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Rebirthing The New Alchemy 

With Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Aluna Joy posted the most amazing journey on her website, in her newsletter and on Facebook (she really wanted us to share in this wonderful energy).

To respect her copyright request we are not publishing a copy here but we are linking to her own websiteI would however like to share with you how reading her posting has impacted me.

We join the Aluna outside the Dendra Temple where she and her party were visiting.

When we walked into a side chamber of Dendara, a Hathor temple, the Hathors were completely surrounding us, and the image of the female Goddess Nut was above us giving birth to worlds. We could see her face, her hands, body going around the room, and her feet and the sun coming down giving birth to the Hathors.

From this place Aluna described the journey she and her team then went on deep into the heart of the temple. There they were invited to open two large golden doors and step into, what was at that point, the unknown.

I was so taken with their story I joined them energetically and was immediately shown how to open the doors. I eagerly stepped through and was filled with the most beautiful energy. Aluna and the team have shown the way and now it is for each of us to experience it in our own way. The Hathors were certainly there as were many more of the wonderful energies she described. The flow of love was intense and I was immediately filled with the most divine feeling of joy and wellbeing, of source.

Since then I have journeyed there again to share this astonishing energy, and it is even more potent when shared with someone else. More can be revealed and more energy flows just in the sharing. We can only imagine what it must have been like to actually be there. 

So I encourage you to read Aluna’s posting, then decide for yourself, shall I open the golden doors, shall I step through. My answer was ‘oh yes please’, what will yours be?

With Love,