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By Karen Bishop 

We are moving ahead at a much more quickened speed now. . . moving through the gate and now reaching the new shore, and then moving ahead within that new shore. And because we have actually reached somewhere new, we can feel the ramifications more than ever. 

"Just what I need!" we may lament. "More unpleasantness and stress!" "Okay. I have waited long enough. I have become hopeful, gotten excited, and now this!" And at the next moment, we may suddenly feel a new strength, a strange sense of belonging even if we are not anywhere near where we imagined ourselves to be, and even, perhaps, a new joy. "This is not how I imagined things would pan out. No, not even close. I do not feel like I am in the land of milk and honey. . . more like the land of giant lawn mowers mowing me down while at the same time being pressed flat like a pancake!"

Whenever we move into a new and higher vibrating space we experience a cleanse. We have to be squeaky clean to enter a squeaky clean space. And add to that the fact that the new space is indeed vibrating higher. This alone will bring in some very high vibrating energies into our fields of being. At this stage of the process, and because we are reaching higher dimensions of reality, these strong and intense energies have been in our immediate fields of being ever since we crossed the barrier on October 16. And we have been moving right along ever since.

Whenever we enter new space, even if it is new space when we literally go from one town to another, or one state to another, or from our home to a new store even, we adjust accordingly. And this adjustment most always involves a cleanse. If the space is entirely new and not used to our energy, or if we are not used to the energy of the new space, we can really feel it. We are in a programming now that is all about cleansing and staying prepared for all this movement of the past months so that we will not slip back like we did in years past (Down Into Up describes this process and why in much greater detail). So in this way, any changes we may voluntarily make may not feel so good after they are complete because we have to adjust. And making big changes now, before it is time, will almost always result in a lateral move only until the time is right for a move more fully into the new.

Some manifestations of our continued move forward into the new reality space? We are moving quickly now. . . boom, boom, boom. In this way, these patterns will repeat very quickly and will also vary according to where each of us is in the line-up, although many of us are fairly close together now. (And as always, it is best to consult your health care professional about any unusual ailments.)

Head and sinus pressure and congestion. You may think you have a cold. Chest pressure and congestion. Body burning. Body itching and irritation. Intestinal distress and bladder pain. Coughing. Back pain. The usual gamut but much more intensely now. And basically however each of us manifests bodily cleansing. 

When the higher energies arrive (and they have really cranked up now) we may feel other common symptoms: Anxiety. Heart distress. Upper chest and back pain. Dizziness. Brain fog. Difficulty breathing. Strange dreams. Heightened irritability and acute stress. An intense squeezing. Disrupted sleep patterns. A strange feeling and sense of "the end."

Our beloved animal companions are many times affected as well and will react accordingly. 

As we flip back and forth from cleansing mode, to higher dimensional experiencing mode, and then back to the shadow world once again, all this stress and unpleasantness along with what it brings can many times create a strong craving for where we are ultimately headed. And that is the land where God and love reside and make themselves known within each and every moment and within each and every thing on the new earth.

Being in states where love and God are present can easily place us in the land of happy, the land of contentment, of belonging, and especially of relief. At some place in our being, we know that we are now right where we need to be and it is then that we can relax and let out one big sigh more than ever along the way. We usually find that we are much more comfortable when surrounded by conversations of God, by others seeking God, or even our loved ones loving us and us loving them right back.

This journey can be rocky, disruptive, confusing, certainly traumatic, and many times depressing (especially when we revert back to the shadow world). With all this going on,  it can be near impossible to see the love that is actually there, as so much is being released and re-arranged. When we become lost, stressed, or even angry and frustrated, switching to a stance of love can really change the picture.

Another stance that can greatly help is simply being open. We may have developed specific patterns of late in order to survive and support ourselves in order to seemingly stay alive or at least be as comfortable as possible. It is also quite natural to lock up and seek control when in unfamiliar territory of great change, but when we remain open, we will find that what we need comes to us with ease, and usually from a source we may never have imagined or one that we frequently negated in the past. God and love are always guiding us. . . always. . . and everyone is always helping us, so being open to anything now can greatly assist us on this long and stressful journey. Finding what we may have least expected can be so much fun and liberating if we allow ourselves to take a chance and embrace what is being offered to us without our prior selves needing the control factor. Through it all we are being loved and protected if we can just get out of the way.

Another manifestation that is making itself known is the near inability to do what we have done before. We may find it difficult or unpleasant to continue our prior work, we may find it difficult to become involved with what we have been involved with before, and so forth. As we continue to merge into the new, touching that new can make the old practically downright repulsive or at best it becomes something that exists in the shadow world and soon becomes a part of something that we no longer have within us. But at the same time, any new endeavors are beckoning us in strange and supportive ways, handing us the clues and the keys, and telling us what and where we are choosing next. 

As we begin these first steps into the new, we may feel more alive than ever. We may feel that we are really and truly someplace now. A place that really exists. A place where we feel a new sense of belonging. So although we may be experiencing the usual gamut of unpleasant ascension symptoms, we can also know that we are indeed arriving in a very new space, and since we have come so far, this movement is urging us ahead in quick and rapid steps now. We are crossing the threshold now and adjusting accordingly. And when we finally arrive at a space where we have come far enough to experience some kind of stability, when new patterns of living and being actually become permanent patterns we can predict and rely on, we will begin the process of creating the new with great ease and the intense ascension symptoms will cease. But for now, we are merging. . . merging into the new land. . . not just onto one more temporary step but the new land of a very new world.

My heart to yours,