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The Fifth Initiation: Monad Merger

By Lauren Carolyn Gorgo

Post-Equinox Effects

We are born.  The (really) hard work is over, and the heaviness is starting to lift.

You may still be feeling the discomfort from the birth itself, but if you’ve done the inner work, you are probably noticing that the challenges of this never ending process have been more manageable by day. If not, stay the course. If you keep yourself focused on yourself you will be absolutely shown whatever remains in the way of your sovereignty.

Even tho things are getting lighter, we are still having to maintain a firm resolve with regard to sustaining our very new way of BEing…mostly because it is still in its’ infancy stage…but according to my Source(s), that need will subside substantially this season as we continue to dedicate ourselves to bolting our feet into the new earth and creating with our magic again. As we do so, as we release any and all energies (thoughts) of victimization and replace them with our divine authority, we simultaneously free up and declutter the expansive, creative space of heaven residing within each and every cell of our being.

The sloughing off of our past, coupled with our new system upgrades and the wildly creative energies that we are now tapping into, means everything in and around our worlds (& bodies) will be changing dramatically.  As we uncover the many, multidimensional layers of our new true selves, we have the capacity now to see possibility in everything, and consequently, we will want to create our lives anew…in a big way.

LOVE is our new template.  Anything left in our lives that is not LOVE must go. No exceptions. All things not-of-LOVE, including our thoughts, not only feel wretched here, but they will be incessantly amplified like a divine highlighter showing us what needs to be faced, and/or eradicated…without reprieve. Nothing is ever done TO us, we create, miscreate and uncreate it all. Stepping into our power means taking full responsibility for what we think and how we feel…including and especially about ourselves…and putting those thoughts and feelings in action. This is the only way to freedom.

Most every lower-ego creation (stepping outside of our sovereign-selves) we encounter (read: reflect) requires one of two choices to heal the separation within: stepping up or letting go…putting up better boundaries and/or not crossing them. Projecting onto others (masculine expression) or allowing ourselves to be projected upon (feminine expression) are not welcomed (polarity) energies in 5D…and we all do both until we are self-realized.

We are Source, so each and every time we put any person or thing before ourselves and/or put blame on another person or external thing, we give our power away by creating separation (from Source) within.  It really is as simple as that. It always has been, the difference now is that it feels so dreadful to step outside of ourselves that we are forced to stay within the strict confines of our solidarity…otherwise we reap the backlash and spiral quickly out of control. We have moved beyond duality but our participation is still required to stay in unity. Translation: each time we engage in habitual dualistic thoughts and behaviors, we will get burned. The universe is uncompromising in its integrity, and so must we be…ultimately we ARE the universe.

The paradox is that we are only really able to see beyond ourselves, when we are impeccably, self-centered…likewise, when WE are the center of our universe, only then can we really be of service to the universe itself.  And yes, this goes against every fiber of our conditioned being, our lower ego, our upbringing, society, religious backgrounds, etc, etc…and yes, continually putting ourselves first more times than not makes us look like a total douchebag to those who still abide by karmic law/duality/separation.  No matter, after a couple of uncomfortable stings you’ll prefer being a douchebag over a doormat any day.

Staying out of separation consciousness is our full time job right now and this means continually keeping these two (m/f) polarized energies (you versus me) balanced in ALL our relationships. This straight and narrow path is required to ascend, which means we can neither be too passive, nor too aggressive…too giving or too taking…too open or too closed…too rigid, or too flexible…too accepting, or too rejecting…too creative, or too structured…etc. We just can’t be “too anything”.

Balancing both of these masculine & feminine expressions of self is the high wire act that I referred to in my last blog post…that which demands an enormous amount of discipline, self LOVE, and emotional responsibility…but this neutrality (realizing that both expressions of energy are the flip side of the same coin) is the only key to unlock those pearly gates…which we are all lined up at, waiting our turn enter.  Where we are in the line (front, back or middle) depends only on the degree to which we are able to remain unwavering in our God-power, that which comes from LOVEing ourselves so completely.

We are ALL working this out on some level and in some area(s) of our lives…and likely we will continue to do so thru the upcoming Mercury retrograde/eclipse cycle…but luckily the post-equinox feelings of pure potential persuade us to not be dismayed by this. We are bolstered with the peace and understanding that this time will prove to be very valuable for each of us because deeply we know we have A LOT to grasp about the new/old us.  We are not only learning about our true capabilities as God-sovereign BEings, but we are going to be figuring out what to DO with them.  Remembering “do-ing”?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT sleeping.

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The 5th Initiation

For the last several years, those of us here to lead humanity to it’s destiny have been held in what felt like “suspended animation”… hibernating in a cocoon of stillness & protection while we underwent 5 specific, extensive and successive human/spiritual levels of initiation into the Christhood.

This path of initiation, or “ascension initiation” as it was explained to me in 2005, creates a gradual expansion in consciousness during which continual stages of unification eventually result from our mastery of:

  1. the physical body
  2. the emotional body
  3. the mental body
  4. the spiritual body
  5. matter

…in that order, but not necessarily in a linear way.

Because most of these initiations are/were supremely condensed, very subtle, mostly muddled…and because they are generally cyclical, simultaneous and ongoing in nature…it was never really clear to me when one was taking place. Except the very first one 8O .

For a lot of you out there, the first initiation began in or around 1999 at the commencement of “Day One” of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle (according the Mayan Calendar). For me specifically, this time period represented the beginning of an INTENSIVE (read: nightmarish) biological purification period…one that I am not sure ever really ended…that erupted out of a spontaneous Kundalini activation and slowly overtook every aspect of my life & body with wave after wave of purifying fire.

And now…after 14 years (give or take 12,000+ more) from that particular and concentrated galactic cycle…I am told that we just tripped the 5th initiation switch on the 9/22 equinox.

The council calls this initiation: “The Monad Merger”…which results in the mastery of/over matter.

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