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"Hey Man, Ya Got The Time?" - Themes on 2012

By Dana Shino

Several months ago, my partner, Bob, and I attended a movie and while there, saw previews for "2012" which is Hollywood's latest drama-based, fear-based, neurotically cute guy Cusack, special effects version of the Mayan calendar, the themes around 2012 and the "end of times." Like clock work, within the week, three people asked me, "Hey, what the heck is 2012 all about?" So, that was my tip-off people are beginning to think about 2012 and the world changing -- the irony being that in my life, I can't stop thinking about 2012.

You see, for most of us here on the planet, 2012 is what it's all about and few people know it (but many are awakening). 2012 really is the box office hit of all time. It is the great Super Bowl of our lives. It is the bestseller of all lists. It is the stadium-filled rock star show. It is the inspirational speaker rocking the house.

2012 is it and you are here and you are 2012.

Because at the core of the truth of 2012, it is not so much a point in time or a physical event, it is a consciousness event. It is an energy event. It is quantum physics at it's finest, being creatively shifted by humanity into dimensions, energies and time scapes that we are barely beginning to imagine and touch. So, I hope you begin to perceive 2012 not so much as a point on the calendar or a place on the globe, but a being of consciousness, a being of nature, a quality of self and the All One.

But before I start waxing more poetic, let's get back to literal representations and blow some myths. I love blowing up myths. First, as is so often represented, 2012 and the "end of times" is shown as a specific point in time where specific dramatic "end of world" events occur. This literal translation could not be further from the truth. The truth being that 2012 is a WINDOW of time, not a point in time. And guess what? We're already in the window of 2012. We are living 2012 right now. Case in point, look around you. Is anyone immune from personal drama in their lives? Nope. We've all got it going on. We've all got the tough questions staring us intensely right in the face. And these are questions about value -- root value. Next, look at the world at large around you. At any time in your life have you ever seen the compiled crisis after crisis after crisis that we are seeing and experiencing as we are now? Nope. Then feel deep down in your soul bones. Twenty years ago, do you remember the energies feeling this intense, this tumultuous, this malleable, this amplified? Nope. Here's the bottom line. We are all being asked: Do you want to wake up in the illusion and from the illusion and go on the ride or do you want to sleep? The choice is yours.

Then, let's look at literal physical world events for the "end of times." Among the questions about 2012 that people ask is, "What is going to happen?" They ask it in a way that assumes some unknown event will suddenly strike and things will change -- Jesus will appear? Earth will cease to exist? Great cataclysms will strike? What? And movies like "2012" don't help this dilemma because they dramatize the potential great changes of 2012 in fearful ways. For instance, "2012" shows clips of the Vatican crashing down; the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier riding in on a massive wave and smashing the White House; metropolitan sky-scrapers falling against one another like dominoes. These are fear-based visuals trying to fill in the gap of an unknown (and sell movie tickets in the process).

The truth of the matter is, no one really knows what is going to happen in this window of 2012. Why? Because the potentials are off the map . . . literally. Why is 2012 so uncharted, so unknown, so looked at but so little is known? Because the window of 2012 is about moving beyond our current consciousness (state of being) into a completely different consciousness space. Over the past handful of years, I've deciphered some landmarks on the energy map giving comparative movements, shifting us out of our current Piscean Age (the end of a 26,000 year cycle) and into this new Aquarian Age -- the very heart of the Mayan Calendar. Here are the quality of the characteristics depicting the change in the window of 2012:

-       Leaving three dimensions (height, width, depth) and linear time and moving into multi-dimensionality (more than three dimensions) and variable time. The pattern of information I've seen and heard points to us moving into the fifth dimension.

-       Leaving pure mind space. Currently, we have been functioning in the rational, logic, physically provable, scientific mind space (Robert Dean refers to this as 'scientific materialism'). We are leaving this space and moving into heart space. Think heart chakra, heart's desire, truth of the heart, the magnetics of the heart guiding you.  Heart space and the fifth dimension, for some reason, seem to innately hook up with one another.

-       Leaving a male dominated world and moving into a balance of masculine and feminine energies. Remember, each of us, no matter male or female, we each carry BOTH masculine and feminine energies. The new age is about balancing these in ourselves and in the world around us. (Thus the rise of the feminine energies coming into balance with masculine energies).  (See "The Serpent of Light" by Drunvalo Melchizedek).

-       The masses experiencing their psychic, intuitive and healing abilities surfacing:  enlightenment and awakening.

-       The return of the old souls as Indigo, Crystal, Star, Rainbow children and more to begin reprogramming light DNA within the human body to these new dimensions and new energies. (See "The Children of Now" by Meg Blackburn Losey).

-       The escalation and amplification of higher and higher resonating energetic frequencies (light). The simultaneous movement of releasing old, dark, low resonating energies and entities out of our physical and ethereal bodies.  In tandem with this, the light field within our DNA code being reprogrammed to function within higher resonances.

-       The shift of Earth's magnetic and energetic grids (and pole shifts). Along with the completion, connection and functioning of the Unity Consciousness Grid in the Celestials.

-       Moving away from results-oriented practices, win-at-all-cost practices, and moving towards practices of value, journey, contribution, relationship, energetic integrity and community. This comes with an individual focus towards self healing and health. Also, an individual focus of authentic self value and authentic personal roles in relationship to community and Earth.

The results of moving with these qualities of state of being (which is what 2012 is all about) begins to point us in the direction of a future world that might look something like this:

-       Peace

-       Embracing energetic, consciousness, holistic, psychic, healing, metaphysical and sustainable practices as a way of being.

-       Light consciousness in five dimensions and beyond.

-       Moving away from conquering the Earth mentalities and moving towards sustainable living, honoring the Earth, healing the Earth and working with the Earth in symbiosis. Also, deep, respectful communication with all Earth's creatures as teachers, guides and beings.

-       Working in relationship with Divine ET's and the Galactic Federation to bring the New Light Age of the Earth into alignment with the Divine Universe.

-       Functioning as a human species and culture that values energetic and consciousness integrity over results.  (Thus economic GDP will look archaic in the New World).

-       Embracement of light, clean technologies in symbiosis with the Earth. (In other words, the combustion engine is dead).

So, given what I listed, what possibilities, thoughts and ideas are spawning in you about 2012 and what it really means?

I hope this sheds completely new light on the theme and especially the  movie "2012." If, by any chance, you do see the film, I hope you consider this. I hope when you see the Vatican fall, you realize it is a symbol of the death of the lies the church has fed us for years. I hope when you see the skyscrapers crash against one another, you realize it is figurative for 'business as usual' crumbling before our eyes. I hope when you see the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier smash against the White House, that it represents how the actions of the Industrial Military Complex is sinking our government -- which is just a pawn in the entire scheme of things to manipulate us.

The true nature of how things really are is there before our eyes if only we will look. And in the end, 2012 is not decided for you. This is your great time of creating the light world of your dreams. Remember, you decide 2012. It's already happening in your consciousness and it is coming to your very own theatre.

Dana Shino is a professional psychic and metaphysical journalist working out of Durango, Colorado. She lives with her partner, Bob, and their two cats. She can be reached at and her work can be viewed at