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Golden Age Messages from The Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Golden Age Leadership

"The world is on the brink of a new era and those who are here to take it into the new Golden Age are already moving into their places around the globe. Golden Age Leadership and Golden Age living can only be manifested from out of the profound depths of the heart you share with your Presence and the Presence that abides within all of life. It is only within those depths that humanity will truly discover that its spiritual inheritance is founded in the kind of Divine Love, Joy, Enthusiasm and Excitement that is now needed to catapult your world into Unity Consciousness. You are being invited to play a pivotal part in this massive reawakening, for it is now time to do what you came to do and to be who you came to be."

The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

Part I

Golden Age Leadership will be directed from the compassionate heart of the Divine Feminine essence in balance with the enlightened mind of the Divine Masculine essence, both of which abide within every soul. The Divine Feminine qualities of your Presence are all love-based and they come into your use naturally out of your heart’s profound desire to serve together in supporting humanity’s ascension into Unity Consciousness. As each one of you moves into your desire to embrace everyone in authentic love, you will have the necessary frequencies within your heart, mind and body to bring your world into an era of peace she has not experienced for thousands of years.

Divine Love is the fertile soil in which your last Golden Age was seeded, nourished and supported. It flourished as long as the Divine Feminine was respected, yet as soon as the feminine was placed into a lesser role, and power began to be more important than love, then that once Golden Age failed to sustain Unity Consciousness and this led into the duality, fear-based consciousness that humanity has been experiencing for thousands upon thousands of years.

Now the tide is quickly turning and the attitude of thousands across your world is becoming more and more positive as you begin feeling yourselves moving into a completely new way of living in your world. This will necessarily involve completely new kinds of leadership where you will work in Councils of Light just like we do on the ascended realms.

The compassionate scope of those involved must expand to include the needs of the whole. Humankind is being invited to extend kindness at every turn and to embody all of the qualities you would attribute to the Presence or your God Self. The Divine Love that is seeded within every heart is to be the true leader of your lives on Earth. The heart can then, in union with your mind, focus its intentions through your creations. When you take the time to align with your Presence, then all of its qualities can arise and soar through you for your use in creating your Golden Age life.

Events, relationships and the material things in your world can definitely bring temporary experiences of pleasure, yet they cannot bring you lasting satisfaction anymore than they can bring you inner peace. Your current Age has been based on striving for what you felt you did not have, including happiness. You do not have to work to attain the qualities of your Presence, yet you do need to deeply surrender into the heart of your Presence to activate what is truly essential and everlasting. The Divine Feminine expression of your Presence has the power to transform your ego into an ally so your heart can take the lead in your life. It alone has the power to transform the world out of chaos and overall ineffectiveness so new leaders can come forth to bring about a shift in consciousness in every area of your world.

Only love has the power to bring about the changes that can seed this new leadership into manifestation, and it must be based on living in this world in a way that supports everyone. This can obviously only come through the hearts of those who are aligned with their Presence in Unity Consciousness. All opposites are now in the process of being transformed out of the minds of humanity so the consciousness of the world can move in Oneness with All-That-Is.

To assist in this process, here is a simple example of what you can do: If you are a tense person who experiences a fair amount of stress, then you are not living in inner peace. This is a quality of the Presence that you can now nourish to make it part of your reality, yet you have to want this peace more than you want to live in stress. Every time you transform an old habit into one of the qualities that you know are part of your Presence, then you have served the world in moving into Unity Consciousness and you have become part of the leadership team that is assisting in the ascension of humanity.

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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Kamala Julianne Everett

Kamala is the author of “Heart Initiation: Preparing for Conscious Ascension.” She has been receiving transmissions from the Masters and facilitating groups for over 35 years. She is a featured speaker at conferences across the United States and Europe.

Sharon Rose

Sharon has been in communication with the Masters for over 30 years and has written more than a dozen spiritual books. Her work has appeared in publications across the country, including James Redfield’s “Celestine Vision”, “Visionary Women”, the bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and “Gratitude: A Way of Life.”

Kamala and Sharon are co-founders of the Diamond Light Foundation.