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The Energy of Numbers

By Tina Biles

There has been a focus on 2012 for a long time now either as the end of the world or a new beginning depending upon your perspective.  Along the way there have been ‘auspicious’ dates marking the influx of particular types of energy.  However, I would like to throw this thought out for consideration.  Many of these dates have been incorrectly calculated; probably as those looking at the dates are not numerologists.  What do I mean?  Well, in numerology when calculating dates the year is reduced to a single number (or double if a master number i.e. 11, 22 etc.).  Thus 2010, for instance, is calculated as 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 3.  So you can see that this year the 10th October is not 10.10.10 but actually 10.10.3.  The principle of the doubling or tripling of the numbers increases the potency.

Does this matter?  In my view, yes it does and it doesn’t.  How many of you have felt that you are ahead of your times, that what you have been telling your students or discussing amongst yourselves seems to go over their heads only to reappear later, generally a couple of years or so?  Then everyone seems to agree but when you point out you were telling them this years ago they seem to have forgotten!

The way-showers have been picking up on the initial influx of the energy, in the case of the 10.10.10 energy this was in 2008 (2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10).  However, not enough people were ready at that time to fully experience the energies.  So now this year when the energies flow through expanding and extending many more are now ready to ‘catch up’.  So in ways you could look at it as being better late than never.

10.10.10 energies are about creativity, new starts, rebirth and the cosmos.  Think back to October 2008 what was happening your life then?  I know for myself at that time there was a major shift and a whole new selection of options for rebirth and new starts appeared.  Then as fast as they were put in front of me they all disappeared,  as if I was ready but all the other pieces in the puzzle were not there so the plan had to go ‘on hold’.  Following on from that point I, and a number of people I know in the spiritual field, were put into something of a retirement for the best part of a year.   We are still waiting for the new starts to actually begin, for all the other pieces of the puzzle and people to be in the right places.  So perhaps looking at the numerology incorrectly is giving the impression that we have plenty of time to reach a particular point when actually the start of that energy influx has already passed.

Ten is not, of course, a master number and so can also be reduced down to 1.  The energies of 1 being the self but also to unity and beginnings containing all possibilities.  Thus the 10 or 1 energy is a very powerful signal of rebirth and new beginnings starting with realignment of the self but leading on to unity with all that is.  One can also indicate isolation but the time for that is now over and the isolation needs to turn to unity.

In considering this year 10.10.3 the energies of the 10.10.10 still apply but they are varied and amended by the addition of the 3 energies.  Three represents creative power, growth and also everything as in past, present and future, beginning, middle and end and so on.  Within the frequency there is the capacity for growth and also it is a completion in itself.  In this year the 10.10.10 energy is expanded to provide the platform for creative thinking and also for us, at last, to be able to start to see the new ways that we can follow.

It seems to have been a very long time waiting for the time to arrive when we can start to make the very big changes.  Largely we have, and probably will still for a while, not be able to get our heads around the concepts as they are so new.  Once we have been able to let go of the old ways everything is now in place for us to begin to see these ways.

So perhaps it does not really matter exactly how we calculate the numbers as we are all in the ‘right’ place for each of use.  However, hopefully this has explained the energy flows in one way that may ring true for you.

Tina Biles

Bridges of Light Gathering are meeting on 10th October 2010 for the first physical Gathering including meditation, socialising, informal discussions and more.  If you are local bookings are being taken now.  If you are not local (Poole/Bournemouth area) perhaps you would like to join with us for the meditation or even start your own Gathering on that day and link with us in that way.  More details will be on the website and the meditation will shortly be going up on YouTube (details will also be on the website)

Tina is an Elemental Spiral Grand Master/Teacher, Usui Reiki Grand Master, Brahma Satya Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Animal Healer, Psychic surgeon,  Life Coach, Hopi Ear Candle therapist and is also qualified in a number of different forms of Reiki and other modalities. Her main work is using a lifestyle and healing system that she has developed called Elemental Spiral.  She holds an MSc in Holistic Therapies and is working on her PhD in Holistic Therapies together with holding a PGCE teaching qualification.

Tina Biles