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Manifestation 101- Working with, not against, the Creative Cycle

By Norma Gentile

The Sirian Portal - and stress!
It is again that time of year where our solar system is bathed in Sacred Masculine energy from the sun of Sirius. This Sirian Portal, from July 23 until just before the September equinox, brings us a new level of access to qualities of the Sacred Masculine. Over the years we have sculpted and empowered the grail of the Divine Feminine, into which these Sacred Masculine energies are received. And each year the intensity of the Sacred Masculine energies increases. In part because we have built a stronger sense of honor toward the Divine Feminine, and in part because it is their balance that we are moving toward as we approach 2012.

I've shared information in previous essays about 2012 marking the third time that conscious beings have tried to move from a world of lower dimensional duality into an upper dimension. My impression is that this movement will span another hundred and more years. When we arrive, the goal isn't perfection, but balance between the dualities of our reality.


(a side note from Thoth)
The influx at this time each year of more and more Sacred Masculine energies allows us to experience, just a bit, the balance between the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. We have spent many years familiarizing ourselves with the Divine Feminine. But the Sacred Masculine remains a quality of consciousness that is fairly elusive. Humanity is experiencing a strong learning curve regarding the proper and appropriate use and integration of Sacred Masculine energies.

During this influx of Sacred Masculine energies, I notice that many new opportunities are quickly presented to me. My personal challenge is not to run out and do whatever it is that I suddenly have the urge or opportunity to do. True, masculine energies are wonderful "doing" energies. But with this much masculine energy available, it is easy to become unbalanced, overly outbound in expression, and too wrapped up in external projects.

Our western culture approves of "doing" (that is, after all, how we traditionally define masculine in our culture). And traditional jobs tend to frown on employees taking "spiritual rejuvenation retreat days!" Therefore it is hard for most people to understand that exactly now, at the height of the influx of Sacred Masculine energy, is when we most need to create inner stillness so that we might open our hearts and come into a state of deep receptivity.

Many traditions speak of the heart as a place of transmutation. My guides suggest that these Sacred Masculine energies are meant to be received by the Divine Feminine, which in humanity lies as a chalice within the space between the two heart chakras. There they can be allowed to come to maturity. For each of us, this means patience in allowing the Creative Cycle to come to completion.

The Creative Cycle
We are co-creators with Spirit and Nature. And there is a Creative Cycle within which Spirit, Nature and Humanity operate. This cycle can be broken down into various parts. The first part is Possibility. In this part of the cycle the energetic pattern is held within Nature, primarily in the lower dimensions. The second part of the cycle is Opportunity. During this part of the cycle, the energetic pattern held by Nature is met and acted upon by Spirit in all dimensions.

The third part of the cycle is Form. This is the part of the cycle we like the most because the energy now becomes something that takes physical form in our lives. This is what many people call Manifestation. The forth portion of the cycle is Release. We as humans tend to not be very well balanced with this part of the Spiritual cycle of creation. We tend to either hang onto what exists in form or abandon it. Neither quality of release serves to bless the form and truly unwind its energies back into the Creative Cycle.

Today we focus on the third part of the Creative Cycle: Manifestation

In our western culture we think of manifestation as being a linear process. I think of something, I visualize it, I meditate on it and it appears. We don't often think of the creative process as being cyclical, in that it re-occurs regularly, and has various stages. There are quiet portions to the Creative Cycle that occur before anything comes into form. These quiet portions are seldom noticed. But it is while the energies of Spirit and Nature are gestating that we as humans can often nourish or accidentally trample upon something that is potentially manifesting in our lives.

As humans we LOVE to manifest things. It is only natural to appreciate hard work when it culminates in something external to ourselves, such as a car well repaired or a garden full of vegetables. This is easy to appreciate when we can mentally follow what we did and how we were able to bring into form exactly what we wanted. In these cases we can pat ourselves on the back and say "good job!". We wanted something, we worked for that something, and that exact something came into form in our lives.

But that isn't really how the Creative Cycle works.

Most often you have the experience of thinking you wanted something and you put into motion steps to get what you wanted. But it was your mind that decided what you wanted, and your mind that decided how to get it. Perhaps you heard your guide or angel telling you to do something. But again it was your mind interpreting the energies of your guide or angel. What your angel said to your heart and what your mind interpreted that to mean were most likely not the same! Our mind frequently misunderstands or misinterprets what our spiritual helpers are sharing with us.

Here in the western New Age culture our minds have a hard time understanding that Spirit and Nature are both part of the Creative Cycle. We have an even harder time accepting that they both inform the larger cycles of creation within form. We are not singular masters of our world. We are co-creative stewards of Life. The quiet motion of Spirit upon the waters of Nature is what allows the manifestation of anything to eventually occur. And in the moment of any one-thing manifesting, there are many more cycles that have not yet come into visible form. These cycles underlay new manifestations which will occur at a later point in time.

Seeds, Saplings, and Mature Oak Trees
In any given moment there are many cycles that are slowly taking form as seeds. These are Possibilities, in the first stage of the Creative Cycle. Those seeds eventually put down roots and begin to push those first shoots of new growth upward. They are now becoming Opportunities within our Creative Cycle. Oftentimes while we are admiring completed manifestations that have come into form in our lives, such as a fully-grown tree, we accidentally walk upon the seedlings of other opportunities that are trying to grow beneath it. While one cycle manifested itself as a mature tree, many more Creative Cycles remain as seeds and saplings in the stages of Possibility and Opportunity.

Please humor me, while I follow this metaphor a bit more.

I know from living in an area of the US Midwest where most of the Ash and Elm trees have now died, that people do not allow tree seedlings to grow in their yards. Despite years of warnings of impending Ash and Elm disease, few people thought ahead to allow new seedlings of other types of trees to grow beneath their established trees. Most people looked at their thirty year old mature trees and kept pulling out the Maple saplings native to this area that naturally sprang up in their yards. As a result, there are now long stretches of streets and neighborhoods with no shade trees. And those who have planted new trees must water and tend to them frequently, because the natural shady environment in which young trees love to grow no longer exists.

Nature offered a solution to the Ash and Elm trees dying by supplying saplings of other native trees in abundance. These saplings arose as part of the Creative Cycle. Humans just didn't pay attention to what was being offered so easily to them as a solution.

Watching this happen in my own yard has helped me to recognize where in my life the Creative Cycle has offered a possible solution to a problem and my mind turned down the offer. Not because I had any better offer! But because I wanted the problem to be resolved my way.

In these cases, where my mind had decided what to do, I found myself creating something externally that I would then have to constantly tend. At some point I realized that I was putting more energy into the project than what would ever come out of it to support me. And within my physical body I felt less and less stable. Even thinking about the situation would drain my energy!

Over the years I have gotten better at sensing when I am forcing something to come into form according to my mind, rather than according to the natural Creative Cycle. And the difference is obvious. When I think about projects coming to me as a natural maturation of energies, I am energized. And I find the steps to helping these project come into form may be challenging, but my spiritual support staff is always present and working with me.

In workshops and private sessions I am fond of asking if something truly fits the person and their soul now. I have found that as we move and grow within Spirit, each of us looks around and sees what used to fit for us, but does not fit anymore. Oftentimes that sensation of something no longer fitting us occurs at the moment we realize we are having to put too much energy into maintaining it. And so we cease to give it energy. And we release it from our lives.

Getting what you think you want does not usually serve the Creative Cycle
I was at a friend's house a few months back when her daughter called. Having been looking for a used car for sometime, her daughter was very happy to report that she had found a wonderful car she could afford to purchase. I don't recall the exact make or model of car, but I recall overhearing her mother's reaction!

The daughter had found a used European luxury car she could afford to buy. What mom knew was that the inevitable repairs to this type of car would be two or three times more in cost than similar repairs to a less luxurious but more commonly available used car. Her mom gently pointed out that with her daughter's current income it might be difficult to afford to repair the car. Of course her daughter, like most of us, was infatuated by the car, as it represented the luxury she wanted to attain in life. But rather than move in the natural spiral of the Creative Cycle she wanted to move in a straight line to obtain it directly and immediately.

One reason we step outside of the spiral motion of the Creative Cycle is because we want something and believe we can create a straight path to getting it. A symptom of taking this short cut is that we over-commit our energies to make this one thing manifest. We find that we don't have enough energy for other aspects of our life to remain in balance. It takes much more energy to get and keep something in our lives when we haven't put into the Creative Cycle all of the underground development needed for its natural manifestation.

For example, I could have gone to a local greenhouse and purchased young trees for my yard, rather then tend the saplings already growing under the dying trees. But because my new saplings would not have grow in this soil and learned to bend with the wind and drink sparingly during the dry season, I would be spending much of my time and money to water them and stake them up and cover them from the harsh winter. Instead, I chose to put my energy into the earlier portions of the Creative Cycle and (hopefully) I will not have to continue to put energy into the native saplings I have tended once they are established and have a bit more time to grow.

As for the European luxury car that her daughter so desired; mom counseled her out of purchasing it at this time, and into looking at what was easy to afford now.

In that same fashion, sometimes we see a possibility and we want it to be an Oak tree. But it isn't. The sapling might become a beautiful Maple tree. But it won't become an Oak tree. That doesn't mean there isn't a towering Oak tree coming our way as a sapling next season. It just means that at this moment, the Creative Cycle is offering us a Maple tree sapling to plant and tend. This Maple tree may then provide the shady environment in which the Oak tree sapling may be planted when it arrives.

Allowing Spirit to Support your Creative Cycles Now
What if another aspect of the Creative Cycle were one of stepping back and allowing others, within Spirit, to support you? When our minds are not the "deciders" about what to manifest in our lives, the Creative Cycle has permission to function more fully.

How willing are you to let all of your spiritual support system be the factors that nourish the Creative Cycles you are working on right now? How willing are you to release whatever it is you are trying to make happen, or that you want to have happen?

Think for a moment about a project that is prominent in your life. Have you asked the consciousness of Spirit within that project how it wants to evolve? Most of us don't think of projects as having a consciousness within them. But they do. In order for anything to come into form it must already exist in the other dimensions. And what exists in the other dimensions? Consciousness.

Too often as humans we assume that if something isn't working out the way we want it to be, we are at fault. And that if we can just push or pull at it mentally, or repeat more affirmations or be better spiritual beings that the project will come into form in the manner we want it to be.

But we cannot, by our human will or mind, push or pull or affirm anything into manifestation. Within each person, each form, and each object there is consciousness. There is consciousness also within the Creative Cycle. Each song, play or poem contains a consciousness within it. Each garden has a consciousness. Each home has a consciousness. Each tree and plant also have a consciousness. Even ideas contain a consciousness beyond that of our own mind.

Spirit exists as consciousness within all form and within all stages of the Creative Cycle. The less pushing and pulling we do the easier it is for Spirit to birth into form exactly what Spirit wants to birth into form on our behalf.

Prioritizing What We Nourish in Our Lives
One of the topics related to manifestation is how we choose to use our time and our attention. We each have free will in where and into what we put our energies, particularly our doing energies, into doing. I've noticed that we have a habit of prioritizing what it is that we do, not always according to Spirit, but according to external factors. One of those external factors is that we tend to do things that make other people happy. Sometimes that is as simple as getting up a little early to make coffee or breakfast for our partner.

Most often I've noticed we tend to reprioritize what we do so that we do things that other people will see us do before we will do things that no one will see us do.

For example, I suspect that people will mow their lawns or wash their cars before they would go to do yoga for themselves, or take quiet time for themselves. Perhaps we will find more time to do makeup and hair in the morning than to do a bit of meditation or reflection of some sort for ourselves.

I'm sure there are many other ways that this happens. It is simply something that I began to notice in my own choices. How much easier it is to do something when the action that I am doing is going to be seen, and supposedly approved of by others, versus doing something simply for myself that no one would ever know about, that no one would ever see.

Clearly the results of doing something for one's self move immediately into nourishing all those things that are not yet in form for us within our Creative Cycle. Those things we are holding in meditation very gingerly within our hearts receive the quality of energy they need to grow when we care for ourselves. When we choose to do something that nourishes ourselves, we energize those Possibilities and Opportunities within the quiet underground rhythms of our life's Creative Cycle. We nourish them as they begin to grow, sprout roots and send up those first little green shoots into our lives.

And the trick is, when we first begin to see a little green shoot of a project we have been meditating and working on appear, do we continue to nourish ourselves very quietly, and therefore nourish the project, or do we run out and proclaim, "There it is! I see this first tiny green sprout, and so I don't have to water it anymore, it is done!"

Those of us who have gardens know that at this point you must continue to tend, water and protect the small green shoots as they are first stretching up to the sun. Sometimes you have to tend to maturing plants and trees as well. Caring for ourselves is also caring for what is in our lives. There is an ongoing co-creative process here between humanity and All-That-Is. Simply stated, that which nourishes humanity manifests because humanity nourishes it.

Another way of saying this is "When I water my garden, I eat well from it." When I don't water or tend my garden, my broccoli doesn't do nearly as well, and so I don't eat nearly as well. When I honor that lovely infinite cycle of care and co-creation, I allow Spirit to move through and create form on my behalf. I also honor my ability to choose to water and tend what Spirit offers me in my garden.

Tending our gardens, whether the garden is an external, physical form, or the inner landscape of our emotions or spiritual life gives us great and even grand pleasure. Sometimes we do this by sitting in reflective meditation. Sometimes by reading or having quiet time. Perhaps it is creating art, making music, being with someone or playing with your children.

Especially during this time of increased Sacred Masculine energies, start somewhere in your daily life to allow Spirit to express through you. Find the time and space to engage in whatever activity that allows your heart to open when you do it. Give time to whatever you already do that nourishes you and lets your heart open so that you feel Spirit flow through you. Start there. Let that be your service today to nourish yourself.

Norma (with Mary and Archangel Michael)

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