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How To Be A Master?  

By Julie-Ann Blackmore

What is a Master? That is a very good question as without knowing what a master is how can you become one. A master has complete control over their own mind, body, soul and future. They have developed their own mind beyond logic and live at one with the whole of consciousness. This affords them information on just about anything they need when they need it and they have abilities that appear to be more efficient than they used to be. They are also completely in tune with life outside of their selves

In other words they are completely aligned with the enlightened mind which is of infinite intelligence and knows everything and yet their own minds are silent a lot of the time.  Why? Because who would want to know everything anyway?

Not me that’s for sure, would you?

Imagine if you did know everything then that is a lot of facts and figures to know. With the power of intent we can use this one mind to help ourselves and others to grow. In this way we do not need to literally know everything and we can allow others the chance to know things as well. We can co- create the world we live in to be a more harmonious place relieving people of the need to compete or build up might which only leads to internal and external fights. Without internal conflict your body will be free of any forms of disease and your life will be easier than ever before.

So to recap a Master has the knowledge which gives them the power to create with wisdom, love and forward thinking.

Sound like something that could benefit you then read on.

As a mind is split into the conscious level - logic, subconscious – memories of occurrences and the enlightened mind – infinite intelligence the steps you need to take to become enlightened and therefore Masters are many.

Firstly you have to see yourselves as you really are now, not who you want to be but who you are today. You have to be honest in every way possible and acknowledge if you are lying to yourselves, hiding your wisdom and knowledge behind false identities because you have doubt that you could possibly know the information you are sharing as your own. You have to dig deep and release any old pains, injuries, wars or regrets that you have embedded inside your own mind before you can fully understand who you are in your entirety and no longer be haunted by your past.

We are all creators of our own lives. Our magnetic fields of energy, our auras, carry our own intentions in them and connect with others and the material things that can supply us with what we need to move forwards in life. Sometimes we feel we have taken a wrong turning or are going backwards instead of forwards but this is all part of our growth. When you understand how the mind creates then the next step is take full responsibility for everything you have been and are creating in your own life, including all the bad and all of the good things. You are the sole creator of it all. You are not in control of my life or anyone else’s as I am not in control of yours but your innate ability, that we all have, is to create this is what makes us all naturally the same.

We are in effect God, if you see God as the creator of life. I myself follow no religious path having understood the mind and its amazing ways that it likes to deny full responsibility of its own power to remain its own victim of its own reality. Your mind is your responsibility.

The most important part of stepping up into the shoes of a master is to let go of the fear that you have the power. You do this by realising you have always had the power to create but when you understand how it all works you are more aware of how you choose to use this power, you are no longer blind to your own human design.

You could have created upset and problems in your relationships, jobs, home life or your own body cells in the past and now with a new awareness you can choose to create prosperity, wisdom, truth, love and healthier cells that allow your human body to live longer and healthier and you to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The power hasn’t changed inside of you it is merely that your awareness has needed to expand. To think like a victim means you have to find ways of becoming someone or something’s victim. Fed up with this the victim often finds a way of being ‘special’ or acts like the victor over another, something materially or their selves. The victims mind is full of loneliness and pain and will never change. The victor is the opposite and declares victory over anything they can; only in reality these identities are really one of the same. The master has no need to think or behave in this manner. They have opened their mind to expand into self-love, truth, acceptance, self-respect and show respect for others. They live as they please knowing that by honouring their own needs they are indirectly meeting the needs of others too.

We may seem strange and powerful at the same time, the human mind is happy to oblige in creating what we need when we need it and if we understand the finer details all of this then we can bring positive change. One day we will all be enlightened and my path was to assist in this by developing myself first. That being done I am now in a position to help many others for years to come. The world is not dying and neither are we, not really, we are so powerful we have the ability not just to heal but to cure ourselves and others of all forms of disease, after all we were powerful enough to create the disease in the first place.

But that’s for another time so for now I will leave you with this message of hope

All is not lost, all is not found for many of us have knowledge to help the world and its occupants expand

Since an early age Julie-Ann Blackmore knew she had the gift of 2nd sight and predicted she could end suffering. Her journey of self-discovery led her through exploring and understanding the body, soul and mind and has developed her to not only know consciousness and the metaphysical body and all its amazing abilities but also to be a master of her own life.  Her collection of 15 E books and other products and services inspire, develop, heal and enlighten others into creating their own dreams and improving their health and way of life. For more info or to purchase any of her work please visit