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Emissary of LOVE

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here and continue to acknowledge your courage and to support your amazing evolution. If for a moment you could observe and honor the incredible beings of light that you truly are, all fear would drop away. These would be times of great celebration. Yet we observe the many dysfunctions that still exist in your reality, we observe the changes that continue to generate fear especially in those who are unaware of the galactic perspective.

It is time for the collective consciousness to transforms fear. It is the vibration of fear that continues to allow humanity to drag its feet. Fear limits your power and it is fear that stops evolution. This fear vibration has been carried in the consciousness of humans for eons of time. It can always be easily triggered by real or imagined threats to your well-being and to that which is familiar.

Fear has many disguises; we invite you to be honest and courageous as you look within and acknowledge how fear is woven into your thoughts and actions. Negativity is certainly a disguise for fear; notice if you continue to judge and find fault in others and in your reality. Worry is a subtle construct of fear that is very habit forming. We observe how easily humans find things to “worry about.” There is also the suppressive fear of depression, the heaviness of spirit, disheartened and discouraged. There are anxieties, apprehensions, and mistrust in the goodness of life, all forms of fear.

Fear is a strong emotion and vibration of survival within all earthwalkers. Notice how fear and ego are partners. Any insecurity you have within your beliefs or patterns of being activates some form of fear.   Fear by any name or feeling will push or suppress the grand and great emotion and vibration of love and will repress your own evolution.

The most important key at this time in the evolution and transformation of individuals as well as humanity is to invite and express the vibration of love. We are cautious when we use the word love because we have observed how this expression and vibration has been distorted. So when we invite you to hold the frequency of love in its purest form we realize that it might be a stretch for you. We are speaking of universal love, Divine Love.

Begin to process and clear any patterns, fearful thoughts, or habits that might hold some aspect of fear. It is fear in any form that is the ball and chain anchoring you to this dense reality of the third dimension. Fear keeps you in a state of limitation, especially the fear of the unknown.

The vibrations of love in the purest form are truly the frequency keys to your own and this planet’s transformation and ascension.   

Begin first of all with the expression of love of self. Remove all the beliefs, the issues, doubts, patterns and thoughts that stand in the way of you truly loving yourself and being grateful for who you are. Discover all the ways that you have suppressed a feeling of genuine love and respect for yourself. If this is an emotion or concept that is difficult to feel or express, begin with the simple state of gratitude. Be grateful for who you are and for the beauty that is in this world, in nature, animals, and small children. Then begin to expand that feeling and embrace more and more of the collective with deep appreciation and the expression of love.

Remember that all limitations are ones that you have created yourself and they will hold you as hostage until you love them free.  We invite you to welcome, embrace, and love your unlimited Self.

There is an influx of Divine Love that is being gifted to each and everyone. These are powerful times and the celestial realms are offering incredible support, energy and significant vibrational downloads which can activate and can assist each individual to clear what needs to be cleared in order to re-weave, envision and create a new reality for all.  Hold the vision of a reality in which humanity will be held in the embrace of the vibration of love, a reality in which humanity will shift into a high coherent state of consciousness and ascend into higher dimensional levels. 

Step into your magnificence and acknowledge yourself as the chalice and the anchor for the energy that is bathing your consciousness and the consciousness of humanity. These celestial portals, these cosmic windows can trigger your multidimensional knowing and will offer the opportunity for you to truly own, acknowledge and LOVE who you are. 

Each and every time you uplift or shift your vibration to one of love, gratitude, appreciation and joy you influence the collective matrix. You add your powerful clear coherent vibration to the quantum field which is available to all. You are beginning to realize and acknowledge that there is an energy entanglement, a quantum entanglement that takes place. When you and the collective are generating a fear vibration in any form you are offering a vibration that calls forth a density of dysfunction and all that manifests from that. 

This is a universe in which everything is connected and everything exists as vibrations. These energy vibrations move across time and space. They touch all aspects of existence. You inform, influence, affect and arouse this quantum field with your personal vibrations.  Celebrate this awareness; own your personal power to call forth, to reweave to envision a new personal reality as well as a new reality for the collective.

The energy matrix that surrounds all life is responsive and you can and do influence that energy field. Just imagine for a moment and acknowledge yourself as an emissary of LOVE. We invite you to find more and more ways in which you can offer a high frequency of heart love to all. Pretend if you have to, imagine, see or sense your vibrations touching all those you encounter each day. Begin to recognize and own that you are energetically entangled with the collective field; own that you truly influence, impact and inform this field with your thoughts, emotions and frequencies.

Each time you remember this, each time you release a limiting vibration or thought you are expanding, stretching and connecting with the unified universe.

This connection will begin to expand your personal experience of the many other realities, the infinite number of parallel universes that are available to you as a multidimensional being, who just happens to be in a dense physical body suit. This physical body suit and personal life or focus is only one aspect of who you truly are.

Realize that there are always multiple realities that are available to manifest. These other realities will respond to you and the collective frequencies that are offered. As more and more individuals own the awareness and offer the vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation as well as forgiveness it will call forth the reality in which all people are honored, healed and loved.

We invite you to honor and love yourself, for when you do, your exchange with others invites them to also honor and love themselves. You create, carry and offer this coherent heart healing vibration of love everywhere, to everyone, every time.

We are always available to assist and support you as you release any limited patterns of fear and own the responsibility and title of Emissary of Love. We celebrate with you as you joyfully allow divine love to bathe every aspect of your life and experience and expand into your true Self. We offer you our love as well as our gratitude. the ‘team’

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