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Goddess God Day and the New Grid

By Soluntra King

Many of us have graduated into a higher plane of learning and are truly Goddess Gods dancing in the world of light, and the stillness of the void as well, and out again. Like you can go between the two and dance all through creation, that you bring this energy back to Earth and allow the Earth to move into the higher dimensions, as it’s not just the Earth herself that moves, it is us as well. As we are not separate from our Earth Mother, who is our Starship that awakens us into the next plane of humanity. Where we realise we are Creator Goddess Gods and that we are now here to communicate and operate with Star Beings, ET’s and Dimensional Beings and complete the creation stories of Earth as they all separated into duality and created havoc in the multiverse as well.

This is not a healing journey like we would do in the old paradigm earth but it is healed by us being our joy and dancing through the worlds and dimensions free of the limitations we had put on ourselves. This then creates harmony and peace through all the worlds and dimensions.

You are transparent and like the wind, we are merged in these beautiful iridescent rainbow coloured lights that are subtle coloured and multi-prismed. We speak but our talking is part of nature and the stars and universes, like our words are part of creation. It does not matter exactly what was being said in a 3d sense as it is the sounds of creation and not something we can work out with our heads. 

There is a swirling and spiralling of all the universes and creation like we are in a huge black hole but we are not being drawn anywhere as it is all there. As we bring our awareness back to our selves right here right now as we hold all that is within us.


Now that the Crystalline Grid is harmonizing through the Diamond Light Matrix and the collective conscious is now open to physical immortality there is a new grid that is being anchored through from the 13th dimension and Shambala that awakens us to our own divine essence more fully than ever before. 

Once we know who we are, one with the source we have that pure connection within to the creator and divine love, so no matter what happens in our life that connection is there to assist us to bring ourselves 
into our centre. 

In the purest form we are beyond the realms of Goddesses and Gods, but in our journey into wholeness we are not able to cope with the pure light of the One instantly, it is still a process.

But once we own our self as Goddess/God then we take on our responsibilities as guardian of this planet. A realisation that is needed now more than ever. So this new grid is assisting us to raise our consciousness and take on the mantle of being sovereign and that it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions. That our love nourishes the Earth and all life, that our self-hatred destroys it. This grid is anchoring by each of us accessing this level of our being and open heart. In order to do this we love and accept every part of us that is not at this level  and surrender into Divine Will and Plan.

Another day to connect to the divine being you are as you awaken the Goddess and God self within. The Gods and Goddesses of the inner planes, ancient civilizations and cultures are all aspects of us. 

They too are moving on and I have worked with many of them over the years, as they leave the worlds that religions have held them in at that level of service,  as it is now up to us to come from our own Goddess God within and hold the beam, love and oneness.  Take some time to go within to the inner planes within you to meet these aspects of self that are co-creators and higher dimensional aspects  that are here for you to be now. 

You are the Goddess, the God, divine aspects co-creating Heaven on Earth. Even if you do not choose at this time to access who you are within, you may want to get acquainted with some of the Goddesses and Gods on the outer from books or myths. The inner and outer are one. As we unify we realise we are our guides, angles, guardians, they are not external beings, now we have integrated those aspects and listen to our own inner voice, heart wisdom for all guidance. We unify more to realise we are light beings and operate in the light ships and motherships, a part of us in on earth as ground crew.

As we unify we realise ourself as a member of the Council of Light. There are many Councils of Light, they all hold great wisdom and clarity about the shifts in the cycles. Assisting us here on Earth at different times, especially at Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses and planetary alignments. 

We realise we are a member of the Council of Light in our more unified divine self and become conscious of the decisions that are made, or to be made and how that unfolds into the lower planes of creation. As we unify even more to the realisation that we are a Creator Goddess God overseeing whole worlds, and a whole star system can go through its birth, life and supernova in the time it takes to blink the eye as a Goddess God. 

We work through multi-universes and hyper-dimensional space and time. We are here on Earth in our own bodies as our energy field illuminates all life from the love in our hearts.

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