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Evicting the “Miserables”

By David J Adams 

Firstly, what are the “Miserables”?

The “Miserables” are intakes of energy that are less than joyful, less than empowering, less than harmonious, less than uplifting to the individual. They will, of course, differ from one person to another for no two people react the same to an inflow of energy from an event that is the same for both. The “Miserables” are a little like an energy virus, individually they are small and seemingly of little consequence, but when allowed to build up within the body they can severely impact on the wellbeing of the individual.

It is because the “Miserables” can be small and seemingly inconsequential  that they often escape the scrutiny of the individual when they are seeking ‘healing’ of some ‘dis-ease’ condition.  It is in their accumulative form that they create discomfort and even eventually dis-ease, perhaps not in a physical sense, but in an energy and emotional sense.

The secret of the success of the “Miserables” as a virus infection is contained within their very smallness and initial insignificance, because the human mind easily convinces itself that it has either ‘dealt’ with the situation on a mental or emotional level or simply ‘let it go’.  The latter, the ‘letting go’, is what we refer to as ‘forgetting’, yet the reality is that we ‘forget’ nothing. Everything that has ever transpired in our lives and, indeed, our many lives is stored within us.  What we call ‘forgetting’ is merely an inability in the moment to bring those happenings into conscious recall.

We are often told when working with energies that ‘like attracts like’, so it is easy to understand how disharmonious energies drawn into our bodies and our energy fields will, over time, congregate together.  As they accumulate as ‘disharmonious’ energies they will impact on our wellbeing progressively more and more.  When we reach the stage of ‘dis-ease’, the stage when it is clear action needs to be taken, our minds automatically seek a cause or causes that are comparable in size to the dis-ease itself. The reality in many cases is that no such large cause exists, only an accumulation of the “Miserables” over a long period of time or even over many lifetimes.

Try this little exercise for a few moments.  Sit quietly and reflect on the past week of your life, try to call into your mind any incident, however small, that made you feel less than joyful, less than harmonious, less than uplifted, less than empowered. It might be someone giving you a rude sign from a car window after they had cut you off, it might be someone letting a door shut in your face instead of holding it open, it may even be something distasteful or distressing that came over the news on your Television. It might even be receiving this email in an already overcrowded mail box when you are in a hurry to do something much more joyful …(smile)

I think you will be surprised at how many of these “Miserables” are still within you, even if at the time – or even now when you think of them again – they seem so silly and insignificant, and if they are still within you, then they are accumulating with LIKE “Miserables” from further in your past. If you only come up with a dozen incidents in the past week ( and these will be the more memorable ones, the tip of the iceberg so to speak), then multiply that number by the number of weeks you have lived in just this existence, you will begin to see the potential scale of the accumulation and therefore the potential consequences to your wellbeing.  There are many forms that the dis-ease can take and many names given to it, some, like ‘Depression’, are well known and on the rise in many countries of the world.

So, how can we start to deal with these “Miserables” in our lives?

Firstly one should take steps to deal with the existing infections, then one should initiate preventative steps to ensure that accumulations don’t begin again.

In my view it is best to deal with existing infections en-mass, rather than on an individual basis. This is because if we seek to deal with them on an individual basis it will take an enormous amount of time and effort in recalling and dealing with every possible “Miserable” in our entire lives, and as mentioned above we will probably only recall the more obvious ones and miss the rest of the iceberg.

So, just sit for a moment in a space of special quiet, a place within which you feel naturally harmonious and uplifting ( for me this is always the beach, for others it may be a forest, a mountain, a sacred site on the planet or even a special area of their own home). Now ask for all the “Miserables” that you have stored from this lifetime to be brought to the surface, all those instances of your life when energy has been drawn into you or been created within you that was less than joyful, less than empowering, less than harmonious, less than uplifting. Without needing to know the individual specifics of the “Miserables” or making any judgements of yourself, ask that the “Miserables” be TRANSMUTED by the “VIOLET FLAME” or by the “FIRE OF DRAGON THAT HAS NO HEAT” into energies that are Joyful, Harmonious, Empowering and Uplifting to YOUR DIVINE BEING in ALL IT’S DIMENSIONS !.

It is important to not simply focus on the Physical Dimension of existence, but to embrace ALL that you are.

As this process is taking place, I am certain that you will FEEL yourself  becoming lighter and more empowered.  So repeat the process again,  and ask this time for the “Miserables” from ALL other lifetimes to be similarly ‘Transmuted’.

I am sure you have received many messages over recent times about the new energies flowing to this planet to assist in the changes that are taking place, and that it is a time of releasing the past.  Well, the “Miserables” are a hidden area of the past, one that also needs to be addressed at this time.

So, having released our accumulated “Miserables”, how do we ensure that we do not simply start to accumulate them again?

Well, AWARENESS is the Key. Once you have an understanding that “Miserables” exist, you can begin to spot the events in your life that have the potential to create them, and therefore deal with them as they occur.  For example, I had this conversation about “Miserables” with Beloved Pendragon at the normal Spirit connecting hour of 3am last Saturday. At about 10am that day I went to the shop to make some copies of my initial draft, and as I was backing out of my parking spot another car came along, and instead of slowing and waiting for me to complete my manoeuvre, it darted around me and pulled into the space immediately in front, almost blocking my exit. Now although I didn’t yell and scream or make rude signs at the offending driver, I did drive away muttering darkly some not so nice expletives under my breath, until this voice in my head said  - hey, David, that’s a “Miserable” !! – immediately I called the energy of the incident back and asked the ‘Dragon Fire that has no Heat’ to transmute it.  The darkness lifted and I found myself laughing loudly!! …. I had successfully changed a “Miserable” into an energy of Joy !!

So step one is to recognize when it happens and deal with it immediately; however, since it isn’t likely that you will spot every incident, it is good to have a back up plan. So, you could make it a part of your general weekly meditation to raise to the surface and transmute any “Miserables” that have infected you in the past week in the same way that you have done above.  This would be simple and effective, although it does mean that you have allowed the “Miserables” a week’s grace to impact on your energy !.

For many years now I have been following the advice that my Spirit friends have given me, to automatically transmute energies that I encounter by placing the following ‘Command’ into my Being.

“That all energies flowing to me, flowing through me or originating within me be Transmuted into BALANCED LOVE and LIGHT”.

It would be good to incorporate this also as part of the solution to the “Miserables”

I think a combination of all three methods would be the best way to go, for ultimately what we are striving for is to ensure that the only energies we accept into ourselves are those energies that are UPLIFTING to us.

I offer this small contribution to your Future.

Blessings and Love

David J Adams… with input from Beloved Pendragon !

P.S.   The term “Miserables” was used by Beloved Pendragon (Spirit of Red Dragon) in her conversation with me, and it seemed to capture ‘less than Joyful’ energies so perfectly that I fell in love with it and just had to use it within this article.

David J Adams 

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"