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Coming Through the Gate

By Karen Bishop

As we begin to re-align with our very new spaces, some themes can be ever present. This time, physical symptoms are more prevalent than what may be manifesting in our outside realities, but this is only because we are aligning and settling in, and this phase needs to come first.

On August 11th, as happens frequently on 11 dates, we opened more fully to the new and higher vibrations that we will now be residing within. Through the gates of this 11 portal, came an immense amount of energy. The most common reaction was rapid heartbeat. Our hearts need to adjust to this higher vibrating energy, and as it vibrates higher than we are accustomed to, we can become overloaded with these new frequencies and our physical bodies begin to go into overdrive trying to accommodate them. We may feel as though we are hyperventilating as well.

Feeling jittery and agitated are symptoms that also follow. Physically, we are revving up from the energies, and symptoms that result are similar to physical symptoms of anxiety, stress, panic, and the like, so our bodies tend to tell our brains that something is indeed going on and may interpret this as anxiety and fear or stress, when we are actually just processing higher energy.

During this time around the 11th, other strange symptoms could be felt as well. Feeling as if one has been “drugged,” wading through quicksand, exhaustion, and a heaviness can be experienced, as the density within us is congregating before it moves out. An inability to concentrate, focus, or sit still also occurs when we are being bombarded by higher energy, as we opened to the higher frequencies of late through the portal of the 11th.

These energies are attempting to align us to something we have not yet experienced. Because anything that vibrates lower cannot exist in a higher vibrating reality, it then gets pushed out. Thus, diarrhoea, frequent trips to the bathroom, and a general feeling of hunger can also be present, as we feel we need more fuel than normal for this re-alignment, even if we do not consciously know why.

Then comes the old familiar upper back pain. We are continuously sprouting our new angel wings, and the area between our shoulder blades and lower neck can at certain times feel very painful, with no logical explanation. The energy there is pulsating and moving outward, readying to explode in the formation of a higher vibrating aspect and vehicle for our upward spiritual movement and expansion.

Intermittently, we can also feel malaise as well. Perhaps knowing we need to accomplish certain things, but finding that we just cannot muster up the energy to do them. Thus, we may get up to start something, and almost immediately find that we plop ourselves down on the sofa, with a strong sense of apathy or most assuredly, we just plain do not feel like doing a thing! Wandering around like a zombie, with no real sense of direction, and with an inability to remotely find a thing that seems to fit, we are simply adjusting to the new energies of our new space. And we may feel a bit woozy as well.

States of apathy always indicate a re-booting phase in regard to ascension. We have been “unplugged,” while we are being re-aligned before we can move forward once again. And this is occurring now.

After these interesting phases, we then move into one of my favorites, which is the merkabah experience. I love this experience, as it always validates for me that something is absolutely and most assuredly going on in regard to moving into a new space. The merkabah experience manifests as spinning or vertigo, and is many times accompanied by nausea. Our merkabah light bodies are spinning in order to assist us in arriving in a higher vibrational space. They are the vehicles that get us where we need to be.

Our dreams (in our sleeping state, not our desires), are assisting as well. We may find that we are having strange dreams, or even nightmares during this time. We are releasing our fears. Just another aspect of preparing for our new spaces on the ascension ladder.

Then, there are the wonderful states of grace that seem to be continual and most ever permanent these days. If we allow ourselves to simply sit and be, we can feel them almost 24/7 (when we are not spinning or having rapid heartbeats!). When out in the “other world,” we may find that our interactions with others now come from a very loving state, instead of the mortification we may have felt in times past with lower vibrating energies. The loving nod to a stranger, a loving comment, or even a statement of gratitude, can serve to connect us to those who are ready to receive this new highly vibrating and loving energy that we now possess.

And as mentioned in the WINGS post for August 7, if we are in positions of creating anything new that will be a part of our new reality on the other side, anyone who is a needed part of these creations, will easily tap into the higher vibrating energies that they possess and will be instantly transformed and swept up in them, thus creating human angels for our assistance. We are indeed being supported in some very new and special ways.

This atmosphere of grace, gratitude, and love for all mankind, will continue on, as it will be a mainstay for our new residency and experiences as angels of the new earth. So then, when we visit the old world for brief periods of time, this will be our natural state of being. Staying in the old world for lengthy periods of time can be much trickier, as the darkness and density there can be suffocating at times. But now that we have reached very new levels, the old world and reality indeed feel so very far away, and most assuredly, they belong to someone and to somewhere else, as we are no longer connected to them in any way.

If you are one who has been feeling lost without a rudder, that you are connected to nothing at the moment, and unsure of your new path, know that things will become clear in times to come. These feelings are sure indicators that you have left all your suitcases behind and are indeed ready for the new reality. As we begin to see each other, to connect to each other, and to support each other more and more, our very new reality will begin to take shape.

If you are one who feels very stuck in the old world, with commitments still holding you back and responsibilities that you feel you must stay with, this can be challenging at times. Many will choose to simply walk away, no matter what the cost (I am not proposing that you do this, as these will indeed be individual decisions). We must indeed move forward if we are now aligned for a very new reality, even if our old spaces have yet to be filled. The “plan” did not manifest as was hoped, as so many are still unwilling to wake up and make internal and external changes, but this will no longer hold us back.

Again, as mentioned in greater detail in the previous WINGS post of August 7, connecting to one another will create a magnificent new grid, will uphold and sustain the higher energies, and make us feel great once again. This is the key. The higher energies will be sustained through ourselves. Ways of successfully staying removed from the old world, while interacting with lower vibrating energies that we choose to, are also discussed in great detail in Heaven’s Gate as well.

So even though it may seem as if nothing is occurring at the moment, or that we are still not moving forward, we are indeed re-calibrating within, re-aligning within, and most assuredly re-structuring ourselves and our new offerings as well. As the re-structuring of the new rungs of the ascension ladder has now been complete, these higher energies have now trickled down to us in the physical, and have then created these symptoms mentioned here, as well as a need to re-structure much of our new offerings and how we will be offering them.

We are re-structuring now to a large degree, much that exists in our physical world. We are beginning to put things into place that will serve to support our new spaces and new roles and offerings. And much of this involves a new group energy, as we can no longer exist as individuals and on our own. Group energy vibrates higher, and the individual functioning on its own is no longer an option.

Part of the ascension process involves a requirement of not being afraid to be alone. In this way, we were placed into situations where we had to be alone, in order to have this experience. After this experience is completed, we then move into group energy. This is because we cannot move into group energy from a fear of being alone. We have to move into group energy from the higher vibrating need and knowingness that each component is necessary in order to comprise a whole. We cannot wear all the hats and do everything ourselves. We have reached the end of the spectrum with this, and this is why many of the forerunners are absolutely exhausted from doing it all themselves, and most certainly very tired of the loneliness, as they have been complete with this process and ready for group for a while now. This format of being alone and doing it all ourselves will no longer be present…EVER AGAIN.

So again, although it may feel at times as though nothing is happening at the moment, I can assure you that things are indeed happening. And just wait and see how things feel when we begin our new connections to each other!

With much love and gratitude,


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