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Light Enlightening

By Laura Lee Lizak

 Quan Yin states:

“A lot of power is generating itself on this planet right now. No one is outside of this power. We are all challenging each other to connect in this power. No one is outside of this experience. We change our bodies in this power. We can create whatever we want in this power. We are magnificent in this connection. And now we are creating enlightened support in every experience.

“Notice the difference inside of your heart area. Notice how different it is to carry these powers. Notice that your changes are easy now, and that you can connect into a lot of ease. Notice that differences of opinions dissolve in this power, and that everyone is enlightening each other in this experience.

“Notice your shifts grounding through your body. See how powerful you are feeling these days, and that many are connecting in that power. That is important to recognize in yourself and the world experience. Notice how different your body is feeling these days. Notice that you always enlighten in this power and connection.

“We are transforming our world in this energy structuring. Notice that difference in your experience. Notice how different your body is becoming, and how important experience of enlightening each other is. Notice that difference in your heart area, and send that energy out to all beings, in your body. Notice that difference sharing itself.

 “In this power, you are changing this earth, in connection and support of each other. It is like support is challenging you to magnify it’s intensity, and support is changing your world. It is connecting everyone, and we all want to share in connection with each other. This is magnificence, my dear ones.

“We are tremendously supportive to each other in our enlightenment. We are supporting connection, and letting help move through every bit of our beingness. That is tremendously supportive to everyone. We are realizing magic in our world in connection with each other. We are magnificent in our connections. We are making progress in every experience. We are magnificent in our support. We are challenging everyone to experience enlightened connection in his or her bodies. This is going to soften this world.

“We are changing everything in this reality. We are being enlightening to everything in this experience. Take that out to the streets, dear ones. Take this information to everyone. Take it to the world. Enlighten everything, in your powers, and allow alignment to occur in this energy structuring. See the witness grounding through you. Decide to enlighten all beings, in your body, and allow this to occur.

“You are tremendously important here. You are magnificent in this power. Tell yourself it is all right to be this powerful. Let your body have its power to enlighten all beings. And let your body change in this power. Ahma.

 “You are supporting all in this experience. You are the meaning of the times. You are the meaning of the experience of enlightening each other. You decide to enlighten, and it does occur. You give it out in your power, in your body. You give it to every person in this world, in your heart.

“This is important to recognize in yourself. You transform this earth in every experience of giving help to others. We are the ones we have been waiting for. You are the being of light that has been wanting to share its powers. Thank the gods for aligning this into this world. You are greeting a new earth. It is your body creating this earth in this heart of yours. Make is a good one, my dear heart. Make it a support system. Make it a powerful place. Make it magnificent.

“In your body, this is occurring. Your body is shifting to accommodate these powers of support and enlightened connection. Thank the bodies of creation that are enlightening here. Allow this power to magnify and give everyone support, in your body. Make transmissions happen in every experience. Make power jump for joy in your body. And change the pictures in this earth connection by allowing yourself to change your body.

“Let your changes happen in joy and ease, and diminishment of disruptions occurs. Give help to this earth, and allow the new powers to flow through you today, in this moment. Allow the powers to transform your experience. And notice the shift in your body in this connection. See the ways you can change this earth. See the magnificence in your body. Change your every experience, and notice the difference in your body.

“Tell the world that the world is shifting, and tell this body of yours to create enlightened support in everyone’s bodies. And tell the world it is a good time to talk about new things. To talk about the things that are exciting, and good, and powerful to create from; and dimensionally restructure this earth in this power.

“You are important, and enlightening to all. Magnify this power in your body, and tell the world to lighten up. Ahma. Ahma Ahma. Thank you for this power, and give yourself importance, to create a wonderful world. Ahma.”

Peace and Many Many Blessings.
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The QuanYin Creation Center is dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings. QuanYin and the Forces of Creation guiding our planetary enlightenment design our work at The QuanYin Creation Center. Laura Lee Lizak is the director of the Center, and has been a channel/transmitter of QuanYin and Creation since 1992. QuanYin transmits through Laura in full embodiment of personality, voice, mudra, and movement, powerfully extending enlightenment; and is often seen in Laura's body during channeling.