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Re-Birthed And Glowing Liquid Light Plasma

By Soluntra King

We have been reborn. Love has transformed enough of the fear for us to move into the Golden Age in Love, Peace and Joy. We are awakening to our Divine Blueprint and our divine birthright and shine the Sun that we are.
On the actual day of the Great Shift, 21st December we moved through the crossover point in our hearts, the heart of the Galactic Centre more than we may still realise. On the morning of the 22nd December I became aware of no longer needing to feel the pulse of light and consciousness from the Galactic Centre out there. Before then we would move through the crossover point in our heart and the crossover point in the Galactic Centres heart, but now it's unified within us.
 Please see ‘To Connect’  for connecting to the Suns, your Earthsun Body and the Galactic Centre.

Liquid Light Plasma is now flowing freely through the Inner Earth Sun and by connecting through the Earthsun Body that unifies all your energy bodies and physical body with the Earths, this body is now also Liquid Light Plasma. This upgrade is affecting all of us, and our Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus glands that are players with the RNA as we receive the Light through the Pineal and process it all in the Pituitary and the Thymus regulates our body and kundalini flow. We are receiving this information from matter, anti matter and dark plasma.
Your multi-dimensional bodies are Liquid Light Plasma and exist in the worlds of what scientists call dark matter or anti matter, that is lighter and higher frequency than dense matter and interfaces with the divine realms.
As this process evolves within us our RNA, DNA and Light Bodies activate to hold greater light and our energy field is strong and clear. It also means that we have a lot of energy at our disposal and we must be so aware of our thoughts, words and actions.

Like never before do we create from them and now we have a lot of responsibility to be aligned with Source and come from unity, rather than separation consciousness and to take responsibility for all levels of our being.
There is scientific evidence from NASA of a type of magnetic rope of plasmic filaments that acts as a transmission across inter-planetary and inter-stellar space coming from the Galactic Centre. A multi-dimensional doorway in other words, and as we become more Liquid Light Plasmic we travel in our body through the centre of us, through the love of our open heart into the multi-dimensional realms of existence. We become our Body of Light fully and Physically Immortal. Now as we have completed the old great cycle we move through the Galactic Centre beyond birth and death and into the higher dimensional Earth, New Solar System, we become a Sun, as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, and the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun…..

In the process of the shift we re-birthed ourselves and now like the baby having just been birthed we have needed to rest and nurture ourselves. The Earth is now a Star, her heart shifted too in the solstice, I have worked for years with the Inner Earth Sun and now the heart of our mother is glowing Liquid Light Plasma. We too are now the stars that we are, baby stars just resting and allowing ourselves to be as we get used to the new energies coming in.
Working with the Liquid Light Plasma is in the Diamond Light Workbook  and the Light Body and DNA Activations and Physical immortality in the Light Code Activations book.

The Upgrade And Integration          

What we are going through with this rearranging of our molecules is often felt in the physical body as tiredness, cannot be bothered, no enthusiasm, not sure what to do, not able to do much. Don’t worry you are not stuck, just getting rearranged and most of your energy is busy doing the integrating which is gently now making things clearer on how to operate in a new way, in the higher dimensions of our self and Earth.

You are in the higher dimensional plane a lot of the time being prepared energetically for the new roles you are to take on.

A big adjustment is taking place and will so do for years to come until it filters down into density fully, some give dates of when this will happen fully in the third dimension, but really it’s up to us as everything is in the now.

Those who are very sensitive to this energy and have worked for the shift for years, and life times, and have unified to access the higher dimensions, inner planes are already in the higher dimensions, living more and more in the world but not of it. With an open heart, trusting in the Creator, and allowing and seeing the divine within oneself radiating it and seeing it in everyone else. Holding the beam so the mass of humanity can now awaken from there slumber.

The focus is now on being the example and assisting those who are the Third Wave to own their divinity and co-create the New Earth too. On the third dimension we all know that takes time, but the dimensional shifts are integrating so much more into the fabric of density that the dense will feel it too.

The Effects In Your Life        

We are fortunate now, in the past we have held these energies but often did not have the wisdom, now the journey home to ourself is through Love, not power and magic, and so we are safe guarded to a certain extent, as not much happens to us in the way of getting lighter if we do not have our heart open and are loving, compassionate and allowing.

The end of an era has to be completed fully, and for those awakened souls most has been completed as far as lessons, karma and duality dramas, but there are still many who need to complete the experience and we must honour them their experience. All our thought forms have been magnified, so what ever you think you create very fast now, for a negative or positive response. Some of the very subtle thoughts that had been underlying your life from implants, contracts, DNA, genetic and ancestral family line are now fully in the open to be loved and accepted if they had not been completed fully before the shift.

Nothing is hidden, it’s all very transparent and so are people who still run agendas. The ego games are exposed and not tolerated, the boundaries are established now in the very subtle realms and the lower astral planes are being cleansed because of it.

On a practical level it can mean some big clear outs, you will have a lot more clarity now and in this new paradigm it is not possible to run the old patterns anymore. That means changing the way we do things and how we operate. It does not mean going into ones head to try and work out how to do that, but too simply allow and as long as you feel you need to rest then just do that and stay out of your head. The energy will move you when you are ready.

You might find that you are over some friendships and relationships as well, let them go, they served you well in the old paradigm and probably for life times. Now we are born new, those that resonate with where you are at will come into your life to share the joy and co-create the New Earth. The duality dramas are over, if you are still playing them then it will get harder and harder to sustain them until you let go.

Notice how the Sun has changed and how we receive the solar rays. It is summer where I live in New Zealand and because there is no ozone layer, we have a hole over us. The Sun can be very strong and harsh, the sunburn factor really high and needing sunglasses in winter as well as summer. But this summer since the shift I have noticed that I do not want to even wear my sunglasses and the Sun seems softer. People who have not shifted may not agree with me, but I know my body is vibrating in higher light and able to receive and integrate the light from the Suns much more than before. 
The Sun changed dramatically at the end of the Universal Underworld 28th October 2011. On the morning of the 29th October at sunrise at the East Cape light house and place of first light the Sun had changed incredibly. Since then I have found I can look into it at times, even at midday (not recommended to do), and see geometric patterns beaming from it. Now the Sun has shifted again since the 22nd December, as well as the Inner Earth Sun and all Suns, just as we have become more fully the Sun of our true self.

You trust more from your Heart Centre resolving things directly for there, intuition and inner vision are clearer and more perceptive.
Believe in yourself and focus on relaxing,  then with your thoughts, words and imagination see, know and sense that you are light, your physical body and energy bodies are rejuvenating, alive and radiant and operating to their true and full potential.

Awareness of the unified light matrix that is you and all creation. See and sense the light emanating from all of nature and people in your life and humanity.

Your facility for creative imagination is amplified to such an extent that it will not take much to bring results through into the physical planes.
Dance to the beat of the Earths heart, which has changed since the September Equinox 2012, dance and sing the song of the Earths transition through the Galactic Core and the Earths core, through your core, through all the Suns in creation.

Realise what has happened and is happening , look at what you have now created to play in. Through our DNA activating the Living Library of Light we open up more into and Diamond consciousness.

The Diamond Light Matrix Is Very Strong Now And With It Comes Clarity

The Love that we are is now operating more fully through us, but that love is very clear and focused like the Diamond. The Diamond within is strong and cuts through anything no longer needed by your soul. Old skins falling away, old layers from life times of victim and victimiser, power and control, no longer able cling to us as we wiggle out of our cocoon and are free to dance in the eternal delight of the Creator’s garden. 
The multi-faceted diamond is the creative force of the cosmos and all life, from the smallest atom to the greatest universe. It holds within it the multi omniscient universe of unlimited creation that links to all life from the third dimension through all the dimensions. When we work with the Diamond Light then we are connected clearly to Source and the pure divine light of creation. The Diamond is focused and reflects the Thirteen Rays of the New Earth and higher dimensional consciousness for us to play with as we create the New Earth.

Diamond consciousness is clear sharp and assists to let go all that is no longer needed, patterns, people and programmes. It gives inner strength to be decisive and clear on things that may have clung to you for years unobserved. Now clarity and the ability to let go and stay clear are here to stay, this may put egos out of joint but that's their lesson. There is no room for ego games any longer, no longer wishing to experience all the agendas and ego games other play, a time of aloneness to nurture and be, until it’s time to utilise all the new light codes.

See you in the dancing light of our hearts delight shinning so bright.

In the One Heart

Love Solunta

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