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The Forever Downloads

From human beings to forever beings -- by Soleira Green 

Forever Realm

Forever is a place of ultimate wonder, of limitless creation.  It's a place with no form and therefore no certainty.  It exists in a forever state of creation where all possibilities and realities can play out simultaneously and be remade with a wisp of a thought.  In the forever realms, every consciousness is a being and every being is a god force creator, forever new and always ageless.  There is no ancient because there is no past.  There is no future because there is no time or destiny or anything that would capture reality into a permanent, or even forward projected state.  In the forever realms, anything can be remade at any time and in any direction.

In the forever realm, no being is static because every being holds every possibility.  Identity is irrelevant because there's no attachment to anything.  Any being can remake itself, undo itself, rebirth itself and regender itself at any moment in time.  And even in the case of gender, there are not just two options -- that's a part of the human design.  In the forever realms, there are as many genders as there are stars in the sky.  As many realities as the imagination to think them up.  One is not stuck in a continuous stream of a continuous dream.  Everything is always morphing, being remade, being played with for new possibilities.  Forever beings are constantly and forever in motion towards the newest versions of possibility.

A forever being is an energetic being that, until now, has never been in physical form before.  Forever beings are not trapped by history, by past mistakes, learning, cultural influences, etc.  Freedom isn’t a concept for them since there is nothing but complete and utter freedom on every level available to them all the time.  They are free flowing beings with enormous potential to expand, exponentialise, and grow -- one into another into more.  A forever being can individualise, but that’s more of a human concept than a forever form.  To a forever being identity is irrelevant as the orientation to creation and possibility is paramount.

From Human Being to Forever Beings

The human race is morphing – evolving -- becoming something more and new.  We’re being downloaded with forever being’ness and infused with limitless energy sources.  We know we are not just physical bodies on a tiny planet.  We see ourselves as citizens of the Cosmos, lovers of discovery, curious agents of magical creation -- taking our world into vast new horizons.  We are shifting as a human race of individual beings to a vast array of collective creations and cosmicious potentials.  We are becoming forever beings able to source reality from a completely new forever design.  The Forever Realm is a playground for creation, a treasure land of discovering the forever you and the forever us.  The presence of forever on Earth offers a new template for the future of our world as a genius loci (deity of place) for a new god realm of possibility.

Many people on Earth now live as forever beings, perhaps without even knowing it yet.  Many are growing into this more and more every day as the human race morphs itself into forever beings in a new design of physical reality.

How will this change us?

(1)     As a forever being, the concept of death is non-existent.  A forever being is FOREVER!   A morphable, ever-changing form of creation without anything ever being lost.  Everything a forever being does is a gift of creation, a contribution to the ever growing consciousness of a species, a world, and a cosmos!

(2)    A forever being lives within limitless possibility, seeking change and creation constantly and always.  This re-orients us to the ever streaming NEW and not to the static past.

(3)    We will no longer be addicted to the search for self identity.  Instead we will celebrate ourselves as limitless beings of enormous wonder and capacity.   We will at long last step beyond psychological processing into the realms of pure creation and know that we can be anything we choose to be from this moment on.  We are not fixed, not limited, not identified by our past.  Instead we will be constantly morphing, limitless in nature, and identified by our creational capacity in a myriad of wonderful and unique new ways.

(4)    We will no longer be trapped by belief because even that will be a forever morphing creation based on our own expansive experiences with Life, with ALL, and with the greater forces that shape us.  Imagine a world not stuck in any belief or faith or story – a world that experiences itself in every moment from the vast expansiveness of Creation.

(5)    We will embody a new way of connecting with one another, as a super conscious collective, engaging with potentiality and possibility in new co-creational ways.

(6)    We’ll move from a mind-centred, memory-oriented intelligence  to everyone having easy access to infinite intelligence, the streaming flow of forever knowledge , wisdom and knowing.


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