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Global Service

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here. We honor and acknowledge you as a celestial being of light. We invite you to acknowledge yourself as a celestial being of light, capable of transforming any dysfunctional energy that is in your reality. It is time that you honored and claimed your true power as a multidimensional star being. Allow yourself to expand into that awareness, even though at this time it might be a mental stretch to own your power as a multidimensional celestial being.

We realize that your main focus is in this reality and in this dimension. It is important for you to recognize that your physical vehicle is only a tool for your divine spirit. We acknowledge all the distractions and pleasures as well as the discomforts and pains this physical body experiences.  We also acknowledge the importance of taking care of your physical body. However we would like to address the true essence of who you are: you are pure light, divine vibrations of consciousness.  

Even though your life and activities are what you are focused upon, it is actually a very small aspect of your magnificence. Your life and activities serve as the impetus for your awakening, the realization that you are the co-creator of all you experience.  In this dual paradigm, frequently it is the painful experiences that cause a shift or awakening within your consciousness. Little by little you become aware that you are more than your mind or your ego; these are also just physical tools, which allow you to navigate this dimension. You are beginning to sense and experience yourself as a broader more expanded being. You are becoming aware of yourself as a celestial multidimensional presence, living in a flesh bodysuit.

There is a phenomenon taking place in the hearts and minds of humanity, there is an awakening occurring in the collective consciousness. There is an evolution of consciousness that has been unfolding along the timeline for millennia. You are witnessing as well as anchoring this extraordinary occurrence.

You are here to support this evolution as a celestial being of light. Your pituitary and pineal glands act as your galactic satellite dish connecting you with the all that is. You are beginning to tune into the energy from the galactic waves that is triggering this expanded sentient ability. Step by step you are transforming into a being of light, a luminous being …. a homo-luminous being … a human of light.

We continue to invite you to stretch into your grandness, stretch into your magnificent abilities, your extra sensory perceptions - the knowing and sensing of information, knowledge, and connection that is not physical.  Clairvoyance is the ability to see images and energy not visible to the human eyes, clairsentience is the ability to intuitively sense, feel, the energy of others, clairaudience is the ability to hear vibrations and receive guided direction from the celestial realms. These abilities are available to all.

Notice the subtle shifts you are experiencing, call these abilities to yourself, begin to trust what you are sensing and hearing that is outside your normal range. These are skills which will support and assist you in traveling the parallel realities, the nested realities.

They are another aspect of your multidimensionality and will allow you to expand into other realms that are invisible to your human eyes.

Here is one tool we will share with you, as you allow and recognize that you feel the emotional energy of others as well as the emotional vibrations in the collective. When you feel a strong emotion that is dense and heavy, be it fear, anger sadness or even  judgment always ask yourself, what percent of this emotional energy is mine personally and what percent belongs to the other or to the collective. This might take some practice before you begin to realize that you are processing the emotional vibrations of others as well as your own.

When you discover whatever percent is yours and whatever percent belongs to the collective or another, it is by divine right yours to transform.  You have personally felt and recognized this dysfunctional emotional vibration. State clearly that it is your intention to transform all that you are feeling, what is yours and what belongs to others. Place your awareness in your heart center, your heart chalice, and offer what you are feeling to divine source for transformation. This is energy alchemy at its best. Use tools such as sound and movement to express these emotions; continue until you have emptied all that you were carrying. Now clearly state what you are going to put in place of what has been released. Call those qualities forward, sing them into being, fill the void you created by the release work with a quality or an emotion that is of a high vibration, such as love, joy, gratitude, appreciation, trust, or equality. We believe you get the idea. 

We are encouraging as well as inviting you to become more and more aware of your exceptional, far-reaching spaciousness. It is your direct connection to divine spirit, divine consciousness that is celebrated. This is your true unfolding and this is your personal power, the awareness that you are an aspect of divine consciousness in a unique gifted form that is yours and yours alone.  You are a conscious being of light, here to support and uplift the consciousness of your planet and humanity.

You are here to serve this evolution in all its wonder and unfolding. You are powerful beyond measure. You are truly capable of assisting, nurturing and forwarding the progress of humankind.  You are a transformer of dense dysfunctional energy.

Your heart consciousness and intention for good is more powerful than you allow yourself to realize.

We are inviting you to step into that knowing and into that powerful place of transforming all that appears in your reality and in your personal experience. You are being invited to work consciously in the energy fields of all possibilities, to transform any discordant energy that arises within your personal matrix and then to expand that into the collective matrix. This is a moment to moment mission and opportunity. You have all the skills and abilities as a master of transformation.

Play full out, step into your LIGHT and step into your POWER. Know without a doubt that you are needed and that your personal work and service is of great value to the whole. Each time you shift your expression of fear or worry into an emotion of trust and hope you are doing global service work. Each time you correct the words that you send forth, so that they are nurturing and supportive to others, you are doing global service work.

These are exciting times to hold the vision of the best possible outcome of all that is unfolding. Bless all the world leaders so that they are inspired to act with integrity and for the well being of all. Remember the chalice of your heart is your power source of change. It is truly an alchemical vortex when used with the highest intention and love. We say to you again never doubt for a minute how important YOU are to this collective work and service of transformation.

These are the times in which your divine SELF came to serve, to offer your consciousness as a gift of transmutation and offer your LIGHT for the benefit of humanity. Wherever you stand in life, begin there. Each action of kindness, each shift of consciousness, and each opportunity to offer healing energy to another or to a situation adds to the total uplifting of mankind. Each time you transmute dysfunctional emotions with clear intention you are bringing more Light to all.

More and more individual magnificent beings are stepping up to the tasks at hand, finding ways to serve that make their heart sing, finding places where their passion and their caring can be offered to the collective. We see this energy field growing daily, as hearts and minds are connecting for the good of all. We see your energy radiating into the collective consciousness, shining upon the dysfunctions of your society. We see your collective mindfulness and simple actions gathering strength, and as this strength builds it impacts everything and everyone that does not honor the highest and the best for all.

We offer and maintain our support to each of you upon request. Your request can be for assistance at the personal level or your request can be at the collective level. Know that we, as well as the celestial realms, will respond to your call with an embrace of love and guidance. It is our honor to work closely with you. For as you evolve we evolve.

Know that you are seen, acknowledged and supported by the celestial beings of love and light.  Know that you are loved and greatly appreciated. We send you blessings of our respect and honor for who you are as a divine celestial being. Know that all is well and more. The ‘team’    

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