet ticking through time
beyond heart yet
beating through heart
Into the co-creative genius
of love and infinite space.

Know the declarations of how your heart mirths.
Know the fabrications of how you shape inexorable time
(as it is so malleable).

And you will cast doubt
upon your old net of known ways,
Moving into the hearth
of a knowing beyond time
beyond heart

into a space
of creative love
majestic intelligence
and the space
of time, ticking just beyond
the hallway clock."

We are the great brawns of the deep.

Video of the Cetacean Channel from August 4, 2012

Dana Shino is a Spiritual Coach and Energy Practitioner living in Durango, Colorado. Her channeling began in 1987, although she was unaware of her gifts until a co-worker identified them in 2001. The 9/11 catastrophe compelled Dana to develop her gifts and provide them in service to others; she established her professional work in 2006. Dana published her first book, "When Elephants Fly - A Spiritual Account About Living The Convictions of Intuitive Truth" in 2011. Dana channels for Divine Light Beings of Star Nation Families, facilitating multi-dimensional communication. and