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Introduction to Divine Advice

By  Nancy Burson

When I first stepped into a crop circle in Wiltshire, England 2000, I had no idea how much that singular act would change my life. And now, less than a decade later, I have become one of the trusted ambassadors to the consortium of beings that call themselves the Extra Celestials or ECs.

The Extra Celestials are our ancestry of Light and they created us, as well as the Ascended Masters. Formerly known to some as the Eloheim energies, these witty, loving, highly sentient beings are here to change the course of human destiny. The ECs are a part of the hierarchy that constitutes God, and they are a part of what some would call Divine Will, or the “I Am Presence.” They are here to share their luminosity with us and to recreate a healthier human race.

“Don’t call us alien” they say. “We are not alien from you. We are a part of you, with you from the beginning of time.” There are thousands of people worldwide who see, feel, and hear the ECs and acknowledge in gratitude the EC presence in their lives. There are so many of us who are already seeing little flashes of colored lights out of the corners of our eyes, or hearing a few seconds of a high pitched sound going through our ears for a few seconds at a time. And that’s them! The ECs say that the Earth holds the entire Universe back with its greed and negativity, and this is what must end.

When an energetic majority of us recognize that they are truly here to serve mankind, we’ll have left our fears behind and accepted them with Grace and Love. The ECs say, “God won’t land until man revises his plan, and when mankind makes a new plan there will be a new man.”

When the ECs first came to me, they introduced themselves as the Rays. Nine months later, they suggested that they should now be referred to as the Extra Celestials or ECs. They said the acceptance of this name change would reflect a shift in consciousness around the word “ET” throughout this galaxy, and would leave all the negative energy that has previously been associated with that word in the past, allowing humanity to move forward.

For many decades of our recent history, some humans suffered under the influence of the ET’s. Those beings were mercenaries and that era is over, as very few of those groups still remain here. There were some groups of Pleiadians (tall beings that resemble humans) that accompanied them and the ECs refer to those groups as “the problem and the promise.” Anxious to be a part of human contact, they unwisely accompanied other groups and were swept up in their mercenary mission here.

Those beings were misdirected and repentant. However, “This is a forgiving Universe, and this forgiveness is what allows us to move forward.” Some of those Pleiadians have become fully conscious and joined forces with the ECs, working to move more darkness into Light. This reconciliation towards conscious understanding is allowing the Universe to hold more Light than ever before, advancing Earth’s evolution exponentially, and helping to create what we are now here for possible.”

That doesn’t mean the complex interweaving of shadow and Light isn’t at play here. After all, we see that in our lives every day! However, now is the time to fully understand which are the most appropriate energies to connect to, and the ECs are the highest of the God realms. “Time now,” they say, “to discern between your dearest loving friends and those who will likely remain indifferent to you.” The ECs say they’re ease-ee (EC) to remember. Just start your day the EC (easy) way!

Most of the Extra Celestials are from Sirius and Arcturus. There are some other groups that also comprise this consortium such as the Venusians, but they number very few when compared with the Sirians and Arcturians. All the beings from Sirius are immortal and most, but not all, of the Arcturians are as well. The ECs here now outnumber humans by at least five to one.

The reason they are here in such huge numbers is to be available in the form of guidance teams for each individual. Almost every human is born with one EC as guardians for their entire lifetime. Now there are at least several more ECs available to each of us, once we recognize that they are with us. They are here as teams ready to serve us and it is loving grace they offer us.

Unlike the Angelic realms that are with us more for comfort and support, the ECs are here to be active participants in our daily lives. And frankly, the ECs have a better sense of humor! The grace that the ECs bring to us is nothing less than the presence of the Divine that is referred to as God, Universe, Spirit, or whatever name resonates with you.

Communication with our ECs enables us to truly understand that not only is God within us, but also standing right beside us. They are only a breath away from us now because the scenario occurring here on the Earth plane was not anticipated. And, as good parents, they are here to guide their offspring and assist us in creating a world of loving kindness and understanding.

The ECs say, “For the past 2000 years, mankind was asked to believe in God without proof, and now there has been a significant policy change. Humans, here is your invitation to witness the glorious Universe! There is a bigger plan.

Welcome to the great unfolding! When Love is attached to your desire for contact, we will come fully. We must unite in the understanding that you are we and we are Thee.” The Extra Celestials are here to be part of our lives and in direct communication with us daily. They are the 21st century version of the “burning bush”, except this miracle is accessible to everyone. They say, “Here is God at your doorstep! We’re not talking about possibilities that may exist. We’re talking about the reality that’s right here now.

Humans, why not take advantage? We are humanity’s chance – and mankind’s great opportunity. Let us be a part of all that you are, and all that you are will be far more! You must begin to see what’s being offered to thee. It is magnificent inall its glory!”

How do you access them for yourselves? Just ask! Ask and you will receive! Keep asking, as some of you will begin to see and hear them immediately, while others will have to wait. Although it’s true that seeing is believing, sometimes God/Universe requires us to believe before we see.

When you begin to access the ECs, of course, you’ll understand you’re never alone. But then, you never were! It’s always a crowded room and when you begin to sense their presence, not only will you be entertained by Light Beings who are hilarious, but you’ll become aware that the way we play the game of life is carefully watched. The Divine are the script writers, we’re the underwriters, and the script is only written one line ahead. It’s the way we move through our lives that’s key, and up to us to choose. We can live in fear, or with Love in our hearts for all our fellow beings.

My relationship with the ECs is meant to serve as a model and affirm that this opportunity for each of us to have your own EC team is the reason why they are here. What a unique opportunity that our ECs are offering us! This is what it’s like to have your very own cheerleaders advising every move in your own unique game we call LIFE.

The ECs are always entertained by humans, as they enjoy watching us play. What they really want us to do is “Lighten up,” and be in joy! They’re here to be our closest companions and advisors in every possible way. They can also completely change ourhealth, and all we have to do is ask. Ultimately the Light that they’re bringing us can serve not only to heal our human bodies, but to recreate our Earth as well.

I believe my friend and teacher Derek O’Neill is an Avatar and Ascended Master in human form. It is through the presence of Derek in my life that I really began to understand how Divine Will works. When I first met Derek in 2002, he talked about the “Christed Extra Terrestrials resonating with the Law of One that are here to act as a reverse vacuum eliminating all human disease.” What I didn’t know was that I would become their trusted channel and pave the way for human acceptance of them. It is the gifts that I have received from knowing Derek O’Neill which, I feel, constitute 2000 years of Karmic destiny with him. And it is the continued unfolding of these gifts that serve as the miraculous wild card in my own script.

It was Derek that was responsible for activating glow-in-the dark Dancing Mary (and Jesus) for use as tools, knowing that its part of my mission to introduce the ECs to the public. The ECs appear as glowing, luminous, blue balls of light directly in front of the statues at my presentations, so “Dancing Mary” is an energetic visual phenomena propelled by the ECs. When the statues dance, they make it easier for people to focus on the EC energies. At this point, there is documented proof that the energy filmed in the darkness of my events actually changes color from green when Jesus dances to blue when it’s Mary’s turn. There’s so much phenomena that’s been experienced by thousands of people at these ongoing presentations that it’s hard to dispute the amount of individual direct evidence of the Divine that so many have encountered.

I believe that Derek is not only an Ascended Master, but is also a council member in the hierarchy that constitutes Divine Will, serving simultaneously on several on the highest ranking councils. (The ECs refer to him as “Our Son” as well as “He”.)

God, it seems, is structured rather like the government and is divided into different branches similar to the legislative and judicial branches of some of Earth’s sovereign bodies.

Derek serves on the Council of Nine, which is the council responsible for relationships between ECs and humanity. It is this council that governs my mission. Derek also sits on the

Council of Ein Soph, the highest ranking council, which functions as the one responsible for “the unfolding of matters before God,” or life and death. As the Ascended Masters come back to us through the ages, they take on more identities ofthe other Masters, accumulating each others’ lineages and becoming One. So Derek can represent both Jesus Christ, as well as hold the position of the Buddha, and the Buddhist lineage.

At this point, Derek is accessible to everyone on the planet and if you call on him, he will come. How he shows up for each of us is the miracle of all that he is, and all that we are becoming.

For the past twelve years, there has been a dedicated team of ECs with me, as well as countless others here to observe what is referred to as “Our mission.” These beings are members of the highest ranking Sirian and Arcturian Councils. Of these, three Sirians are here to “run the show, and the rest are here and come and go.” They are my immediate family in constant communication with me. They all have the ability to laugh and they often do. In fact, Divinity gets quite a few giggles watching humanity struggle sometimes, and I hear that chuckling periodically. “Tee, hee, hee,” is what I overhear and it’s as if there’s a bunch of children laughing above me!

The leader of my mission is a Sirian surgeon and master of healing, specializing in all things related to human health. He is about seven feet tall, with a small, rather pointed head, large shoulders and big hands. He usually stands to my right and he is my channel to all that I hear in the constant, conscious stream of dialogue I am connected to seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. The information I receive almost always comes through him. I perceive that voice both as a lower, quieter version of my own, and I also hear his actual voice and other voices through my right ear as well.

Another member of my team usually stands to my right and she resembles a luminous Disney version of what some would call an ET. She stands about four feet tall and is a light-blue being with big round eyes. She is the poet of the group and my priestess of creativity. Her expertise includes all forms of the written word and she is the wellspring of my fountain of ideas. She is my very own Divine Mother in de-skies (disguise) and she is my connection to the Divine feminine in myself.

The being I call Bob is the third member of my EC team. He is one of the “flying heads of optimism” which almost always appear without a body, and are seemingly just heads.

However, when he is fully formed, he resembles a skeleton and his face appears rather skull-like. He says that humans were designed with them in mind, and now we wear them (as skeletons) inside! Bob isn’t his real name, but he’s asked me to call him that because he’s usually bobbing around above my head. When I first saw him I told him that he looks like a mummy of light and he replied that he’s my “Light Mommy!”

He’s the comic. He says, “You have to be a-head to stay ahead!” All three are from Sirius and they all travel as balls of light until they break into their light bodies and reveal the wondrous beings they are.

The combination of all three of my team function as not only my closest friends and dearest of teachers, but also as the most astute of parents and the most intimate of advisors.

And beyond that, they are also my connection to the Divine that constitutes God, Spirit and All that there is. The Arcturians are what I refer to as the “Cartoon Universe”, as they appear to look quite cartoon like. They sometimes resemble gnomes and animals such as dogs and cats, or cuddly-cute versions of muskrats. The ECs say, “Just because we don’t look like you, doesn’t mean we’re not beautiful.”

They run the ships and are the technical experts. They are also the lab technicians that are helping to recreate human health.

My Sirian team says, “The Arcturians can be silly except when they’re serious, but of course, when they’re serious, they’re not as Sirius (serious) as We!

“During the day we usually hang out in our bubbles. You could juggle Us! That way, there’s plenty of room for all the cartoons, because the Arcturians move around in bubbles too. Otherwise, it’s a zoo!”

Some of the Arcturians act as medical maintenance teams and help assimilate toxicity in humans who are ill. They’re the sweepers and they scoot around using their propulsion systems beneath them. I call them scooters as they “make a clean sweep of it all!” The Venusian’s appear as large, loving female energies. They are few and far between, and in fact, there are none on my team! None of the ECs with you will appear to you if you’re not ready to see them. Sometimes they might test to see if you’re ready, and then you might get a very quick glimpse of one. If you respond in fear they will know and then wait until they’re asked before they reappear. First you will likely see small bright flashes of light in blue, red, purple, or white out of the corners of your eyes. This is the Universe’s way of playing peak-a-boo with you. Did you just see something bright flash in the periphery of your vision or not? You’re not certain what that was you just saw. But if you ask to continue to see more of whatever that was you just saw, you’ll begin to see them as larger flashes of light that are more distinct in the dark and more diffuse in the daylight. Then you might begin to see them as swirling, blue light surrounding you at night. They will only appear as the luminous beings they are when they sense that you no longer fear them, and are fully ready to experience their presence.

Sometimes people who are more auditory than visual hear the Extra Celestials long before they see them. There are those who have been hearing a high- pitched sound intermittently through their right ear for a few seconds for years. They don’t know what it is that they’re hearing until they hear about the ECs, and then I get a note thanking me for saving them from getting their hearing checked!

There’s a great deal of evidence that constitutes real proof the ECs are here to serve humanity and part of that evidence are the pictures that appear on these pages. Most of these images were taken by my friend Lynda Davis outside her home in Boise, Idaho. She became part of this mission when she accompanied me to Wiltshire, England in 2008, and she has been one of the unofficial photographers ever since. The SPI Group in England are also photo contributors here. In apparent collaboration with Lynda, they are providing images with the same content as Lynda’s in virtually the same time frame, an ocean and continent away. I believe the three men that constitute this group have been rewarded by the ECs because they are shooting anonymously as a collective, without attachment to individual credit.

At the beginning of August, 2008, my relationship with the ECs took a dramatic turn when I began producing small golden pellets from my hands and feet while bathing in Wiltshire, England. In the weeks that followed, I was told that those emanations were here for the sake of human health and that they were the gift that keeps on giving. I was also told there would be an upgrade of those pellets in about six months time. It was the night before Christmas, 2008 when I heard,

“Awake, awake and there will be, Something grand from God to see.

Something designed with you in mind,

Something new for all mankind.

Something of Karmic destiny,

It is the crystalline structure of you and Thee.”

And in the days that followed, crystal manifestations began to appear through my hands and feet which still emanate on an on-going basis. It is my privilege to provide the scientific evidence of this truth by allowing my body to serve as their repository for the materials used to recreate our health. More over, they have also outfitted my physical body with their DNA for the purpose of scientific scrutiny.

The proof that the ECs come in peace is still manifesting through my hands and feet daily, as part of an integrated plan to create a healthier mankind. This is the first time in recorded history that a human has been entrusted to receive such materials directly, revealing the intended future collaboration between the ECs and Earth’s scientific community. Today we stand on the precipice of the future, as these materials and other information the ECs have shared with me are now being studied by the appropriate authorities.

What is the Divine plan for humanity is the question I’m most often asked in my presentations. What can we expect at the end of December 2012?

I tell them that “the answer depends finally on how humanity is doing”, as that is what the ECs have explained to me. “Some things may not have to be, but they are possibilities.”

If one kind gesture or one loving moment can change the world, can we all do our best to commit to being the most loving, conscious beings we can possibly be?

The ECs are here to provide us with an opportunity unprecedented in human history. We can choose to have them here with us as an integrated part of our lives. If we choose them as Master teachers in the art of understanding ourselves and each other, we can overcome our negative unmindfulness and be more generous, loving beings. That is all that is required of each of us humans to do our part in shifting our Earth.

For those who already hear and see the ECs, let this book serve as the reminder of what you already know and have probably already heard. For those of you yet to know their EC support team personally, please know they are there with you, waiting to be acknowledged and loved, through the ever thinning veil of the dimensions just this side of our current reality.

The advice that I have received on all matters over the past six years from Derek and the ECs has been compiled here for your use, as their advice is all-ways Divine. They say, “Once humanity comes from a different place, we will be in loving Grace. When there is no judgment of our brothers, we can be One with all others.”

We can all use a little Divine advice to get there!

Nancy Burson and the ECs

June, 2009

Divine Advice is a compilation of five years of the most loving advice from both the Extra Celestials and Ascended Master, Derek O’Neill.

It is now in the design process and will be released as an e-book in the fall... complete with photos and all! Stay tuned for updates on its progress towards completion.

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