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Introducing The ©SCHOOL OF OMNI UK™

by Stephanie Jones


I was born in Austria, (date undisclosed!) to a Welsh-Lancastrian Father and an Austrian Mother. A wonderful mixture as it turned out for me! I came to live in Wales with my parents at an early age and travelled to many areas, giving me many lessons and insights over the years. 

I now live in West Wales, with my family, on a beautiful smallholding, near Carmarthen and have done for some years, my- how time really does fly! The fresh air and country life is invigorating and has helped me to evolve the way I have.

It has been a life-long dream to help others and I always had a deep interest in self-development, spending many happy hours reading, writing, studying and gaining knowledge in a wide range of subjects, both academic and holistic. All the things I have learned make me who I am.

After a very stressful period in my life, I took some time out for myself, finding this was my turning point. I was forced to re-think my way of life and make changes. I found the joy of Reiki and felt the fulfilment and release it brings in all things mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. This became one very important way to help myself, and then others, to deal with excessive stresses and the dis-ease in their lives. I am still learning and evolving and look forward with eagerness to each new day.

Omni Healing found me when I was ready to progress and, in gratitude, I was initiated, guided and attuned by Dr Sameer Kale, from Bhopal, India.

I am now a teacher of Omni Healing, Omni Kriya (Energy Massage Therapy) and Master Teacher of Usui Reiki. Also, I am a Master Healer of Omni Sutra and am a Teacher of Colour Breathing™, a Senior Practitioner of Omni Saisutra, Omni Shiva (Rudraksha Therapy), Omni Sphatic (Crystal Healing) and EMF Balancing™. I love Energy work!

I founded Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching Centre™, and School of Omni (UK) ™ and I wish to thank all the wonderful people who help with their love and enthusiasm.

I am now totally dedicated to teach others and to help society find a better way to live.

“ Health and harmony through natural healing of the body, mind and spirit. “

Both Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching Centre™ and School of Omni(UK)™ are my confirmation that you can reach for your dreams and that they will come true.


See website or phone +44 (0)1559 371 511

New website being launched soon/July 2009