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Energy Update

by Matt Kahn

In my recent conversations with the Universe, I have been tracking the arrival of a new wave of amplified energy. I called it the May-June-July corridor. During this time, many lightworkers felt the impulse to arrange their worldly affairs in a more mindful order. You may have felt a sudden desire to purify your diet, rid your physical environment of excess clutter, become more honest and heart-centered in your relationships, or even dedicate more time to solitude and rest, so the body-mind could be recalibrated to be in direct alignment with your highest soul signature or home frequency.

As of Tuesday, July 23, 2013, I am excited to confirm the arrival of this new wave of amplification. When higher vibrational frequencies are amplified throughout your energy field, it has the tendency to increase the bursts of wonderful feelings that may have felt missing from your life, as well as lengthen the duration of their expression. Equally so, a wave of amplification also becomes a magnifying glass that brings to your attention unresolved cellular debris, compulsive patterns, or unconscious behavior that may still be running you around in circles. Whether you are feeling this amplified energy, or find yourself rolling your eyes at the uneventful pace of your journey, I can assure you that you are experiencing the most progressive version of your life at this very moment. While it may not seem progressive at the moment, you have been placed in perfect position to face the core issues that will allow the progress you've been waiting for to begin to reveal itself.

Whether you are experiencing the energetic pay-off from years of releases, upgrades, and integrations, or you find yourself finally facing the core issues that you've placed on the backburner, now is the time to meet this new wave of amplification with the willingness to be more aligned in your highest self than ever before.

For those feeling the expansion from this new wave of amplified energy, you may notice feeling more mentally clear, able to hear your heart's intuitive guidance - from one moment to the next, or even a palpable sense of heart-centered confidence. Whatever collection of positive qualities this new wave brings (after years of laying the groundwork to create a clear energetic foundation), you are either beginning to, or are about to taste the nectar of your soul's reality. For some, a lifelong imbalance in the body's ability to ground higher frequencies of light will finally reveal a leveling out process, where you are able to be aware, centered, peaceful, and perhaps, even filled with joy, while able to consciously navigate the roles played out in everyday life. You may find yourself effortlessly resting in the presence of each moment, instead of obligating yourself to constantly work toward being in it. Many who have done the necessary energetic groundwork will discover how most of the experiences pursued or practiced throughout the spiritual journey naturally unfold on your behalf, once enough space has been cleared in the cellular body and a proper amount of time is dedicated to slowing down, versus chasing outcomes.

As important as it is for me to articulate the changes that come along with a new wave of amplified energy, it is also important to speak to those who may be still undergoing the process of preparation that is necessary to enter such a cycle of rapid growth and accelerated conscious expansion. It's easy to oversimplify the nature of energy and imagine the healing journey to be about finding the hidden switch in your brain, flipping it to enlightened mode, and riding off into the sunset of your long-awaited spiritual achievement.

While this may be how a spiritually-interested ego hopes life will play out, it really overlooks the purest intention woven throughout the fabric of your soul's most profound adventure. As the soul begins to recognize its true nature as the light of consciousness within the body, it becomes excited to use the gift of physical form to begin making choices that celebrate its naturally enlightened state of being. This allows all moments to become vital opportunities to watch the human you have been given the opportunity to be, as it blossoms and transforms into a liberated expression of spirit in action. This means the soul is always fully invested in the journey of cosmic transformation, and is naturally enthusiastic about how life always puts every character in situations as opportunities to spring forward into higher states of consciousness. Meanwhile, the ego, or the psychological belief that you are the conditioning of the body, cannot truly be invested in the purest intention of the soul's adventure. Instead, the ego acts out every pattern of imbalance, just so the soul can recognize the next series of conscious choices to act upon in the journey ahead.

While the past several months have contained crucial shifts of transition for those entering this new stage of amplification, there are those who have been looping in a phase I call "Ego Burnout". During this stage, there can be a sense of frustration or impatience while waiting for the "good stuff" to arrive, while overlooking the work at hand to evolve into alignment with the energy coming through. In ego burnout, one knows all the right concepts and can even debate its depth of meaning with others, while not truly embodying the energy that comes along with such transcendent wisdom. In ego burn out, one mentally has every concept figured out, but lacks the maturity to put all the pieces together and surrender all habitual patterns into a new paradigm of being.

In ego burnout, you may fear not being taken care of by life to the degree they continue to avoid taking care of yourself. Once there is sincere interest in using choices to loving care for the well-being of the body, the fear of life not taking care of you begins to vanish. This essentially means that you consciously gain access to timelines where life will finance and support your journey to the extent that you are focused on taking care of yourself and taking conscious action in a heart-centered way.

For those who aren't taking great care of themselves and are lost in the desert of ego burnout, social media can become an easy outlet for building unconscious repetitive behaviors. The more unconscious repetitive behaviors are created throughout your life, whether through social media, excessive TV watching, video games, emotional eating, or consuming regular amounts of alcohol or "recreational" drugs, a sense of disharmony surfaces in many relationships.

In ego burnout, one is bound to discover the insight that how thoughtfully or lovingly the body is treated - then becomes how consciously the world is perceived. This further reflects how gratifying life tends to feel from one moment to the next, without constantly needing specific outcomes to pacify an insatiable need for more things or different experiences.

In ego burnout, the main threshold that carries you out of the pitfalls of compulsive behavior and into the paradise of heart-centered joy is boredom. Since ego cannot be fed by boredom, it often seeks to be fed by unconscious, repetitive behavior. This is pursued as a way of avoiding the stability of boredom that serves to level out imbalances in your energy field, and dissolves attachment to ego by unraveling the overstimulated nervous system.

If you are reading this and feel you may be caught in ego burnout, it is time to begin using your life as a way of challenging yourself to become the highest expression of consciousness you were born to be. This means choosing to slow down your breath, instead of checking Facebook ten times a day, and looking for ways to care for the body, instead of treating it like an illusory skin suit. If one is deeply entrenched in ego burnout, the boredom may become a part of its identity, which produces apathy, laziness, addictive patterns, and an inability to be receptive to anything outside of the framework of their preferred mental matrix. Ego burnout is the perfect time to renew your faith in a heart-centered spiritual practice, even though it might be met with a "been there, done that" response from the ego that simply wants what it wants and nothing else. If you are caught in the grip of ego burnout and are lucky enough to see the forest for the trees, the practice of slowing down your breath and even offering "I love yous" to your heart on a consistent basis will pull you out of the despair of spiritually-themed unconsciousness, and assist you in stepping into the living alignment of your soul's highest destiny.

Whether you recognize ego burnout as a wake-up call to make the changes you've avoided for far too long, or simply find yourself excited to keep evolving just to see how brightly you can shine, the new waves of amplification urge you to honor everything you've learned up to this point by placing your highest wisdom into conscious action throughout each personal encounter. Through this insight, you allow your life to transform at the speed in which your highest virtue is acted upon and expressed in life.

When every day becomes an opportunity to express your highest virtue deeper or more often than the day before, the gift of life's greatest challenge welcomes your highest potential in form. If your job doesn't challenge you into greater dimensions of growth, then open up to greater possibilities by exploring a brand new direction with love in your heart. If a relationship has reached a stalemate, take the time to have a deep and meaningful conversation and see how quickly life transforms when you're willing to be fully engaged. However life is unfolding for you, it is important to remember that only manifestations of an outdated paradigm are meant to vanish. If this time in your life foreshadows the end of a relationship, career, or even a housing arrangement, it is not any form of punishment, but is how precisely life is guiding you into a brand new chapter of your soul's adventure.

The balance found during this time of amplification is in setting your intention to allow the perfection of Spirit to guide your every move and reveal the necessary choices for you to implement. During this phase, one is either on the path of ascension, or is caught in the repetitive loops of ego stagnation. Through the freedom of will, only you can decide whether you wish to spend time growing or slowing. Since this new wave of amplification welcomes a time of miraculous possibilities, which is the very paradigm shift you incarnated to participate in - why stop now?

If during this time of amplification you find yourself requiring more rest, take as many mini-breaks or naps as possible. If you are consumed by fatigue and exhausted by small amounts of activity, it might be a clear sign of an overloaded liver and overly-taxed adrenals. This is the perfect opportunity to get more rest whenever it makes sense, spend less time on the computer, eliminate caffeine, alcohol, wheat, sugar, and gluten from your diet, and cleanse your body of toxic build-up.

May this energy update inspire you to decide the highest virtue your life stands for and dedicate your choices and behaviors to embodying your soul's highest wisdom in action. In doing so, your everyday life becomes a powerful energetic platform for new conscious patterns to be created. As new patterns are created, one conscious breath at a time, you are sure to experience the liberated joy of embodying the light you've always been.

Please pass this along to everyone you know, so everyone may consciously participate in the collapsing of the old timelines for the liberation and well-being of all.

Many beautiful blessings to you always,

Matt Kahn

© Copyright 2013 True Divine Nature, LLC

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. His spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life.

Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through Matt's profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt is the author of the forthcoming book, "Effortless Freedom - A Timeless Dialogue of Life's Deepest Teachings."