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Ride the Galactic Waves

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, and we greet you with great love and compassion. We acknowledge your courage as well as your willingness to be the anchor of these tremendous shifts and volatile changes that are occurring on your planet. There is much information coming forth from aware wise ones who are voicing their perception of what is happening at this time around the globe. We have also voiced our offering to you as you witness and assist the awesome transformation of consciousness and the birthing of a new reality.

The earth is moving and shifting to realign herself with the galactic center, the galactic equator and the great central sun. There are portals and vortices along the equator of your planet that must be aligned with the galactic center in order to shift and move into the higher dimensions. It has been over 11,000 years since the last perfect alignment. There are influences coming from your galaxy, the Milky Way, which are facilitating a tangible and intangible shift in the solar system and the planet as well as all humans. This is a transitional time that marks the close of one cycle and the beginning of the next stage of your evolutionary journey.

Even though you are witnessing these earth changing events, be aware that many are man made disasters manipulated to increase and intensify the natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and all forms of extreme weather, let us assure you that these are not as tragic as they could be. You as an awakening being are assisting in stabilizing these changes. You in partnership with the celestial realms of Light and Truth are integrating the phenomenal, the unprecedented, waves of change being presented to this dimension and timeframe.

The Sun’s solar activity continues to affect your Earth’s magnetic field adding to the influence of all these events. These solar activities are also influencing your magnetic energy field and consciousness. Envision yourself welcoming these gifts offered by the solar waves; allow these frequencies to strengthen the energy essence of who you are as a galactic being.  This physical reality is only one aspect of who you are as a multidimensional star being, a star being who rides the waves of galactic energies with ease and grace. Be the receiver and the anchor for what is being offered to your planet.  

You are becoming more and more aware of yourself as a celestial consciousness and energy body dwelling in your physical form. These universal energies are intensifying and as they do they are creating powerful activations and permanent shifts in perception. You are shifting and changing into a new type of conscious human, becoming a magnificent being of light, a new species of conscious galactic beings. Make it your daily practice to feed, nurture and strengthen your energy body with color and sound vibrations encoded with your intentions for balance and graceful expansion.

Imagine your energy body and field connecting with all of nature, drink in the energy offerings from the trees, the oceans, the sky, the stars, and the celestial orbs. Each one is presenting vibrations that expand your field, expand your knowing, that nurture and heal your energy field and essence. You will begin to sense yourself consciously absorbing the beautiful gifts of vibrations that the sentient beings are offering. Breathe this energy in, allow it to bathe and activate each cell of your physical body with transformation and more light.

The changes that are occurring are happening in rapid succession. Be aware that the first physical reaction to change or any significant event is to tense up and resist, even to drop into a frequency of fear and worry. Realize also that as an ‘energy being’ you tap into the collective field of humanity's intense fear. Humanity is feeling the stress as people push up against the walls of their imagined limitations. Humans are experiencing and translating what is occurring as alarming shifts that they do not understand.  Old patterns, paradigms and ways of looking at life are being uprooted and transformed. There is panic, shock, apprehension, alarm and dismay. They are unaware of this process of evolution that is taking place in the collective. 

Each individual is being invited to step out of their personal fear and the collective fear and embrace these tremendous changes. It is a time to honor yourself by stretching beyond your personal fears of any limitations. This is when your mastery comes in to action. This is the opportunity you came here to transform.  Remember that you are magnificent multidimensional star souls. You are powerful beyond measure. You are transformers of dense dysfunctional energy. 

Hold firm to the awareness of your magnificence as co-creator of your reality. It is important to hold a pure coherent frequency, to be the energetic tone of clarity and truth as the outer world undergoes this transformation, this shift of the ages. When there is chaos, fear, turmoil and confusion there is a call for awakening beings of light to step forward in their strength and anchor that light in the matrix. You can choose to vibrate with the chaos, fear, turmoil and confusion or vibrate clarity, gratitude, compassion and joy.

Remember that you can consciously focus your balanced energy, your love and compassion then offer that vibration in partnership with the celestial realms to all those who are experiencing great tragedies. Know that your loving energy is truly touching all those who are suffering. In a sacred dedicated act allow youself to be the voice that sounds their dismay and anguish, offer yourself as a vehicle and then feel the dense emotions and give them a sound with the intention to clear those vibrations from the collective. Always call forth a vibration of peace and love to replace what you have cleared.

This practice can be done often when you are feeling personally overwhelmed by what you are witnessing. Use all your tools of awareness, prayer, sound and energy work. You are a transformer of dense emotional energy, your heart awareness together with your willingness in the moment can and does transmute the vibrations of fear, terror, grief and anguish that is being generated by those who are experiencing these tragic events.

The best way to ride the rapids of these changes is to surrender…relax into trust, take deep breaths often, stay in your heart awareness, stay in your gratitude and welcome the light waves of cosmic energy that are bathing this planet and your consciousness. It is important that you remain poised and balanced as you experience these incredible and intense changes within your own personal field, in your life events and as you witness the events occurring around the world.

Remember who you are and know without a doubt that you are masters, magnificent multidimensional beings. This is the time for you to shine with the truth and offer this truth to all. This is why you are here, to transform and transmute any limiting dysfunctional energy by holding a coherent frequency of harmony and peace.  When you anchor and envision an uplifting parallel reality you call it into being.

Smile and if possible even laugh at your fears; give your fears and concerns to the Light of Transmutation. Be willing to allow the changes and expect incredible miracles to occur in your life and affairs even when your seeming reality is falling apart.  Remember to hold a pure coherent emotion of love, compassion, gratitude and appreciation within your heart portal. This action on your part will support and assist the best and the brightest results. Request the presence of the Divine Forces and together radiate the vision of the highest and most joyous manifestation for all. We offer you our support, assistance and deep love and appreciation for your work and service to the whole. Remember all is well and more.  The ‘team’

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