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It is a Wonderful World

By Jill Marie


It only takes 1 second.

Today we focus our thoughts to help elevate the collective consciousness imprints of suppression and hopelessness. No matter what the news reflects and the current realities project, we can hold a vision for ideal outcomes.

No matter what threats of impending doom or disasters are reported on television and in newspapers, you can stop your creation energy from fueling those awful realities in one second.

Here's How

Let’s fuel Archangel Michael's vision of ideal scenarios for everything!

Any time you think, hear or read anything negative, think the words Wonderful World.

Using the SVH Trigger Process: Wonderful World activates transformational energy dispersions to defuse creation energy that feeds and fuels the limiting scenarios you were pondering, hearing or reading about.

Instantly your higher consciousness and soul reflects Archangel Michael's most ideal scenario for harmonizing the current topic and the Creator rains Divine Light upon you and redirects your creation energy to help fuel the shining ideal.

How do you know if words you hear are fueling limiting realities? You will know; the more you use this process, it helps you to recognize when your thoughts and the words you hear or read are fueling negative, limiting and suppressive energies.

You would never consciously fuel famine, hate, war, racism, fears and suppression, but thoughts and words form realities. The Laws of Attraction and Laws of Formation are universally upheld to fuel potential realities that are focused upon, so just hearing about something focuses the mind on that topic for that moment.

After activating this trigger process, any time you think the two words Wonderful World, you transform creation energy from fueling negative and limiting realities. Your positive creation forming energy elevates the collective consciousness base and helps to transform less-than-ideal situations into realities that fit Archangel Michael’s shining ideal.

If you hear someone talking about air and water pollution or wars and conflict, simply think Wonderful World. Using this process doesn’t mean we don’t care about world issues; in fact, we care so much that we are choosing no to fuel and support them with our creation energy.

Activate the Trigger

To activate this trigger process, close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the trigger process Wonderful World. Silently ask the Creator if it is in divine alignment for the Creator to activate and manage the elements of this trigger process.

When you see, hear, sense or know an affirmative response from the Creator, simply think the word ‘YES’ and the Creator activates the trigger for your use. Then all you need do is think the words Wonderful World to defuse and redirect your creation forming energy to fuel the ideal scenarios you and Archangel Michael are supporting.


In less than three days of using this process, 10,000 people can help to shift collective consciousness, 144,000 can change the world. Use this trigger process every time you think, hear or read about a limiting potential reality and watch your life and our world transform.

Remember: Thoughts and words fuel basic formation elements into realities. From this day forward, let’s only fuel ideal realities.

Forward this article and before long we’ll be 144,000 strong.

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