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The Art & Science of Being

By Soleira Green

Evolution is about growing our beingness, both individually and collectively. The art of being is about how we individually become and live as that being. The science of being is about how we work transformatively, collectively and even miraculously as we evolve beingness for us all.

Over the past decade, we've been evolving ourselves as individuals and collectively. It's an awesome thing that's happening right now. We're creating, living and becoming a new level of being,
moving from ...


human being ~personality, persona, the accumulation of this life's experienceset in a
frameworkof learned beliefs and human potential


through ...


greater being ~ the core of who we really are, the accumulation of many lifetimes of experience (both on and off this planet) set in a framework of collective potential that stretches beyond the human experience


to ...


the evolution of being ~ the potentiality for beingness itself to evolve and for us to co-create our collective potential to be something far greater than our wildest imaginings.


Experience has shown me that evolving your own being doesn't take years of learning and wisdom. Instead it's about ...

  • connecting to things greater than yourself,
  • being willing to dance with potentiality
  • always looking beyond what's known to what's yet possible for us all and
  • absorbing increasing levels of vibrational frequency for evolutionary creation.

Beingness grows with an increase in vibrational frequency, so evolving yourself can beas simple as being willing to take in new energy and step into ever increasing levels of yourself and your purpose, passion and potential.


I work with people to grow their beings. It's more than just fulfulling who we are and why we're here. It's about co-creating the evolution of us all. I call this 'the science of being'.

The science of being is about working in and as consciousness, bringing ever increasing levels of potentiality into motion. It's about operating as your fullest being with the ability to understand, explore and source beingness and consciousness. It’s about generating high vibrational frequency and causing it to be available for everyone for the creation of reality and physicality.

I believe that all illness, trauma and upset is your being calling you to a next level of yourself. Healing or fixing the problem is no longer enough. To truly transform, we need to dive into the biggest potentiality that's on offer and step into the evolution of being, yours and ours, to source the optimum outcome for all.

In the last two years, we've entered the realm of the miraculous as we call more and more of our full beingness present. We are learning how to source our own well-being and the very nature of physicality for ourselves.

And more than that, we are stepping into a new possibility for human beings that has not existed before. We are sourcing a collective leap that is extraordinary ... and every single being on planet Earth is becoming that leap right now. You can see it all around you if you look with evolutionary eyes .....

We're not buying into the fear of recession. Instead we're living into a new creation of global abundance.

We're not falling into a pit of despair over the human condition. Instead we're willing to see who people really are, seeing beyond the personality to the truly amazing being they really are.

We're not losing ourselves in a world of challenges. Instead we're diving with glee into the world of potentiality and all that it can offer us all.

We're no longer wandering around as lost individuals searching for answers that constantly elude us. Instead we're forming brilliant relationships with a newly emerging collective consciousness that offers us greater understanding, limitless knowing and brilliant insights into living as greater beings.

Do you understand how truly miraculous this is? In just one single decade we've moved from human beings through greater beingness into the evolution of beingness for us all! That's incredible ... and the best part of it is that it's such a blast!

Serious and significant is a thing of the past. Fun, passionate co-creation is the thing of the moment as together we discover the rich beauty of our collective becoming.


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