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Take your glorious place

By Sharon McErlane

This message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers is in response to people who wrote, asking how to work with the Net of Light. They want to connect with others on the Net and be part of the nightly work of strengthening the Net of light that is holding the earth steady during these unsteady times.

"These are the times of change we have spoken of for years," the Grandmothers said. "They have now come , and you have a part to play. Do not miss this opportunity”.

"Your sisters and brothers stand with you all over the earth. They hold the radiant Net of Light and through the love within their hearts, magnify its power and reach. Join them. Begin by thinking of the Net of Light as a great fishing net. Then walk forward and take your place on it. The Net of Light reaches over, under and throughout the earth, covers and penetrates all bodies of water, landmasses, and beings, so if you wish to be of service at this time, there is no greater act you can perform. The Net of Light holds the earth. It will hold the world steady while the energies on earth shift and the old, no longer useful energy cracks off. Somewhere where two of its strands come together is a place that will feel right for you. Sit down there and let the Net hold you. There you can truly rest. Relax in the Net and as you do, you will notice it is the light within your own heart that lights the Net. Counter to what you may have been told, the heart is pure, it is love, it is light. The Net of Light is lit by the jewel of the heart. Let light flow forth from your heart now, into the Net of Light.

"And here is the miracle," the Grandmothers said, warming to their topic. “At the moment you choose to serve by thinking of sending light from your heart into the Net of Light, a great surge of light from the Net pours into your heart. The moment of giving and the moment of receiving are the same moment! Each time you think of, cast, and magnify the Net of Light, YOU receive more. This is how the Divine works. There is no shortage in the divine plan—all is expansion, fullness, and fulfilment.

"As you think of and hold the Net of Light, experience it reaching everywhere, especially to areas and situations on earth where there is suffering. Magnify the power of the Net by simply thinking of it and then hold it. Hold, hold, hold. Think of casting the Net to those who need a connection with the Divine. Cast to the entire human family—to people everywhere. Cast to the leaders of this world, asking them to remember their place in the radiant Net. Cast to everyone who is seeking the Divine. We promise the Net of Light will draw each one to her/his perfect pathway to divinity—the pathway most fitting for him or her.

"Cast to the animal kingdom, asking that each animal receive whatever it most needs. Cast to the plant kingdom. Cast to the mineral kingdom. Cast to everything that lives. Ask that everyone in all the worlds be happy,….and this, of course, includes you.

"Take your place on the Net of Light now. Do not delay. You will bless the earth and as you do, you will be filled with radiance. Do not delay. The time is now. Take your glorious place."