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Here we GROW again...

Aloha Blooming Beloveds - 

We're half way through the Year.  Many of us set intentions at New Year ... to activate new DreamSeeds, nurture the Garden of our Hearts and begin again.

New Year. New Cycle.  New DreamSeeds.

So now we've spun half way through the yearly cycle of the Sun nearly thru June, and heading into the Cancer New Moon on the 27th. 

This year seemed to grow by fast, yes? Certainly, on this side, it has. 

Except for the speed of 'manifesting', per se. For me this year has been about slowing  down, releasing, allowing and accepting what IS.  Less about the speed of getting things done and more about the quality of  choice, discernment in action and clearing, clearing, clearing.

Perhaps you've experienced something similar, too?

Over the past few months, it's felt like the urge to purge would  never end. Old habits, addictions, friendships, business partners, cluttered corners and gasp! Even core beliefs have been uprooted to make way for the new. 

A series of migraines, sparked by exposure to black mold while moving one of our family Elders, even further necessitated  stillness; a letting go, comfort in darkness and surrender into  the unknown.

Additionally, a few backslides into old habits made it clear  this is the time to weed out addictions and fears ... for they  were literally, and figuratively, choking the life out of my  waking dreams. 

During these months of stillness, clearing, healing and allowing,  I've also found what I want -- the content of my dreams, my core  desires -- has radically shifted. 
Perhaps the slower speed of manifesting has been a gift, knowing that what I really want to see growing is so much different now,  than even a few months ago. 
My inner Garden has been growing through an Evolution  Revolution!
As the Earth is also moving through her transformations --  changing weather patterns, continental drifts, polar shifts, and  more -- we are evolving into new patterns of creation, too. 
We are her children, Blooming Humans in her Garden of Life, so course we are growing through massive changes and experiencing  radical re-arrangements in our Lives, too!

So, now that we're half way through the Year, this is an amazing time to look at what's growing in our Garden.
  • What needs tending?
  • What weeds are ready to be pulled?
  • Which projects are thriving?
  • Where is there space to grow?
This coming June New Moon, in Cancer, also calls us hOMe --- to our families, our hearts, our core desires --- preparing us to manifest from a place of Love, clarity and deep emotional 
Gratitude is the attitude that will see us through this current stage of co-creation.
But let's make this clear:  this Gratitude attitude is not about peering through rose-colored glasses or frosting rocks to make cakes.
This Gratefulness is our willingness to acknowledge the TRUTH of what is, to let our e-motions/ideas flow, and using discernment to Keep what's worth Keeping and return the rest to Love.

As we prepare to enter July, in this Cancer Moon, and with Mercury finally going direct (THANK Heavens!), this is a powerful time to tend the Garden of the Heart.

As so, we're initiating a new Blooming Humans 42 Day wave on July 1st and invite you to grow along with us as we seed new Dreams, tend our Hearts gardens, continue to pull weeds and make space for what we want to bring to Light and Life!
All together as One Heart!

Join us here ===>

Whether you join us for our July 1st 42 Day gathering, or are with us in Spirit, know that the DreamSeeds you carry in your Heart are cosmic containers --- carriers of countless blessings beyond measure.
And by honoring these Dreams you are seeding New Realities - one day, one breath, one dream, one Blooming Heart at a time.

"Don't count the seeds in the Apple, count the Apples in the seed".

May the BLOOM be with you this New Moon, and may your Heart's Garden be over-flowering with Love, Blessings and abundant JOY!

With Love from my Blooming heART to yours,

Stacey Robyn and the ground crew of Blooming Humans.

P.S. Please feel free to pass this along to those who will appreciate the message and the invitation to Grow with us .  

It's always more fun with friends and there's plenty of room to BLOOM in our Garden of Illuminated Hearts!

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