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Love, Presence and Acceptance

By Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

Here is what prompted this article and conversation with the Divine, after previously experiencing a profound experience with Oneness immediately following The World Puja Networks World Meditation and Planetary Transmission.

In one day I received three E-mails that stopped me in my tracks.

One of my students for many years who had become a friend, almost made her transition after one round of chemotherapy that caused a thrombosis in her neck that nearly strangled her.

Another student of years gone by, who also became a friend, suddenly made her transition after a very challenging year with bone cancer, while at a dinner party with her family. She was a profound, joyous and brilliant being of Light.

On the same day a great man, mentor in my life, and dear friend was swiftly diagnosed with stage four-lung cancer and life threatening tumors running up and down his spine.

I felt myself almost stop breathing. What in the world was going on here? I stopped everything that I was doing, because I was unable to do anything, and went deep into the caverns of my inners, where the flame of the Divine waits for me, waits for all of us. I approached, as always, with reverence and with my one main question.

"What do I need to know about this?"

"What you 'need to know' is what will benefit the all. Your soul is asking you to experience greater depths of love and acceptance, and of being present only to the moment at hand. Your personal journey into a more stabilized rendezvous with the Divine is well underway, as you begin to further dignify the miracle of Life. Your next step is at hand, prompted by the past several months of experience. You are unable to be distracted.

Your attention has been gotten making you able to be fully present with what is, just as you were with the birds, the planet and all of humanity just last week. Please bring the same momentum of gratitude with you now. Gratitude is not mutually exclusive to pain. Separation of any sort is no longer acceptable in the bandwidths of energy you choose to abide in.

Last week while riding the high waves, you felt love, you felt peace, you felt Oneness. You felt God. You felt natural, not normal. Notice the difference.

This moment calls for the same and reaches further into you for acceptance for what is. Your call, all of humanity's call for deepening is upon you. Seek nothing else. Apart from nature, the world external has been losing its sparkle for you for some time; let it be, for now. A rarified sparkle is descending upon your current earth, as you will soon experience. For now, walk further and further away from the illusion that lines the walls of a world that bears no illusion.

Everything you will ever need is contained in the moment you are in.
Did you know you can feel the entire Universe in the present moment? Look carefully. Feel fully. Be present. Become a stranger to yourself.

Take note of the silence of your mind, and the peace in your heart now that you are resting in Me and the present moment we share together. All is well. Answers to your quietly asked questions are arising in you, without effort, each time you go deeper into the stillness that lives in the Presence of the moment.

Many of you are ready for a deepening of yourself in order that more of the Divine Descent may occur and the Presence and Acceptance of each Divine moment may impact you with all of its Life contained within it, as the past and the future melt into nothingness, for indeed neither contains Life.

Your future, all of humanity's future is predicated on the present moment, and the Presence, love and acceptance each brings to it. Your authentic world will be filled with the wisdom of the moments, not the ages, but the moments. Receive each deeply; contemplate only with your heart and then in Divine consciousness move into the next moment. Should you feel impatient at the slowing speed of your life, be grateful, as you begin to realize what you have left unfinished. Mastery is no small feat.

This year will ask nothing less of you than your full Presence, your Love and your Acceptance. Through each, you will make your journey home. You shall bring Heaven to Earth and attain enlightenment. There is no other way Beloveds, nor a year in which you will be more strongly supported.

You will see opportunities appear at your every turn. Open your Divine eyes, and your Divine hearts. Lay down your resistances and interpretations. Be present. Let your mind rest. Enter a new game of existence. In this game, there is no loss. In this game there is a treasure; an exalted state of being that is intoxicating.

Remember your magnificence Beloveds. Bring new life to your dreams. Be creative and undaunted. Act with confidence. Love and accept the alternative nature that is descending upon you now. It is the Truth of your being making every attempt to come to Life. Be fully present with it.

Know you are being blessed, and know you are indeed a blessing."

Copyright Maureen Moss 2012.
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