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By Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

This month I am not writing one of my usual articles. This is more of a sharing and hopefully supporting as I witness more and more of us becoming deeply aware that we would be wise to become quieter and go deeper inside of ourselves to clear up 'loose ends' as the months whiz by careening us towards the end and the beginning.

I don't know any one of us that is not feeling like a different "being". We recognize now, for ourselves, not by the words of others, that life, as we have known it for eons of lifetimes truly is over, and there is no going back; a blessing beyond what most might be ready to acknowledge.

What I notice is an urgency that seems to surround most to quiet down, let go of even a modicum of that which doesn't please us, and pay attention to what the quiet whispers inside of ourselves are telling us. The quiet whispers are unique for each of us, though hold a golden thread of similarity for all of us.

What that means for me is a few more weeks of completing two large projects (which I will share next month) and then taking uninterrupted "me" time to be quiet, recalibrate, and re-focus my energies. It means a lot of time in nature, both trees and water, where it seems I gain my greatest sense of peace and connection.

For years, as most know (at least in part) I have been putting out a vast amount of energy, in a number of directions, to truly be of valuable service to this transition, from one world into the next, for both humanity and this beloved Planet. Most recently, teaching "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God" was the icing on the cake for me in many ways, and a conclusion of sorts for this leg of the cycle.

Indeed, it has all been my pleasure and honor. I have taken my part very seriously and now choose to add a healthy dose of taking it joyfully, and balanced as well.

I, like many, am now looking at the distinctly different ways that resonate within our souls, to 'be' as a Divine New Human. Each of us requires making our own personal adjustments in order to be harmonized, recalibrated and vibrationally sound within and without for ourselves first, and then we shall be far more effective and valuable for being in service and support to humanity and the New World.

We have a task and we made a promise to make ourselves ready for the downpour of the new Codes of Light and of Love that will weave themselves into the temple of our beings, if we have created a clear container for them to enter into, in the months and year ahead, particularly on the 11-11-11 and the 12-12-12.

Personally it is important that I am certain of what I require to be a pristinely clear vessel of Love and Light in order that I am made ready to be "reset into the ocean of Light," as Metatron has so beautifully spoken of.

In addition, I have also become better apprised of the fact, that when we truly take care of ourselves, by our very actions we are taking care of all others. This to me now is an important aspect of being in service in an entirely new way.

The protocols for living in the New World are completely unique to the ones we have lived since we have taken on human form. We, as humans, have lived very unnatural lives. That will no longer be supported. The New World does not allow for any one of us to live against The Laws of Nature or the New Codes of Conduct. Each are a Divine and moral imperative for the New Human to embrace fully.

Knowing precisely what is called for and the ways in which to arrive there, (which is actually so much simpler, and clean than what we have to this point been conditioned for,) still requires our deep attention, curiosity, fluidity, a deeper surrender to the Great Spirit that we house inside the temple of our beings, a truthful and abiding love for Self and all others and a much greater capacity to fully embrace joy, happiness, harmony and peace. These are no longer just lovely words. They are a mandate for passage into the New World.

Only when we have 'prepared our mansion on Earth,' which is our Selves, will further Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth be passed on to any one of us. We must exhibit the attributes of each of the above. No longer are there corners or masks to hide behind. Everything is transparent now to those with eyes to see. We are being watched over carefully by Agents of Higher Consciousness, and there is a knowing of where to place the new keys, and when.

In closing, we have a responsibility for ourselves now to sustain the ways of our Higher Evolution and hold the frequencies of the greater bandwidths of energy that beckon us forth. We have a large task at hand, bringing Heaven to Earth, clearly through ourselves first, thus making us able to lend a solid hand to each other.

So for me, off I go for the rest of this month, (and more) to re-focus, recalibrate and solidify my own state of being so I may continue to enhance the new Divine Plan upon Earth and be in greater service upon the Path of Love to myself and all others in an even more effective manner. How about you? What are you up to?

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance.
May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

President of The World Puja Network, LLC