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Is 2012 the End of the World?

By Christan Hummel

Yes.  According to Mayan, Hopi, Nostradamus, and many others, 2012 is the end of the world!  But this is the part that often gets left out…. “as we know it.”

The Mayan were experts at reading time pulsations and converting them into linear language via the infamous Mayan Calandar.  These “pulsations’ were not the normal solar calendar revolutions, but waves that were interpreted by the “time decoders” and translated into a 3-dimensional, linear timeline. Our current calendar system is one that revolves around the sun. It is a system that is admittedly patriarchal, and a conversion from the lunar calendars of the last 30,000+ years, which were tied to the feminine cycles and those of the Earth.

However, the Mayan calendars did not use either lunar or solar revolutions. Instead they interpreted “pulsations” -- waves of time if you will, and converted them into the language of lunar revolutions.

All this may sound like splitting hairs when answering a question of whether or not December Solstice, 2012 represents the end of the world.  Well, again, yes, if you look at the “world” that the Mayan calendar was designed for: a 3-dimensional world of linear time.  That “world’ was about to come to an end.

What does that mean?? Well, quantum physics has a vastly different notion of time than most of us are used to. For most of us, time is that separation of a day and week and year into segments that keep us all from bumping into one another! It keeps us all on a “track” so that we sync with each other in harmonious ways.  Some of which are artificial, like daylight savings time, and other syncing is a natural rhythm such as that of the moon cycles, day and night, seasonal changes etc.

Whichever rhythm you choose, manmade or nature based, it is an agreed upon, and linear based time line. Well, what if time isn’t really that way? What if it doesn’t start at A and end at Z? What if it can start at P and end at F and loop back in on itself endlessly?? What does that do to your bus schedule??

Imagine for instance, that you are asleep. While sleeping, you have a dream. In the dream, you have a life and people and activities. They take place within a sequence, but time within the dream state is not the same as in your waking state. It exists in its own way, but it is a kind of dream time. It can feel like years have passed and according to your clock on your nightstand, it was only minutes. It is a kind of experiential time. Not a linear based time. It is “real” in the world in which it exists, but it is a different world than you are used to in your waking state.  Time in that dream state is more fluid, more flexible, and intention produces instant action! A world of instantaneous manifestation, based on deep core desires and subconscious thoughts, without a mediating influence of time.

This is very similar to the way things operate in the 4th dimension, and time, as we know it, does not exist in that dimension. It exists, and a ‘world” exists, but not as we know it. It is more fluid. It is in the quantum state of instantaneous manifestation from within a limitless sea of possibilities. Just like in your dream world. Anything can happen, anything can “exist” if your consciousness abides in that possibility.  To be with something in that state makes it instantly real for you.

The Mayan Time Elders knew this potential for time as it exists in the quantum state. This is how they perceived time. Yet, to convey their understanding to the rest of us dullards, they had to devise a simpler system that would fit in our day timer, and could be something that fit with our 3rd dimensional existence, hence, the invention of the calendar.

Essentially, a calendar represents a way to segment the infinite, like artificially drawing lines in the ocean. Time is a vast ocean. It has waves (or pulsations as the Mayan perceived it.)  But to describe that ocean to a world driven by linear thinking, grid maps, segments, and divisions, something artificial had to be devised to translate the waves of time into units that had some sort of meaning to those of us living in linear-time-based reality.

So what if this linear-time-based reality, our reference point for thousands of years, were to shift? What if the Earth were able to take a quantum leap so to speak into a new dimension in which time as we know it did not exist? That is in fact what the Mayan Calendar and prophesies state. Not that the calendar ends, but that time as we know it would no longer exist. It could not be calculated in linear segments after a certain point.

Could there be something so potent that it could dissolve our polarized, linear- time-based reality into the quantum sea of wave based reality??

The Mayan thought so. The now well known alignment of the earth and solar system with the Galactic Center (from which their time pulsations originated, not from the revolutions of the sun) was an event of such magnitude that it posed the possibility of jettisoning the baseline reference point of our “reality” from a 3rd dimensional timeline to a 4th dimensional reference point. WOW!! What does that mean?

Simply, that the world as we know it, would no longer exist! Like taking the thread out of a string of pearls. What happens to the necklace? The pearls still exist, but what has organized them is now changed. Time is the spine of our 3-D world “organizing” our reality. If our sense of time changes, so does the organization of our entire matrix of existence. The “world” as we know it no longer exists.

For some, this is a welcome blessing – a liberation from the shackles of a reality which had long ago outlived its usefulness. For others, the shift is a fearful event as the world as they know it begins to crumble beneath their feet. I think we can choose which one it will be for each of us as we embrace the impending pulsations coming from our Galactic core – source of origin of all that we know, and ride the wave to the next reality matrix.

ABOUT CHRISTAN: Christan Hummel is an international author, seminar leader and  “ley” line and earth grids “re-balancer.” She is the author of the best-selling book, Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit  that reveals techniques for shifting the vibrational template of any space.

She has led sacred ceremonies and workshops around the world teaching how to use sound, sacred geometry and the devic realms to energetically attune the space and the earth to its original blueprint and highest potential.

Christan has taught at Kinesiology colleges in Bilbao, and Barcelona, Spain, and has presented at the Gatekeepers conference in London, and the British Society of Dowsers, as well as at Canadian and US Dowsing Conferences and has shared her space clearing techniques at the International Feng Shui conference, and has taught at the Nordic School of Feng Shui, and the Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts.

Her work with the devic realms and the techniques for personal space clearing began with her studying with the teachings of the Rainbow Bridge as a teenager. She later helped co-author the book, The Rainbow Bridge, which is distributed worldwide. She has worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Slim Spurling to help create a worldwide grassroots pollution clearing program now underway in over 22 cities globally.