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Morning Messages

From Peggy Black

"Code Gratitude" 

The light of this new day is cresting the horizon in pink. I have once again made a commitment to arise before dawn, for me these early morning hours seem the purest. They offer a quietness which allows for a deep connection with my team. I continue to discover and acknowledge my own patterns and habits that do not support my work and service. This past year with all the challenges, I had begun to sleep past this exquisite time of the day, the beginning. This has always been the time in which my connection with the non-physical realms was a flow. We each have those moments of awareness when we know we must stretch out of our comfort zone and into a new pattern

This awareness came last week when I received the long awaited e-mail from the publisher declining the manuscript of the "Cleanse the Currency and other assignments for transforming our world." (This was a possible title). My first reaction was disappointment, which I shifted to gratitude realizing because of this invitation and opportunity I had written 25,111 words and they are still valid. So I will find another publisher. The next morning I woke up at 5:30 and made written contact with the team. I wanted to know why this had not worked out.

Their response was "Remember there is more to be revealed.  You are an energy transformer, full time. We invite you to step into your joy and express your gratitude even in this disappointment. The gifts of this experience will manifest in amazing ways, so hold the space for that to unfold. As you share with others, use your tools to transform this situation. We suggest that you prepare, get ready and take daily action toward the goals you desire. When you do this we are able to flow our energy into the action and support the results. Enough sleeping, enough waiting, CALL IT FORWARD!  We invite you to shift your perspective and GO FOR IT, when you do we are able to stream our support more fully.  If the desire is there, if the idea is there, a door will open for the results to occur, get excited!  Bring your passion to the day and the projects and in partnership we will assist you in these physical manifestations. TRUST! We will support you, Step into your power."

Well after that personal transmission I set some new goals for myself and morning messages. The first being a Morning Message book, this has been one of my dearest goals and a much requested suggestion

I have begun to put in place all the pieces for this to be created as soon as possible. I will keep you posted on the progress of both book projects. The Cleanse the Currency needs the most work and financial support. The Morning Message book is just waiting to be polished. So I am now in the process of polishing. Your ideas and support are always welcome. Thank you dear ones for the generous donations given this month, they are so appreciated.

These are exciting yet challenging times, it is important that we shift our perspective and ride the waves of change. I know what so many of you are going through by the incredible number of reading/transmissions that I have done this past month. Because of this I extend the "Code Gratitude" offer for another month. I send each of you my blessings of courage and grace as we each transform what is before us.

Messages from the "Team"

We greet you with our love and appreciation. We embrace you with our gratitude and acknowledgements.  Each of you is anchoring the opportunity of transformation by your very presence in this time frame and dimension. It is important for you to acknowledge your role and place in this incredible evolution. This is not a time to be shy, this is not a time to be fearful, and this is not a time to hesitate. This is a time to truly claim your authority and sovereignty as the divine being that you truly are.

These changes and this transformation of consciousness that is occurring and continues to expand are because of your participation. It is a tremendous opportunity as you remember your magnificence, your power and your deep love for humanity. These are the times for which you have been awaiting.

Look in your personal life and see what is up to be transformed and shifted into the light of awareness and truth.  What emotions are you still carrying, what regrets or sorrows, what resentments and prejudices?  These dense, dysfunctional energies that you as a human have experienced, the emotional and physical abuses are yours to personally transform. They are your inherent responsibly. You have the personal invitation to offer these dense energies of pain and suffering up for release. It is your willing intention in your sacred heart chalice that you bring these energies to the light. When you consciously take action this is divine service. You are a transformer of energy. Look at the energy blockages in your personal life, your relationships with others, with finances, and with health and begin to honestly and with joy release them. Sound them, pray them, dance them, and move these blockages out of their holding patterns. It is time! Now is the time when you have the most divine and celestial support to do this work for yourself and for the collective. This is your job. Remember as you transform your personal emotional issues this energy ripples out to the collective and others are uplifted and healed as well. When you do your individual transforming work, of forgiveness, and the release of old dense patterns and dysfunctions your loved ones are quickened as well.

If you observe heavy dense energy vibrations of hatred, anger, or conflict, we invite you to immediately offer a higher vibration of compassion, love and forgiveness. You are not powerless. You are absolutely powerful beyond measure.  Do not hesitate to step into this active role as a transformer. Your numbers are increasing as more individuals are awakening to this realization that they actively participate and interface with the energy vibrations in the collective. More and more magnificent multidimensional humans are recognizing that they are influencing the out picturing of reality.  Celebrate this awareness and join with others in this incredible field of all possibilities. Hold the vision of healing and transformation. Continue to express your gratitude to one another, recognize and acknowledge the magnificence in each other. Your movie "Avatar" touched the hearts of millions, because it resonated with the truth that each of you carry. Be mindful when you look at another, celebrate them and honor them for all they represent in the collective. Remember the phrase used in the movie, "I see you." When you say this to one another, either silently or aloud you activate their own remembrance of oneness with the collective and the remembrance of who they are as divine beings of love
WE SEE YOU! And we celebrate your brightness and your courage to walk this time frame and this dimension offering your presence as a vehicle of evolution, healing and total transformation. Be in your joy and know that you are supported with this work and service that you offer to the collective through your personal awareness and experiences.

©2009 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

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