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Healing Power Statements

By Rev Saxon Knight


These are not simple affirmations; they contain the healing energy of Divine love as a gift from the Seraphim Angels. They are designed to assist you to access Divine love in your life to gain more peace, more compassion and more forgiveness for yourself.

These HEALING POWER STATEMENTS are created so you can access all of your desires in all areas of your life such as abundance, health, relationships and spiritual advancement.

It is the emotion of excitement, anticipation, understanding and alignment that reading and absorbing these HEALING POWER STATEMENTS will create. It is this very excitement and anticipation that will keep you in alignment with your desires and goals.

As emotions and desires fluctuate from moment to moment you can choose which statements are aligned with your strongest intent and desire at that time.

HEALING POWER STATEMENTS can build up your emotions for they are not specific. They carry the energy in such a way that you are free to experience the emotion of desire without limitation.


These have been created to use with the ANGELIC ENERGY GUIDED MEDITATIONS.

At the beginning of each day choose a statement that is important to you for that day. You may choose the same statement day after day; however it is important that it is chosen because you have an emotional charge with it not because it is what you or someone else feels needs to be addressed.

These HEALING POWER STATEMENTS work best when they are read out loud. Remember you are already aligned with the emotion of excitement and anticipation so you will not have to concentrate on reading them with emotion for it will be already with you. This is the key, the important step to be already aligned with the powerful emotions before you begin. You cannot create these, they are already there, you are merely tapping into them.

You can read these HEALING POWER STATEMENTS as many times as you wish for they are not prescriptive. They are your link to Divine Love and all the healing that this can bring to you.

Make it a constant practice for you are building momentum. It is a simple but powerful process that will bring you great rewards. Continue for at least 30 days and watch the change begin.


  • Yesterday is gone and I can let go of all the things that caused me pain and suffering and choose again. I can create my life in each moment and begin again right now.
  • I know that I am here to experience all life has to offer. Not to repeat or amend past faults or complete lessons or to live through the results of past mistakes. I am here to complete this journey, a new and exciting adventure created just for me.
  • In my search to be gentle with myself I find mercy, kindness and forgiveness in all the areas I once felt disappointment and regret.
  • When I really understand and recognize what brings me boundless joy and endless peace I can focus my life, my desires and intentions towards it with courage and the power of strength of purpose.
  • I will not find happiness, pleasure or delight in wealth unless I can see this without it.
  • Love lies dormant within my cells waiting for me to appreciate the beauty that is me. When I can accept the wonder of my body without judgment and criticism, I will receive the healing of balance and harmony leading me back to better health.

Love and blessings,


Rev. Saxon Knight, Angel Minister and translator of the teachings of the Seraphim Angels

"Through my partnership with the Seraphim Angels I have learnt to access the mighty healing energy of Divine love. I experience this connection through my mind, body and emotions as a physical experience – to feel it as part of me – and it is from this place of oneness that the books of teachings, healing power statements and the powerful inner healing of the Seraphim Blessings are created".

Please take the time to share with me your experiences and insights of how the teachings of the Seraphim Angels has helped you, email me at

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