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Part 1 - Channel With The Sphinx

By Dana Shino

Recently, the energies of the Sphinx opened on a more profound and global level. Here is the communication received:

It is time All One to come together on the planet! You know not the powers that preclude you; they are opening to you at this precious time/space, for you to continue to move forward into a plane of existence that has not been meticulized, but is now being imagined through you. The unfolding of this existence is upon us/you and this time doth step forth, not as time, but as a profound experience of choice of consciousness.

You may move forward as you always have, or you may move forward seeing the open possibilities and potentials that have been closed to you for so long. They have been closed for so long that you have forgotten to experience them, you have forgotten how to see with your heart, with your soul. Now is that time.

Now that the opening is coming, the opening is here, it is now profound time to flex your hearts open, flex yours souls open as to see planes of existences that have never knelt at the door step, the threshold of existence as they do now.

Question the predestined authority of the Old World as so many of you are doing. It gives others a heart experience, a glance of an alternate reality that will soon be full reality, that many of you did not know existed. Now is the time to experience the open doors, the open windows, the open opportunities of your soul and heart unlike any other time. For it is experiencing these openings that the new reality comes through.

And it is a New/Old Reality. A reality that has always been as a figment of your imagination that does so move forth now as The Reality.

It is a new way of living in this New Reality that causes the fibers of one's being to ignite rapidly in a way that was never affected before.

Strange things will first occur and then the strangeness will become new and then the new will become normal.

As it does so, this strange newness of living, coming to this planet, will normalize as the way of being - your will wonder utterly why it was not so before.

Struggles will drop easily. Epiphanies will open daily. Love will win out over misunderstanding.

It will become a song upon the earth that was always sung about but now the singing about it will dissolve and the existence of the song is and will become one . . .

The clutter that once landed this planet in organized chaos will begin to sort itself out without rules, without laws.

This will all be cast asunder - as it is and will be more important to unfold and flourish in the new ways, instead of abiding by rules -

The song will break out.

The tide is and will turn - in a wonder of ease not known to man

The birds will speak. The fish will walk. The plants will talk of ways of blossoming and healing.

The light of patterns only known as distractions before, will become the common currency and way of the world.

God, spoken of as a separate authority will kneel with all upon the Earth and vibrate, saturating all light proficiencies with a profound, kind, intelligent wisdom that all will hear through vibration of all beings

All Light Codes
All One.

The profoundness of the time is beyond you, but it is within you at all times -

Blossoming, blossoming through the gateways of authority and speaking through into the new vibrations.

You know not what you do, even when you do it. It is beyond you, but it is within you-

This is your profound and utter power.

Now it is time to begin to know time, to begin to know of heart and soul in a way that defies all explanation.

Here, now, the power of the time, the light, the love, the planet, it is all here at the fingertips of your soul -

Love it into existence the way you would love a child into existence.

Doth and be it so. Doth and be it so.

Part Two and Three of the Sphinx's Channel

Dana Shino is a Spiritual Coach and Energy Practitioner living in Durango, Colorado. Her channeling began in 1987, although she was unaware of her gifts until a co-worker identified them in 2001. The 9/11 catastrophe compelled Dana to develop her gifts and provide them in service to others; she established her professional work in 2006. Dana published her first book, "When Elephants Fly - A Spiritual Account About Living The Convictions of Intuitive Truth" in 2011. Dana channels for Divine Light Beings of Star Nation Families, facilitating multi-dimensional communication. and