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Follow Your Mighty Hearts

Alec Christos Gabbitas 

Follow your mighty heart in every situation that you enter and as you do so will your destiny be assured, and your outworking of all residual karma will be totally re-aligned and deleted from your memory bank. It would serve you immensely when you apply this directive for the way is clear for one and all to acquire this place of balance and equilibrium. It is not some- thing that is unreachable and it is also not something that is a 'million miles' away. The laws of Karma have not been abolished but they have been refined and redesigned to allow a far greater mass of souls who are ready and able to make the biggest possible leap, the  undoubted opportunity to step forward released from the memories or the melody of that which was  unrealistic' or out of all possible reach. The universe is ever in a perfect state of equilibrium, outworking and balance, and all that has been reviewed is the opportunity to regroup into a space of clarity and an accessible reprieve. The lords and ladies upon the Karmic Board have been prompted to obtain these special dispensations to enable you and yours to erase all that was 'outstanding' or in the way, thereby issuing you pardon from lengthy incarnation experience that could normally take several lifetimes to fulfil. Be free!

Lengthy dissertations are something of the past and are dying, so to say, for the intensity of this ultimate lifetime, perhaps, on this planet at this density, becomes obvious as all debris and excess baggage is to be off loaded, once and for all. This is an opportunity that all are experiencing and fulfilling as divine grace and special dispensations are the rule of the day. It is likened to an experiencing of numerous or 'multi equivalent lifetimes' in just this current One! You are indeed an army of Christed beings who walk daily on this fair planet; be still and know that you are God! There is a great deal of readied mal-aligned energies that are to be discharged in the very nearness of your days. Much has been achieved in far lesser related time and beloved Mother Earth is taking stock and is herself preparing to dispose of said 'debris' as the time and the place is right. You will all breathe a great sigh of relief as this clearance is effected and the sea again duly becalmed.

Mighty are they whom with each and every step en-grace onto the planet the light and love from the heavens as this manna from heaven, photon energies, and adamantine particles encompass all and everything with sacred geometry and multi-healing rays. Blessed are they whom in their true essence become energy release valves, thereby allowing beloved Mother Earth the supportive assistance to expel all those misaligned or misspent energies. Blessed indeed are they who aspire to walk their talk, holding sway for their true beings, their divine God-selves, as they greet each day with optimistic acceptance, tinged with the hint of divine expectation in greeting all as divine miracles as par for the course and rule of thumb! There is ever the light that cascades forth from 'Mother-Father' God of this our local Universe, supported by a Supreme Creator, and further by many Universal Gods within the heaven worlds, born of multi universal deity's within the omniverse

Send your loving thoughts and aspirations out to Barack Obama whose 'energies' are still paramount in the demanding role that he has undertaken and doubt not his pedigree, for it is 'valid and rightful' for this tremendous role that he/she has elected to play on behalf of not solely the US but indeed the global community as a whole. There is little validation what so ever by those whom ever seek to put him down or denounce him as not being par for the job. This master role has been surveyed and a master has been duly selected and elected  to carry forth the multiple-tasking that this most important role demands. It will only become a reality as and when the 'greater masses of 'souls incarnate' can truly recognise the divine spark that glows ever from within this one's physical space suit. A task demanding greater sacrifice, perhaps, than by many preceding presidents of the USA over the numerous decades of presidential leadership. This is in no way demeaning of any others for we refer to these most acute and delicate world wide situations that are bubbling up to be dealt with in such a multitude of arena's, which have never been so intense and plentiful as they are at this day! 

Send them your love/light, they will utilise it impeccably, show them your vote and appraisal and remember that thoughts are indeed living things; and sent out by the multitudes of most wondrous lightworkers, starseeds, wayshowers, masters or avatars and fellow travellers of all ilks, will create a resounding impetus to assist him/her for the remaining duration of this so important office. Nothing is written in stone, all these occurrences are relevant only to these now times, so all is in virginal new territory to sow, and then to nurture and harvest as the crops begin to grow at the divine right time. Positivity, power and purpose embraced with divine pure loving light-beams are the tools that are ever in your hands, in your hearts, and in your very souls, to unite and unify this great big wonderful world that the 'ascension' is being played out upon. Magnificent are then the 'knock on' effects through the solar system and universe in these sectors of the whole great omniversal complex of light /love/ life of All That Is. The reverberations are as endless as they are timeless, they are eternal as they are also in the now, there is only ever the Oneness of All That Is, and Ultimate Being embraces all and no-thing in an infinite divine blinking of an eye!

Again we would you implore to love yourselves as never ever before! Yes, we have these words proffered many many times, and we will continue so to do, for you can STILL love yourselves yet more. You are well worth it, so measure this scenario by this yard stick - "the more that you can love yourselves, truly allowing you to love every little bit of you, then it follows that in like manner can you love others likewise and yet even more!" Love yourself!

It is not selfish, it is not egotistical unless you really want it so to be! You have been handpicked to bring your mighty heart and soul upon this beloved planet at this now time, simply and truly because you are so capable of recognising yourself and loving yourselves, as you were given life or divine inception, at the beginning so to do! Love you as you are so loved, let the purest of vibrations flow through your heart and souls and feel the radiant glow that emanates out encompassing the multi-dimensional crystalline self that you truly are.

When you are feeling a little 'off kilter' or feeling a little sorry for yourself, down tools, take yourself away to be in nature if only it is a garden of flowers of trees around. Breathe in the angelic, devic or elemental energies that are abounding, not only in the ground and trees, but also in the very air that you are breathing. Remember to inhale with a passion and to exhale with a mission; inhaling or invoking the light beams and firmly exhaling any greyness. It is a duty that you owe yourself when this is possible, taking a little time out to fulfil the simple sequence of breathing with a purpose and a passion. You are feeling the gap that is growing between you and your fellows, work mates or others, and you wonder often if they are aware of the nature of these shifting energies and the adjustments necessary to keep abreast of them. You wonder how they can still be in a space where their eyes seem still to be dimmed or blissfully unaware of the continuing ascension changes. You begin to wonder if it is you that is 'losing it' and you who might be the odd one out?

You are indeed becoming the 'odd one out' in certain situations where your work fellows seemingly are stuck in the 'quagmire' of good old 3D lifestyle, changing not for anyone or anything, content to plod on one step after the other with a glazed look upon their faces perhaps. You would not be in that situation if you were not an 'angel incarnate' and was   ready and able to aspire with the raising energies, holding them to your hearts and soul, and holding the light for others around you. This is one way of being used in practical terms and yes, it is at times a weight to carry, but by being you there is the spreading of the light that will certainly in time assist the others who are seemingly at the moment stuck tight! Be the angel that you are, be that lighted being that all most surely are or will be; you are also the wayshowers for others to follow in your wake, and your living truly is not lived in vain!

A transforming world likened to the struggling emerging butterfly from out of its chrysalis seeking that rebirth into far greater light and ever more freedom of flight. Still there are old sores that are being bandaged over, so to speak, and still not releasing or airing that which is needed to place the event of the infamous 9/11 tragedy into the light of day! The longer a truth, as cold and chilling as it is lies buried, the greater will be the disbelief and outrage as the revelation that the 'bombing' of the twin towers and other sites was an internal job!  The

doubt around the truth of it being Osama Bin Laden allegedly shot in a Pakistan compound is also being raised, as are the deaths of all the US Seals who were allegedly responsible for the shooting of Laden, conveniently terminated. All will see the light of day, yet at the divine right time...Namaste.

Be still and know that I Am God, be God and know that I Am still! Be the light unto the world.


(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom.

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