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Living Your Multidimensionality & Acknowledging the Moon

By Meredith Murphy

The Moon is an energy field, like all form. Consciousness. Alive. You can participate actively in this alignment by attuning to the moon. We do this by intending to come into resonance, opening our heart, inviting a conscious direct connection.

You can invite the moon to share insight with you, ask for blessings, or guidance. This is a wonderful way of living as a multidimensional blended being; to acknowledge the consciousness expressed as distinct fields within Creation, connect and co-create.

Paying attention to celestial movement is another way of acknowledging the fuller field we are part of. The interconnection, the momentum and movement and with knowing and awareness, living more accurately in relationship to our world and the Universe.

Invite yourself tonight to begin a new relationship with the Cosmos that is rooted in who you truly are: a divine being elaborating into this distinctness here, yet fundamentally, One with everything.

The Buddhist have a tradition of merit, where we extend the benefit of our actions to others. I like to do this with moments of acknowledgement like this. I might say, "May all beings feel the interconnectedness and support of life," or whatever inspires me.

We're reinventing what it means to live as multidimensional blended beings here, now. Today is one day where we can acknowledge our vaster relationship with life and with the Moon, and celebrate all that we are and all we are becoming.