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Sourcing Life ... From human being to source beings

by Soleira Green

I love human beings I think we're diverse, unique, incredible creators of wonders beyond compare! We can use anything ... wood chips, fountains, plastic bottles, paper clips, watermelons (just a few of the creations I've seen in the last week) ... to create brilliance and beauty. Yes, it can be argued that we create messes too, but maybe those messes are another form of super creation that offer us new potential and possibility. I love our resilience, creativity, awe and daring in the face of the most beautiful planet and cosmos we could ever imagine!

Right now, we're shifting from individual human beings to connected, super conscious, extraordinarily unique, collective beings. In short, from human beings to source beings.

We're going through cosmosis, absorbing new frequencies and energies that are transforming us from the inside out. We're realising and enhancing our interconnectedness ... discovering ourselves as an integral part of the cosmicious fabric of Life, all made up of the dust of stars and imbued with the consciousness of forever! We're listening to the call of the limitless beyond, dancing in the MORE that Life can be. Creativity floods our world as we develop a new relationship with the wonders of the impossible made real.

In this new high vibe, we're learning the art of sourcing Life, discovering how to ...

* find grace beyond reaction,
* aliven people and exhilarate potential,
* unleash the genius that is ours to bring through,
* absorb learning and connect with the knowledge of all time,
* source Life magically, turning things out in extraordinary new ways!

I believe we have passed the point of no return. We are no longer small human beings with problems to solve. We're creational, sourceful beings with powerful contributions to make. It's time to lay down the science of psychology and step into an era of collective knowing, genius creation and emotion as the fuel for forward momentum. It's time to reorient to the greatness of ourselves and to the wondrous opportunities we offer ourselves to grow and evolve, individually and as a world.

2012 is a new era, a new time, a new world! We're starting into a new love affair with the Earth and the cosmos. There's no better time to take the leap into the wonders of you, us and all. Thrill to the joys of creating Life as it can be. Leap into the passions and visions you carry within you. Learn to source the brilliance of us all. This is it! This is why you came! This is the game you wanted to dance within. It's all here for us now. Time to dive with great glee into the art of sourcing Life for us all!

The Visionary Network 

Soleira Green is passionate about transforming, alivening and evolving our world and everything on it.  She loves pressing the edges of consciousness creation with other super players around the world.  She’s wildly in love with the cosmos and its awesome, majestic, generative Life power.  What is possible for us, as a super conscious collective, sourcing Life into brand new, limitless possibilities?  This is the dance of Creation and it's where she loves to play!

Soleira is a co-founder of the Visionary Network and, together with great people all over the world, has created a unique body of work that's based on vibrant energetics, alivening presence, source being, magical creation, wild organic abundance and miraculous possibilities.  They train visionary coaches, world-changing creators, aliveners, consciousness shifters and players in the greater game.