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By Julie Umpleby

Diamond Light World has created some very special gifts for you!

It is important in these energetic times to not only maintain physical health and relieve stress, but also to maintain the integrity of our energy fields. Many lightworkers are also finding it harder to keep their vibrational levels high as we are faced with the enormity of the collective shadow which is resulting in waves of fear-based energy coming forward to be healed. While we have many tools at our disposal, it can at times be difficult to hold the higher vibrations without enlisting some external help and support. We all know the importance of looking after ourselves and regular treatments or sessions with others can be expensive.

With this in mind, we have created the DIAMOND LIGHT CODE ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS as a downloadable tool for you to use on a daily basis. These 5-6 minute sessions will help you to shift into a higher vibrational state and with daily use will strengthen your core ability to maintain this state. Not only this, but working with the Diamond Light Codes in this way also helps you to connect with the Diamond Light Grid, further strengthening this energy body which is a vital part of our evolving energy fields.

The Diamond Light Codes have been seen to produce a holographic field that extends approximately 3-4 feet around the image. The images themselves represent aspects of living consciousness that are associated with the vibrations of numerous ascended masters, and many individuals have had the experience of actually connecting with enlightened master energy through working with the codes. Further, the power of the Light Codes has been seen clairvoyantly as flames of light and confirms the alchemical, transformative effect they actually bring into our energy fields.

The Diamond Light Codes are here to remind us and re-connect us with our own mastery and with our true core essence, and these very special transmissions deepen our experience of this. We know that all of life is energy and we can transform our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state with a change in energy.

"Many thanks for these transmissions - what can I say, awesome!".  
Something realigns my energy when I connect with this "stuff" & this time it happened when I opened your April email, that is even before I went on to the web site. I have been priveledged enough to be connected to some very high beings, Angels & Galactic healers of 100% pure light but this is way beyond those. I dont know what it is but it is very positive. 
Thanks a million for making this available, you are truly wonderful"
Love Christine

There are many benefits of working with the Diamond Light Code Transmissions, including :

 - It requires no special effort on your part! All you have to do is sit for 5-6 minutes and watch the transmission and you will automatically be bathed within the holographic projection of the energy field. The Light itself enters through your eyes, helping to re-code the body, the affirmations provide a mental input and helps to shift thinking and the music is programmed to enhance the benefits as well as supporting the re-programming.

- Ease of Access. By having the downloaded transmission to hand on your computer you no longer have to wait for appointments  to have an energy balancing session if you are feeling out of sorts or off centre. You simply load up your media player, sit back and allow the codes to do their work!

- anybody can use them. You don't need to be an energy worker or know what they are in order to experience the benefit

- each transmission is comprised of a special selection of 5 Light Codes that work synergistically, enhancing the overall effect

- the codes 'speak' in the language of our Highest Self through patterns and geometry. We therefore don't need to figure anything out or sit in analysis, we simply need to allow the energy to synchronise withour fields.

- you can use them to assist clients in centreing their energy prior to any kind of treatment. This will enhance the benefits of further energy work, massage etc

- you can build up a library of transmissions that you can use to shift your vibrational space depending on whatever quality you want to attune to.

- and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are a daily gift from yourself to yourself !  It is an opportunity to meet with your Highest Self each day (schedule a meeting into your diary!)

You can experience the first very special  Diamond Light Code transmission for FREE. They have been coded to help awaken the sacred heart, connect with the energy of pure unconditional love, recall soul fragments, awaken deep and ancient wisdom and stimulate your joy!.

Simply click below to watch :


If you have a problem viewing the videos, please click on the link below to watch it on youtube

If you have enjoyed your experience, please feel free to email any comments to or leave them up on youtube. The more comments and views, the more others will be able to find the link and share in the experience creating a ripple effect. You may also freely share the above link with others, as long as acknowledgment of the source and this website DIAMOND LIGHT WORLD is provided.

There are also a number of specially encoded transmissions available to purchase as immediate downloads  : please click HERE

Julie can also create your own unique diamond light code transmission based on your specific requirements. These individually designed transmissions may be for personal use, to support group work you may be doing or simply to play in your environment to lift and shift the energy. Special commission work by request only. Please contact