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"Fear is a Parasite. It has no Core, no Life Force of its Own" 

Message from the Grandmothers by Sharon McErlane

I read a pitiful story in the Times today. Two policemen beat a homeless man to death while he begged for mercy. It was all on video. I had hoped to learn of a motive for this crime, or that someone involved in it or investigating it discovered something important. But no. There was no ‘ah ha’ moment in the article. Just another story of brutal, negative energy having its way.

After reading it, I felt truly sick and it wasn't long before I went to the Grandmothers. “Grandmothers," I asked, "how can we keep our focus on the light, on spreading love? How do we keep on keeping on when we are ambushed by stories like this one? There are so many of these now. How do we not collapse into pity and horror? Should we attempt to avoid them-- hide from stories like these?”

The Grandmothers shook their heads. “This brutal, negative energy you read about is within you too," they said. It is present within everyone—it is either sleeping at the moment, simmering, or being acted out, but it is always there.” Okay, Grandmothers, I said; “I get that. I’ve seen and felt it rear its ugly head enough times to know you’re speaking the truth. But again…what can I do when I come across something like this? These stories are everywhere…every day. I’m asking this question for myself and for everyone. We’re all dealing with this.”

“First,” they replied, “condemn no one for being taken over by rage like this. If you condemn them, you condemn yourself and everyone else as well because all people carry this energy. What good can possibly come from condemning everyone? Instead, open your mind and heart to this negativity whenever it makes itself known and be curious about it. Observe these urges in yourself whenever they rear their heads. What are they saying? How are they feeling? Are they perhaps full of fear?” the Grandmothers asked, training their eyes on me. “Look for fear,” they said. “Fear is the negative emotion to really watch for, for we tell you that these rages are always propelled and fed by fear.

“Fear is the base-line negative state,” they said. “Fear lies at the bottom of all misery….not just some of the time or even most of the time, but all the time. FEAR,” they stated, standing tall. “So look for it and when you find it, be curious about it. Open to it. Invite it in for a chat and see what it has to say for itself. Fear is always looking for a place to feed. It will feed every chance it gets, so don’t ignore it or attempt to hide from it. That will never work. Instead, look right at it, sit down and chat with it. Open to it, and without judging it; see what it has to say for itself. And after you have listened to what fear has to say, sit quietly and simply watch what happens next. Fear is nothing. Yes,” the Grandmothers smiled at my surprise, “you heard us right. Fear is nothing. When you look it in the face, it will begin to weaken, shrink, and will finally disappear. Fear is a parasite. It has no core, no life force of its own. It feeds on life and if you do not go for its stories, you will deny it a place to feed. It will then dissipate.

“Fear is the great ‘fooler,” the Grandmothers said. “It gets away with what it does by fooling everyone. It brings up scary stories. It embellishes them and makes them so scary, people become afraid to really look at them. They become too afraid to look at fear and this makes it impossible for them to see it for what it really is. Fear makes people afraid of fear! And rolling their eyes, the Grandmothers said, Now isn’t that crazy?”

“Don’t ever be afraid of fear or of the feelings it calls up. Fear is nothing. Nothing. If you sit down with it and give it your steady attention, not reacting, but just observing it, you will see this, this nothing. Observe, keep on watching and eventually fear will evaporate.

“The people you read about today who killed this man were themselves entirely run by fear. They got caught up in ‘a scary story’ and allowed themselves to be taken over by fear. Those you hear about who commit atrocities, those who murder, torture and rape have all been run by fear. Fear, if given control, will turn anyone into a monster.

“So when an instance like this is brought to your attention, do not condemn, but rather pray for the one who, because of fear, for a time at least lost sight of his or her soul. Affirm the lighted one that is still there underneath all that garbage," the Grandmothers said, nodding encouragement. " By working in this way you will lift them, you will lift the victims and you will lift yourself, freeing all of you from the grasp of fear.

“So don’t stay away from stories like these. Use them as part of your spiritual growth. A discipline of sorts. When a story like this one comes to light, pray for the perpetrator and the victims, then check to see if being exposed to this has brought up any fear in you. If so, sit down and have a little chat with the fear. Watch and focus on it until it dissipates. Working like this is great service because each time you lessen fear’s grip on you, you lessen fear’s grip on humanity. You have learned through your work with the Net of Light that all life is deeply connected. We have told you many times that you cannot help yourself without helping everyone, and this is the case here. So whenever fear shows itself to you, go forth fearlessly and have a little chat with it. You won’t be sorry.

“We love you and thank you for your open heart and mind. You are a great blessing on the Earth.”

Wishing you all the very best, Sharon McErlane & Louie

Sharon McErlane

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