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Embracing The Whole Self

The Galactic Frequency Council through Dr. Catherine Richardson

Here we are, in the last month of 2012, in the thick of it all. Now is the time on Earth that has been anticipated with both joy and dread for many, many years. Over the past three years, we have shared ways to benefit from this powerful wave of energy arriving in 2012. One is to consciously raise your vibration and expand spiritually, and we have detailed the many ways to do so in the book The Starfleet Messages. We have also urged you to bring a “God awareness” to your everyday life by embodying the vibration of divine unity; and that you honor and care for Mother Earth. Finally, we asked you to cultivate a deeper spiritual awareness and to seek out a spiritual community.

Again, we remind you, that these were suggestions only. Your path of evolution is your choice. If you choose not to consciously take advantage of the rare opportunities of the 2012 energies, you will simply evolve in a different way. While your path may change, your spiritual goals will still ultimately be fulfilled. There is, therefore, nothing to fear from 2012.

Our final request, as we move through and beyond 2012, is simply this: As you hold this vibration of divine unity, we ask that you simply absorb all within you (and therefore outside of you as well) that you have previously rejected. Bad habits, bad tempers, addictions, obsessions, negative thoughts—we ask that you not only accept them, but that you embrace them. By embrace, we do not mean that you give free reign to them through action; but rather, remember that they have been your teachers, your inspirations, your catalysts. They have brought you here. Just as the perceived “evil that men do” has brought your species to this momentous occasion, the shadow inside all of you has made you who you are—a divine spark of God, ready to catch afire!

Duality is the way that you as a species has chosen to evolve. This duality is both inward and outward. Many of you have been taught to fight and struggle with your thoughts and feelings. Even many New Age teachers have inadvertently promoted this duality within. Negative thoughts are supposedly bad; and positive thoughts are viewed as good. These teachers promote the idea that you must maintain a proper hygiene with your thoughts; otherwise, negativity may manifest in your reality, creating illness, financial ruin, or just plain bad luck. These are oversimplifications of the laws of attraction, and they often lead to disappointment and confusion.

Likewise, many religions teach that merely having certain thoughts may be actually committing a sin. Others teach that negative thoughts come from Satan or the devil. Even popular culture often employs the imagery of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, engaged in constant debate.

We are here to assure you that thoughts generally cannot be controlled in the ways that these teachings suggest (although cognitive therapy, which focuses on transforming thought patterns, is still an effective field of therapy). In fact, attempts to banish certain thoughts from the mind often lead to an unwelcome barrage of those same thoughts. Thus, an inner war begins. This battle deepens inner duality and enhances the significance of other contrived inner separations, such as love and hate; masculine and feminine; and good and evil.

These are some of the ways in which humans make sense of themselves and their world. And from the inner to the outer world and back again, duality asserts itself upon human affairs. Thus in your world you see the outer manifestations of the inner duality. When concepts are divided, these divisions are often generalized to groups of people. For example, gender differences are focused upon and accentuated, and cultures then tend to value one gender more than the other. Duality therefore develops into opposition, and the war of the sexes begins. There are numerous other examples in which duality develops into opposition—Christians versus heathens; Republicans versus Democrats; rich versus poor; communists versus capitalists—the list goes on and on. All are the outer manifestations of an inner duality.

Just as we have asked you to hold the vibration of divine unity by embodying the idea that we are all One, we now ask you to strengthen, broaden, and deepen this vibration by applying it to the true quantum universe; we ask that you embrace it in your inner life—where the power of ideas, the vibration of knowledge, and the coalescence of all wisdom truly create the matrix upon which all realities are manifested.

Please believe us; there is no such thing as a bad thought. There is no devil inside inciting you to sin, unless you create it. And no one is born with a soul of pure evil. No one. Likewise, there are no thoughts that are better than others, although some thoughts may make you feel better emotionally.

Likewise, emotions are simply emotions. Although many people believe that a spiritually enlightened person only experiences good feelings, we can assure you that this is not the case. Emotions are neither bad nor good. When emotions feel irrational or out-of control, they are simply signaling that the true root cause of such emotions has not yet been discovered. But anger is just anger. Sadness is just sadness. Emotions can be clues to self-discovery; and they are, at times, valuable catalysts for change. At other times they may simply be an outlet for excess energy. But they do not indicate a deficit of spirituality. They do not point to a lack of awareness or wisdom. They simply are.

This is what we ask of you, as we move into the heart of the exciting and tumultuous ascension energies: Accept and embrace yourself—all of yourself. Do not disown or judge any part of yourself, because to do so would divide and limit who you are. Live in shame no more. Cherish yourself, including every perceived flaw and scar. Welcome them back home to you, for you are the true Universe. If you choose to embody Divine Unity, then fully embody that which is You. Embrace it all. Love it all.

You are not going to sabotage your spiritual development simply because an unkind, angry, or unwanted thought passes through your mind. Just as you allow your energies to flow freely, allow your thoughts to flow as well. Relax and breathe. Embrace the beauty and majesty of your entire being. No one needs forgiveness at this point—including you—because all that has passed has brought you here to this moment.

Embrace and welcome home the “dark side”, the shadow self—for it has served you well and is still a part of you. You are One. Welcome and absorb within you all energies, and you will find yourself holding a vibration that is beyond judgment, beyond fearful attachments, and beyond duality. It is this whole Self who will ride the waves of 2012 to godhood!

Become truly whole again, and completely at one with God. And from this space, create the world! We stand by, ready to assist. Namaste.

Dr. Catherine Richardson

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