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From The Core of Your Self  


When you see our Corridor open before you, please enter; for then you will see all reality from within. Within our Corridor, you are within your SELF and within your SELF you are within the Truth. During your sojourn of the third dimension you will confront many illusions. However, these illusions can only be unmasked when you perceive that reality from within the Core of your SELF.

Therefore, we have been bringing many of you to our Mothership or another higher frequency reality so that we can communicate with you in your astral body. We have brought you to the higher frequency of reality via the fourth-dimensional astral body of your third-dimensional form. Fortunately, as your fourth-dimensional astral body connects with your fifth-dimensional reality, your multidimensional memory is activated.

Because there are no illusions in the fifth dimension and beyond, you can remember that you are simultaneously three of the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. You are the fifth dimensional Galactic Being who is trying to gain your attention. You are your fourth-dimensional astral body of your dream state, and you are your third-dimensional physical body that is asleep and having a 'dream.'

However, the illusions of the physical world are very powerful. Hence, many of you have been having difficulty remembering your multidimensional nature while you are wearing your earth vessel. Therefore, we are bringing you here during your dreamtime to remind you who you are and why you have bi-located to Earth.

It is easier for the human brain of your earth vessel to remember your dreams than it is to remember your fifth dimensional reality. Therefore, we have brought you here while your physical form is sleeping in hopes that you will remember this 'dream' when you awaken.

You likely think that you had a very unusual dream. But hopefully you will remember the information that we gave you in your dream. Because of the third dimensional illusion of time, what you are experiencing as the present while you are with us, your physical self will likely remember as a dream that happened in the past while you were sleeping.

The concept of time is one of the primary reasons that you are forgetting your Multidimensional SELF while wearing your earth vessel. In the third dimensional world you may or may not remember your past, and your future is unknown and seemingly out of your control. We wish to remind you that the future is only an expression of the NOW that you are creating with your thoughts and emotions.

While on our Ship and/or in the higher dimensions, this information is common knowledge. However, we are talking primarily to your astral body who hopefully will pass this information on to your earth vessel when you awake.

We are hopeful that our message will remind you of your innate powers of manifestation. Do you remember that even your earth vessel has the ability to manifest your thoughts? Unfortunately, the education of your era has indoctrinated many you to forget that fact.

Hence, we will begin our communication by reminding you that the physical brain of your earth vessel is electrical and neurons move that electricity throughout your vessel. Neurons are individual cells connected to one another by dendrites and axons.

Every time you think, move, feel or remember, your neurons are working. That work is carried out by small, biochemically elicited electric signals that zip from neuron to neuron. These signals are generated by differences in electrical potential carried by ions on the membrane of each neuron.

Furthermore, these signals resonate into your aura, and your aura resonates these signals into the atmosphere of your world. You may not believe that others can hear your thoughts. However, Earth is moving into the mid-fourth dimension, which greatly empowers the fourth dimensional Elementals' ability to share your thoughts and emotions with the Elementals of your atmosphere and of other humans.

Elementals are the fourth dimensional aspects of the third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water that comprise your earth vessel. Thus the Elemental correlates to your physical elements as the earth/body, air/breath, fire/neural synapses and water/bodily fluid.

The third dimensional elements of your earth vessel resonate to all your thoughts and emotions, even your unconscious ones, and transmit this resonance to your fourth dimensional Elementals. Then, the fourth dimensional Elementals travel in and out of your body and into your aura and beyond. Hence, your Elementals carry the resonance of your every thought and emotion into your fourth dimensional aura.

Just as your conscious thoughts and emotions appear to rule your 3D world, your unconscious thoughts rule your 4D world. These conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions are then manifested into form by the Elementals, who are the builders of form. As your thoughts interface with the ethers of your reality, the fourth dimensional Elementals create thought-forms that best represent your thoughts, as well as the emotions that flavor those thoughts.

In fact, Elementals are especially influenced by thoughts that carry a strong emotion. Of course the emotion of unconditional love, which is actually the highest frequency of light, is the most creative of all expressions. However, few humans have ever projected, or even experienced unconditional love. In fact most of the love that is experienced and/or expressed by Earth humans in the era that you are visiting is conditional love.

Nevertheless, even conditional love has creative power. Your thoughts create the matrix of a concept, and your emotions flesh out that matrix with form to create a "thought-form." These thought-forms, which are only visible to your expanded perception, travel throughout your fourth dimensional reality.

Thought-forms that carry more emotions are more quickly manifested. Therefore, adjectives become important, as they usually carry the emotion of a thought or statement. For example, if you think you are having a "bad" day, you create an emotional image of sorrow, anger or fear.

Humans are unaware of these emotional images, but Elementals use them as a language. Elementals do not have a spoken language, but they do experience humanity's thoughts as an imagistic language. Therefore, Elementals perceive all thoughts as a wish fulfilled. However, they are not human, so they do not have a concept of polarity as third dimensional humans do.

Consequently, they do not perceive bad as negative and good as positive. They perceive a 'bad' day as an emotional image with a chaotic form. Since, they do understand the polarities of creation and destruction, 'bad' carries the image of unstable form.

On the other hand, the thought-form of 'good' carries the image of stable form. Therefore, a bad day would be a day in which many things would fall apart. Whereas a good day would be a day in which everything remains stable and cohesive.

The higher dimensional expression of your SELF on the Ship or in higher worlds is accustomed to creating reality with every thought and emotion. However, on the higher dimensions there is no fear and worry to taint your thinking. Hence, whenever you have a thought, especially a desire or an action-based thought; you can easily initiate the foundation of that experience.

On our Ship and New Earth, which are primarily fifth dimensional, manifestation is very fast or even instant. However, while you are in your earth vessel, your manifestation will appear to occur in your 3D perception of the future. Therefore, when you have a third dimensional thought such as I desire or I am going to, the thought is stored in your subconscious mind so that you can fulfill it later.

All 3D manifestation will appear to occur later because your earth vessel has NO concept of instant manifestation. Fortunately your inner fourth dimensional Elementals (builders of form) are in constant connection with your conscious and unconscious thoughts and they capture the matrix of that thought to create a form for it when you believe you can manifest it.

When you have a thought such as, I am finding a way to get what I desire right now, your Elementals take their assignment of directing your attention towards the manifestation of your desire-filled thought that you believe you can fulfill. Furthermore, your Elementals then take this strong thought-form into your world where it can intermingle with similarly empowered thought-forms.

Thus, the people who created these thought-forms will often meet and combine their resources, or even assist each other. Also, your belief in and attention towards the manifestation of your fourth dimensional thought-form will activate the higher thinking of your Multidimensional SELF. Once you bring your multidimensional thinking into your creative process, you are free of third dimensional illusions.

You may even be able to remember how your higher expressions of SELF are able to instantly manifest all thoughts and emotions. At this point, you are no longer separated from the greater knowing of your Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you are able to actually call upon the Elementals, builders of form, to collect the appropriate matter to add matter to the matrix of your thought-forms.

On the other hand, if you have a thought such as, 'I know I cannot have that,' your Elementals take the assignment of directing your attention away from that which you believe you cannot have. Remember that the reality you perceive is the reality that you live.

Therefore, in this scenario your attention is pulled away from your desired outcome. Because you have fallen into fear-based thinking your creative abilities are greatly diminished, and you will likely resign your self to the 3D paradigm that creation comes from hard work over time.

When you body's primary frequency is third dimensional you can easily fall into the illusion that all manifestation is bound by third dimensional time and space. Hence, you will believe that you have to go somewhere and it will take time to manifest your desire. Then your mind gives your inner Elementals the message that the manifestation of your desire is too far away and will take too much time to fulfill.

The third dimensional illusion of separation and limitation is also problematic. If you can become lost in this illusion, you will believe that you are separated from what you desire and limited in your ability to manifest it. Furthermore, third dimensional Earth is not a safe world and is riddled with many possible disasters. Therefore, your thoughts can become a storage file for all the fears that you have experienced during you lifetime, as well as all the warning of how you should be careful.

As you can see, mastery over your fearful and negative emotions is the pre-requisite to manifesting your desires. If your unconscious contains any fear about your inability to manifest a certain desire, that fear will be transmitted to the fourth dimensional Elementals. Then the Elementals will only be able to manifest a diminished version of your desire because your unconscious can only send the Elementals an emotional picture of a limited outcome.

For this reason, it is important that our Earth Team guards carefully against any fear-based thoughts and emotions. Fortunately, increased multidimensional light is entering Gaia. However, this light travels in ever-expanding circles. Thus, when the higher light has absorbed into your earth vessel, your consciousness moves into the peaks of euphoria, which quickly circle down into the depths of unconscious fears.

This process is not comfortable, but it is important that higher light enters your earth vessel's unconscious mind to cleanse it of old fears that have accumulated over myriad third dimensional incarnations. If you can remember your true SELF, you will be able to relax into this cleaning process and will not become distracted from your important mission.

If you become lost in the illusions of your human earth vessel you will lose your connection to the higher dimensional expression of your Higher Expressions of SELF on the Ship. This expression of your SELF is free of fear and can easily face the above-mentioned challenges.

Third dimensional illusions are based on fear. Therefore, once you are able to release all your attachments to fear, you will remember to unconditionally love all fears. Unconditional love will reveal all illusions. Once an illusion is revealed, you will be able to look through it in order to identify the Truth of every situation.

Most importantly, when remember that YOU are a Master of Energy you can maintain mastery of your thoughts and emotions. This mastery that is alive within your SELF constantly reminds you to focus on unconditional love. The frequency of unconditional love will keep you in constant connection with your Multidimensional SELF, and your Multidimensional SELF will keep you in alignment with your Mission. 

We have told you how Elementals assist you in creating your reality because you need those basic concepts in order to understand what we are about to say. You see, you too, are an Elemental. You too are a builder of form, but you forgot. Your third dimensional earth vessel is comprised of the elements of Earth's physical matter. This physical matter is perceived as your body, which is perceived as YOU.

In the same manner, your fourth dimensional astral-body/dream-body is comprised of the Elementals of astral matter, which you also perceive as YOU. Hence, the individual that you perceive as YOU is both your physical body and your astral body. These two bodies are kept manifest by your third dimensional elements and your fourth dimensional Elementals.

You perceive your third dimensional form as your conscious self and your fourth dimensional form as your unconscious self. Since most of your manifestations arise from your unconscious rather than your conscious mind, the fourth dimensional Elementals are the primary creators of your reality. It is true that your human self is learning to merge your conscious and unconscious minds.

This merging will greatly assist you to be conscious about the reality that you are choosing to create. Therefore, we remind you that whenever you give unconditional love, which is the bonding force of the universe, to your unconscious self, you merge your conscious self (often perceived as your present) and the unconsciousness self (often perceived as your past) into the NOW of the ONE.

When your conscious mind and third dimensional elements of your earth vessel are merged with your unconscious mind and fourth dimensional Elementals, you have a greater ability to consciously merge your 3D physical body with your 4D astral body. Then you astral body can form a connection between your third dimensional physical form and your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Remembering the innate creative ability of your Multidimensional SELF greatly facilitates your process of the conscious merging of these three expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. The remembrance of your multidimensional creativity first began when you allowed the higher light to enter into your physical form. This higher light first entered the etheric matter of your astral body and then moved into the physical matter of your earth vessel.

When your 3D Physical Self and your 4D Astral Self are connected with your 5D Lightbody, you create a bridge into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. As you identify, connect and establish a deep relationship with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you can perceive your reality from that higher perspective of your SELF. 

This perspective will assist you with the fulfillment of your Mission. However, first you must use your newly found abilities of creation to create a life based on unconditional love, joy and happiness. It is necessary to create this lifestyle, for only when you live in love will you able to love yourself enough to realize your immense and innate creative abilities.

These creative abilities are sufficient for you to create your life in accordance with the Higher Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. In other words, you will no longer need to be one of the millions of lost ones struggling to survive in a world filled with anger and fear. The anger and fear will, unfortunately, remain on Gaia until more humans evolve or leave the planet via what they believe is death.

They believe in death because they have never had a first hand experience of their true SELF in the higher frequencies of reality. That is why they are lost. They are lost to their true SELF. If they can find their SELF that resonates to the higher frequencies of reality, they will no longer be lost. They will have found their SELF.

Then, once they experience the constant sensation of unconditional love flowing from their Multidimensional SELF into their physical self, they will know that love and happiness are the most important aspects of life. No longer will they want to dominate another or harm the body of Gaia in any way.

No longer will they feel separate, alone and without assistance. They will, also, realize that money is NOT the root of happiness, and they will simultaneously discover that they can live in abundance within the NOW of the ONE because they are the creators of their reality.

Old beliefs that suffering makes them a better person will fade from their consciousness while their desire body becomes focused on fulfilling their "reason for embodiment." Once in connection with their Higher Expressions they will have a constant source of guidance, comfort and unconditional love.

Unfortunately, there are many who have became so lost after the 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga's darkest dark that they may have to leave the planet, in what they would know as dying to rest and recover. After they have reunited with their Multidimensional SELF, they can clear their old psychic wounding and create a new earth vessel in order to return to Earth.

In their new earth vessel, they will be prepared to assist Gaia and/or Her inhabitants. In fact, even before a death experience, more and more Lost Ones are coming into the fourth dimensional Recovery Centers. In these Recovery Centers they can be healed from myriad lives lived in fear, anger and the need to experience power-over others. 

The first thing they must learn is that they only needed the sensation of power-over others because they had not found their power within. Many families went generation after generation of power-over their children, who grew into adults who needed power-over their children. In the manner, the family was lost for generations.

However, as the world becomes safer and more filled with unconditional love, those who have come from such early environments will have a better chance of being healed. If they become healed from their fearful need to have power-over others before they have children, they can break a cycle that has continued for many generations. In this manner, they heal not only themself, but their family line as well.

As those who live in fear and anger find the way to live in love and joy, the process of planetary ascension will be greatly expedited. Once we, your Galactic Family, realize that enough of you can accept our love and share it with Gaia and all Her inhabitants, we will have a public landing.

However, the term "enough" cannot be determined at this moment of your Earth time. The majority of your world is still trapped in fear and anger, which could easily lead to violence if we landed. Therefore, it is up to you, the members of our Away Mission to Earth to connect with as many people as you possible in unity and unconditional love. 

A group energy based on unity and unconditional love can easily share the message that Gaia is ready to return to Her Higher Expression of New Earth. Gaia wants her humans to join her NOW. However, She tires of waiting for the lost ones and is extending her primary essence into the higher frequencies of your Planetary SELF. 

All of her Elementals, animals and plant beings are ready. The only component of Her third dimensional vessel that is not ready is humanity's Lost Ones. She does not wish to abandon Her Lost Ones. Therefore, she is leaving the third dimensional frequency of her body open for as long as possible while Her primary essence moves into the higher frequencies. 

Many of you, the awakened humans of Gaia, are beginning to notice how your life seems to improve each day. You will likely have many symptoms of transmutation as your earth vessel adapts to higher and higher frequencies of light. However, if you stay within this higher light and allow it to integrate into your earth vessel, you will begin to experience ever-expanding joy and greatly diminishing fear and anger.

Additionally, if you complete the circuit of the higher light by pulling it through your form, grounding it in Gaia and sharing it with your physical world, you will be actively participating in the transmutation of Earth. In other words, if you allow the higher light to flow into and through your earth vessel you are sharing it with others by silently sending them the unconditional love which is the highest octave of this light.

Through the sensation of unconditional love moving into and through your form, your symptoms of transmutation will diminish. Most importantly, you will begin to experience unity with all life. We realize that this process of shifting your frequency rate while inhabiting that form is extremely challenging. However, the opportunity to take a body during this wonderful time of transition is a great honor and one for which you have waited for myriad lifetimes.

We want you to know that you are not alone. We, your Galactic and Celestial Family who are your Higher Expressions of SELF, are willing to be in constant contact with you. Thus, you are never alone for we are always with you. From our perspective we observe that the members of our Away Team and Awakened Ones are finding ways in which they can help from within their community and world systems to make the transition easier and filled with unconditional love. 

Most of all, remember that you are ALL great Multidimensional Beings. Therefore, you ALL have higher expression of SELF either on Starships or in higher dimensions of reality. Furthermore, you all have the same Mission, which is:

  • Remember your SELF.
  • Set up an ongoing and intimate relationship with your SELF.
  • Translate and transmit the Truth that you are receiving from your Higher Expression of SELF to all who can listen.

You, the members of our Away Team, as well as many who have taken an earth vessel during this timeline of Earth, are among the most advanced and best prepared citizens of our higher dimensional worlds. Once you remember who you are, your fear will greatly diminish. Most important of all, you will begin to remember the feel of unconditional love and pure joy.

If all you "do" is radiate unconditional love and pure joy into your atmosphere, you will greatly assist others to remember their Higher Expression of SELF. Above all, as you embrace, integrate and radiate the unconditional love and pure joy that is being sent into your planet, you will fully become the creator of your reality



My journey at last

         Has turned into the past

                   As I remember to BE

                All I hear and I see

                                     I look all around me

                                   And feel all I can be

I look to the Sun

         And release what is done

                   It's not what I've lost

                Or how much it cost

                                     It's about a beginning

                                   And what I am winning

When I start a new life

That is free of all strife

                   I'm remembering now

                When to and just how

                                     To release what is done

                                   And to keep what I've won

From lives beyond counting

The lessons are mounting

                   Into a great peak

                Of all I could seek

                                     The seeking and finding

                                   The creating and binding

Comes into the Being

Of my hearing and seeing

                   Higher light from above

                Teaches me how to love

                                     This love seems brand new

                                   And for all that I view

This frequency of

What comes from above

                   Is beyond space and time

                And old reason or rhyme

                                     It's from people and places

                                   In vast frequency spaces

That resonates of

Unconditional love

                            But my poor earthen vessel

                         Has to struggle and wrestle

                                               With the energies of

                                            What comes from above


This beaming of light

Fills my life with great might

                   But the poor earthen shell

                Is not doing so well

                                     But the experience of

                                   What comes from above

It fills my whole being

And ignites a new seeing

                   This new seeing is one

                That knows something's begun

                                     With the form I am wearing

                                   And the light its been sharing

Yet, the form that I wear

Is in need of repair

                   For it cannot remember

                To relax and surrender

                                     It wants to work harder

                                   And survive like the martyr

It was taught to become

From the hard work it's done

                   But that story was wrong

                And has gone on too long

                                     Working hard is illusion

                                   And creates great confusion

The "good person" inside me

So wants to become free

                   But my poor human construct

                Has become lost and so stuck

                                      Since the lesson it learned

                                   Was all life must be earned

It can't remember to be

The Light it can see

                   For the life we perceive

                Is the one we won't leave

                                     But as perceptions expand

                                   Past the cares of this land

We remember the light

And release all our fright

                   If we can just listen

                To the love that will glisten

                                     We can focus our mind

                                   On the New World we'll find

We'll live this new life

That is free of all strife

                   And find this new start

                As we look to our heart

                                     And remember to be

                                   The love we set free

For this world without sin

Is found deep within

                   Thus this journey must start

                From the core of our heart

                                     Thus the body we wear

                                   Will need added care

For we ask it to shift

So the light it can lift

                   Us free from confusion

                Of 3D illusion

                                     To the frequency of

                                   Unconditional love

Which is free of all sin

And exists deep within

                   But we thought we were bad

                Which made us quite sad

                                     We bowed down and cried

                                   To the ones who had lied

Now our heads are held high

For we remember just why

                   We have come to this NOW

                So we can know HOW

                                     To release the illusion

                                   And clear the confusion

Of what we've been taught

For the truth it was NOT

                   This truth we will find

                In the heart and the mind

                                     Of the life we are seeing

                                   Through the ONE we are being

For the life that we make

Is the light that we take

                   And share from our heart

                So a new Earth can start

                                     Since this New Earth's inside

                                   No one can hide

As we open our heart

We'll all be a part

                   Of the light that we share

                And the world we repair

                         With determined emotion

                                   We set into motion

Saving Gaia's great Being

From the fear she is seeing

                   Now we send Her the love

                We have gained from above

                                     From the light that is changing

                                   And now re-arranging

The bodies we're wearing

And with Gaia we're sharing

                   While transition surrounds

                All the life that abounds

                                     In the world where we show

                                   All the love that we know

The love that we see

Is in you and in me

                   But we must first let go

                Of all that we know

                                     From the lies we've been fed

                                   And the paths we've been led

We set free all old paths now

As the light has shown us how

                   To release what is ending

                And embrace the great sending

                                     Of the truth and the love

                                   That's inside from above

As we remember to BE

All that we SEE

                   A new life will start

                            Where we live from our heart

                                     And we'll all be ONE

                                   For New Earth has BEGUN!

This new world is glistening into our human perceptions, but we also know that we are not "just human." We are ALL multidimensional beings who are wearing human earth vessels so that we may assist our beloved planet Gaia to expand Her beingness into the higher frequencies of reality.

We understand that many of us tire from the illusions of the third dimension.  However, if we react to these illusions, we feed them. Then these illusions will become stronger in our perceptual field.

We must remember, that which we chose to perceive becomes more dominant in our life. Conversely, that which we chose to bless free with our unconditional love is released from the field of illusion that shrouds Gaia's Earth.

The Earth we experience through our 3D perceptions is filled with fear, anger, sorrow and conditional love. On the other hand, the world we experience through our 5D perceptions is filled with unconditional love, infinite wisdom and power within.

We can entrain our physical heart to the third dimension while we also entrain our higher heart to the fifth dimension. Then, we can perceive both frequencies of reality and decide where we wish to place our primary attention. 

The reality to which we attend is the reality we perceive; and hence, the reality that we live. When we attend to our fifth dimensional perceptions, we place our primary attention on New Earth. 

We are not escaping when we refuse to participate in the lower frequencies of Earth. Instead, we are creating a "Collective Path of Perception" the leads to a better life that we can only find within our own higher dimensional perceptions.

Both realities exist, for now. Which reality do we choose to live, and which reality do we choose to visit?

In other words:

The life I AM being

With all I AM seeing

                   Is the course I AM steering

                With all I AM hearing

                                     And the road I AM walking

                                   With all I AM talking

                                                        Is the World I AM revealing

                                                     With all I AM feeling


Life is everywhere and in every frequency of light:


I AM the life I choose to see

         I AM the life I choose to hear

                   I AM the life I choose to speak

                            I AM the life I choose to feel


Therefore, when we choose to perceive the highest frequency of light we:


See the greatest Beauty

         Hear the utmost Truth

                   Speak from the High Heart and

Feel Unconditional Love


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