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The Great Shift, September Equinox 2012

By Soluntra King

The Equinox was huge, a shift so big on the inner planes and higher dimensions and filtering down fast into our every day reality in the physical plane.

On the Equinox the Sun of Draco activated the Cosmic Egg in Lake Taupo that had been held there since the beginning of Earth. It birthed the New Earth into dimensions that are accessible to many now as it filters down in the physical plane. The fact that this happened means that the Earth shifted her axis completely. She has been shifting subtly for along while now but the signs show we have done it on the sixth dimension.  

It depends how ready humanity are in its timing as it anchors into the physical realm. But it's already happened for those with open hearts that can access their Christ conscious self. The celebration is on and we are the guardians and Ancient Ones returned.




The exact time of the Equinox here was 2.38am on Sunday morning 23rd September but I needed to connect from Noon on the Saturday 22nd, then sunset, sunrise and noon on the Sunday.

So on Friday morning 21st September I set out on my journey to the Central Plateau from the eastern Bay of Plenty where I live. As I drove around the eastern side of Lake Rotoma on the way to Rotorua I saw the Galactic Federation light ships in the clouds. They told me they would be with me for whole trip, and when they come along on one of my journeys I always know its going to be something big in the Bigger Picture realms concerning the shift in cycle.

I stopped just out of Taupo at my favourite hot pools first before driving down the side of the lake towards Turangi at the southern end of Lake Taupo, which is the biggest volcanic crater lake in the world.
The volcano that created the crater lake exploded around 26,500 years ago was the world's largest known eruption in the past 70,000 years, an 8 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. That is the time the Earth shifted its axis last time and the end of the cycle and beginning of the one we are in, or have been in as we are shifting again at the end of a 26,000 year cycle.

I stopped at my favourite vortex area just off the highway and with two rocks in the water looking up to Mt Tahara at the northern end and Mt Ruapehu in the south. I had done a lot of work over the years here alone and with groups I had organized. And the Ancient Ones greeted me and the Golden Solar Disc there that was in the other dimensional realms of the great crater lake was humming.  This place is major Earth chakra point and vortex and I was told on the inner that I would come back tonight in a soul travel.


As soon as I lay my head on the pillow in my motel room at the bottom of Lake Taupo and with Mt Pihanga over looking me nearby, the great spinner wheel and Mt Ruapehu nearby I felt the Dragons come and take me away. I flew into the Light City over the lake and there was a celebration about the New Earth. As I tuned in and wrote about it the next morning which was Saturday 22nd September, first light time. They told me 'that the foundations will be fully anchored with this equinox and that I need to do work to assist with this today and sunrise tomorrow. By noon again on Sunday it will be set and the Draco doorway open fully for the new light codes to come through that are required for the full filaments of light to start the process of integrations'.

They told me 'not to concern myself with stories of earth changes and what might be, or not be with tidal waves, waters over land and whatever else people say they are getting messages about. These are fluffing the feathers of the bird tribe and none of it will come to pass on the New Earth, it's just the old Earth and those who hold on will feel what they are creating. It is written in the Stars that Earth will ascend and move in peace and harmony. That the shift of axis is happening with ease and grace and that the land that tips and goes under the sea is in the third dimension only. The worlds have merged for some to see, but most will stay fixed in the limitations. They will move over after death into the New Earth but for you and those like you the move will be physical and with clear sight and ease. Today is most important dearest'.


I then get into my car and drive to the car park for the walk up into the bush to Lake Rotopomanu, it is not far away on the road that leads up to Mt Ruapehu. I walk up track with the beautiful ferns and native trees standing sentinel and the devas and nature spirits happy in their lush forest. The light is streaming through the gaps in the leaves and shinning onto the tree trunks and into the undergrowth, such an ethereal and serene scene to be walking in. I was on a mission as I needed to get to the lake before noon so had to keep walking. I finally got to the crest of the hill and where the track that circles the lake meets; I had a choice to go right or left. I had already decided to follow the left path as it took me down to the shore of the lake and with a full view of Mt Pihanga in the north. I walked onto the sand edged with trees and the sun was shinning down on this beautiful spring day.

I connect at noon and I am taken on the inner planes up to Mt Pihanga and with the ancestors and star beings, light beings and ETs. There we dance in the stars and I am told ‘that the New Earth is in my heart and that last night I also went to the core of the volcano in Lake Taupo, the crater of the huge volcano. The Ancient Ones there existed before it was created and for aeons it was a mountain under the ocean. A Sirian Star Base that was there has moved into the higher dimensions’.

I felt to pray to be of service at this equinox and for healing for myself as well. Then I leave the lake and walk back the short distance to the track around the lake. The trees and ferns with the sun filtering through is magical and I linger and give thanks to Mother Earth, the Devas and Nature Spirits for allowing me in their sacred space. The track leads me to a great Kauri tree and I hugged and connected to it. I had been thinking about Physical Immortality one of my goals in this life and wether it is divine will or my will to be in that space. The tree tells me ‘to surrender to it all and that I am a shape shifter, I can be anything I want to’. I think of the times when I have shape shifted spontaneously and it had been obvious to others or I had seen the different me's in the mirror.

As I connect to the tree again I send healing thoughts and energies to it and through it to all trees in this forest, and out to all trees on Earth. Then walking along further to dead tree trunk that has fallen over the water suspended in air like a bridge that goes nowhere. This is where that I did the star chakras with Equinox March 2010 and went up to spinner wheel and was given my Iridescent Light Body. I go and stand on it and it feels amazing, I give thanks and feel so blessed. I do the star chakras standing up and breathing in the Inner Earth Sun and Ra Light of the Second Sun.

Then I continue to the long beach at the southern end of the lake and do the Liquid Light Plasma, Golden Light Body and Earths and the into the Diamond Light Matrix, as I had done every day for the last month to assist to balance the energies through the Earth and to integrate the solar flares and earth changes gently through the Diamond Light Matrix. It was so peaceful and the water so still and clam. I was not able to move for some time as if clued to the sand and the serene space I was in with the warm golden solar rays caressing me. I lie down and surrender to it all as I relax and allow myself to just be in the Sun for awhile until I get the nudge to get up and complete the lake walk and get up to mead Wall on Mt Ruapehu.


I drive past Mt Tongariro, it had just exploded again and some new vents created a few weeks ago, then past the stunning cone shaped Mt Ngauruhoe and up to Mt Ruapehu. There was snow still on all three volcanoes and on this sunny weekend there were hundreds of people that had come up to the ski fields. As I drive up the road to the ski shops, huts and chairlifts there is an exodus of cars coming down the mountain the other way after a day skiing on the slopes. I park and look up at Mead Wall surrounded in snow, it looks beautiful. As I walk up the road then across the snow covered rocks and tussock grass to the bottom of the wall, I look back behind me at a beautiful pink sky. The Sun had not set yet, not for another hour but the way the clouds are layered has made the sunlight already magenta pink, the colour of love.


As I sit by the wall the doorway opens and I see the Second Sun and Draco is right here, not through the higher dimensions as before. When I was here last for the March Equinox 2010 as all the dimensional worlds were merging, I went through a whole process of hyper-dimensional doorways which had quiet an impact on my physical and emotional bodies until I arrived without planning at Draco. As I always just allow what ever is to take place in divine will. Now for this September Equinox 2012 the Sun in front of me setting and there was a Sun behind me through the dimensional doorway of the wall. 

I was told on the inner 'the Second Sun aligns to the Sun; the doorway opens all this equinox. All the work you and others have done has shifted the template. The old paradigm dramas and fears are now able to recalibrate and clear quickly from all who hold them if they choose.

The quickening has just quickened immensely. You are here again as at the March Equinox 2010 the dimensional worlds merged. Now the suns merge. The Earth is becoming a Sun, all the old dross is falling off as it illuminated from within, the New Earth has anchored into the sixth dimension.

When it anchors in the fifth dimension on the December Solstice, that’s when the changes really occur internally in humanity as they become their own guides and listen to their hearts’. 

The sixth dimension where we come from Christ consciousness and a truly open heart, where we are masters of our molecules and there are many already on this planet resonating at these frequencies of Light. On the December Solstice we will anchor the New Earth fifth dimensionally, and many are at this level of consciousness now, where we go within for all guidance and do not seek anything outside our self anymore.


I was up at 5am and jumped in the car to drive up around the west side of Lake Taupo to view the Sun rising. It was already light and I found a great lookout on a hill overlooking the lake and directly opposite where the Sun would come up. The sky was a beautiful pink and the lake so still, I could see the southern end of the lake, but it is so vast that I cannot see the northern end, just Mt Tahara way in the distance that stands sentinel over Taupo.

As I wait I start to write ‘as the Sun and Moon are one on the New Moon each month, twice a year at the equinox all is one; night and day equal. Sun up and down equal the balance of the equinoxes and allows great light and change to take place.

This equinox is so important for the anchoring of the New Earth into the sixth dimension with the foundations into the fifth dimension as Solstice arrives and anchors more fully into the physical. The Galactic Federation and Legions of Light are here with you at this great vortex to anchor the New Earth already with the 6th, 5th, 4th dimensions as this is the seed place of Earth for the higher dimensional realms.’ 

Then the Sun rises and I am so over joyed to see it I have tears of joy rolling down my face. As I drive back to where I am staying I stop at several places to take photos, as there is a mist over the water of the lake and with the Sun rise light it looks amazing.

When I get back to my accommodation I have a hot pool soak and see on the inner planes there is Cosmic Egg in Lake Taupo that is birthing, that it is bigger and more important than Cosmic Egg from Cheops! 
I have been into Cheops twice, the first time I spent three days in the Kings Chamber in 2002. When I came out at the end of each of the days I wondered where all the tourists were as I saw hundreds of people and lots of coaches, and realised I was in another dimension there. When I first arrived at Cheops the guards recognised me and one came up into the Kings Chamber after I had been on a journey in the solar barque through the celestial Nile to the temple of immortality. He had invited me into the sarcophagus and I received incredible light code upgrades through my kundalini and DNA. Then we did mudras and toned together as I saw us as Pharaoh and Queen, Orion and Isis on the inner worlds. The guard also unlocked the door to the tunnel into the Queens Chamber and left me there locked in and in the dark for quiet some time, then comes back and let me out.

Since I had received the codes there one of my missions had been when prompted by the Dragons and in Divine Will, and when with a group to take everyone back into the Kings Chamber on the inner planes. Aware of the marriage of Isis and Sirius as the light comes into the Kings Chamber and strikes the seated pharaohs penis. Then down into the Queens chamber the union of them creates the Cosmic Egg that hold the creation light codes. This cosmic egg has then been transported on the inner with our energies to only three places in the in the world so far and has been anchored at places of the New Earth. 

The Ancient Ones from Lake Taupo speak; ‘you have received codings for the Cosmic Egg on Lake Taupo and it tells of the time before the Earth was formed, and the time when the Earth is now to become a star. This is what is happening now. Your understanding of the Cosmic Eggs is now to be heightened to deeper levels.

The Cosmic Eggs were placed in space by the Creator Gods and then from the egg life started to form. This was at the beginning of creation. Just as the Dragons left eggs at certain Dragon Lair places and you have worked with these and the light codes they hold that create the Divine Blueprint. In the bigger picture the Cosmic Eggs hold the divine blueprint even more fully, The Cheops eggs that have been anchored at three places so far and anchoring New Earth codings are increasing the light in those places. That is only because the humans there can handle this, and does not mean that they have to be spiritual but have a good heart.

Now the Cosmic Egg in Lake Taupo holds the codes of the New Earth to be anchored into the fifth dimension, this is why you have come here to anchor this through your body in the physical. The Ancients have brought forth the cosmic egg in Lake Taupo now as this is the right timing’.


I had been told last night at sunset at Mead Wall to come back in a Soul Travel and to be there for the time of the equinox which was 2.38am. So after my sunrise experience and before I headed off for the day again I tuned into the soul travel and what unfolded.

I go through the Sun on the other side the dimensions have merged so that the I no longer have to move through hyper dimensions but through all dimensions at once without any delay. The Sun there is the Draco Sun; this shows me how much the axis has shifted as the new North Star is Thuban in Draco has returned on the inner worlds for now.  I am told on the inner ‘we are showing you how much it has shifted. For most they will not understand, but we know you do dear dragon goddess and multi-dimensional being of light. Do not bother with all the alarmists and their earth changes scenarios it has happened already’.

As I go through the Sun of Draco I hear the trumpets playing and there are Dragons everywhere flying around excited. I was so exciting as well and had tears of joy, not just because I know that the Sun coming up meant the Earth is still whole and here, but I was so grateful and it meant we had made it. But that we have made it even bigger than we think as far as the axis shift is concerned and now aligned through Draco. I was told on the inner ‘the Sun of Draco shines from the ninth dimension so many may not see, or be aware, but this is not for you to concern yourself with, the shift has happened!’.

This union has been challenging with the 11;11 doorway that opened  in January 1992 and from the first 12:12 doorway opening 12th December 1994 it has been highs and lows, pain and joy, love and fear, with the union of opposites and the merging into the higher light octaves in our body, opening our body of light more fully with each unification. The initiations through the chakras and the unification of inner/outer male and female, inner and outer parents, child, no longer focused on external love but internal bliss. The Thirteenth Gate was anchored in November 2009 on the higher realms and is coming into being now.

As the shift has taken place on the higher dimensions it still needs to integrate into the physical plane and so that is still a journey for many, but it will be quick. Unlike for some of us wayshowers who have been cutting the way through the jungle for 30 odd years and more and all the amazing beings before us. As it anchors now we have the unification of inner male and female, the battle is over for those who have transformed themselves already and peace within found. 

No more games, the sexual energy is now free to ascend the chakras and central channel, into Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer as we reunite with our ancestors and the fear and love, the life and the death become one as we move beyond duality and into the higher dimensional matrix of Light. The journey is within the self, the Earth, the Solar System, one with the Sun as the Second Sun returns, doorway to the New Earth, the Galaxy, into the centre, no breathe, Galactic Centre, cross over point, the stillness, the black hole where all is manifest.

As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 26 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.

Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heaven, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The Cosmic Egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now. 

Now the Cosmic egg was not from Cheops as that one was in the last cycle and old paradigm, but came from the great crater of the new land, New Zealand and place of first light.

A good friend of mine who I have often worked with in Mexico, Egypt and Peru on sacred mission contacted me after I got back from my equinox journey to tell me he was at Chitzen Itza, in Mexico for the equinox to watch the shadow of the serpent descend down the sides of the pyramid of Kukulkan. That was built by the Mayans who understood all that is unfolding and left the pyramids and temples aligned to the Central Sun Alycone and Venus and the moon at this time of the great shift. 

He meet a lady who had a spontaneous kundalini fire flow up her central channel there and he experienced being in the all that is, that which is beyond words. I too had my initiation at Becan ‘the pathway of the serpent’, sacred site in the pyramid of the Sun in 1995. When I was at the June Solstice 2012 with a group I had organised, the underworlds unified and merged and we moved out from beyond them. Another time I was there in 2008 Ophiuchus was anchored there through a star alignment. 

My friends experience confirmed what had taken place and that we have opened the doorway through our heart. That the winded serpent Quezlcoatal has risen, the Christ consciousness of humanity and our heart chakra and doorway wide open. At the March Equinox 2001 I was at the temple of Quezlcoatal at Teotihuacán as the Christ energy rose out of the Inner Earth Sun and into our consciousness fully. This is also when the Second Sun came into human consciousness more fully, as the twin returns and merges with our Sun to open the doorway of the New Earth. 
See my Handbook of Ra for details.


I was guided to come back for noon on Sunday after the sunrise of the equinox and drove up the mountain with all the other people. There were hundreds of them scattered over the mountain skiing as it was near the end of the ski season and it was a beautiful sunny weekend. It did not bother me as no one was where I needed to be, at Mead Wall. As I found my spot to sit on a rock out of the snow by the wall a green Dragon comes to me and suddenly it is all on. 

The Sun from Draco behind the hyper dimensional doorway wall shines into the Cosmic Egg at Lake Taupo and it cracks open and millions of baby dragons fly out. They go into the Golden Solar Disc in the lake and receive the codes there. Then they fly into the Solar Grid and out to the Golden Solar Discs great and small around Earth. There are ones under the illuminati headquarters and other such bases, military installations and Middle Earth hideouts. The little Dragons activate the latent codes and anything not of divine Dragon energies implodes or explodes.

The divine Dragon energies are working for the creation of the New Earth. Just as the Dragons created the old Earth to be habitable, now they are creating the New Earth. This time not with the crystals but with the Golden Solar Discs direct from the Source, light codes of the creations story aligning through the Suns and the Draco Sun. As I sat there clouds had come over but at noon right on queue the Sun pops out through a break in the clouds and shines on me.

The Solar Grid glows and the Golden Solar Discs sparkle. The central Golden Solar Disc is held in suspended animation by the Galactic Federation as it starts to really hum. Its spins and radiates and throws off a lot of nonsense energy of those deceivers, the world is getting a cleanse. Everything is spinning and glowing and the Reptilians and their puppets are getting thrown off. The Harrp machines are broken and those that have controlled them and used them against Mother Earth and humanity and all creatures move into what looks like a blender on full blast as their bits fly off. They are transmuted in the golden glow of the disc so that no tentacles remain to cause trouble later.

Lake Taupo spins and the vortex opens up more fully. The Ancient Ones ascend in a mothership and no longer hold energy there. They have completed. The Sun comes through Mead Wall from Draco and tells me there is no time and space, I embrace it love and feel free.

Suddenly all my obligations as well as patterns fly off me and I am left in my light, matrix of sound and light. I sing LUUUUUUUU HIYEEEEE MOOOOOO SHINNNN LA NC TAT KUURA MANA CUM SO LIN LE AH NOW HOOW

After some time I leave and drive down the mountain to a viewing mound and sit for some time honouring the three volcanic mountains at Mt Ruapehu and Tongariro and Ngauruhoe and attempt to integrate what’s happened. This has all transpired on the higher dimensional realms but is integrating into the physical as humanity shifts their consciousness and allows them selves to come from their heart.

Then I drive back to Lake Rotopomanu for one last connection with the lake and Mt Pihanga, giving great thanks and I am told to come back tonight in a soul travel. This was for my own personal unification and recalibration, but it is a powerful vortex for anyone who wishes to be there on the physical or travel there on the inner planes in a Soul Travel

Then I drive to Lake Taupo to the east side now as I watch the sunset by Mt Pihanga. It is so magical and beautiful and I am blown away by how from where I am it happens to set next to Mt Pihanga, so perfect as always.


The next morning, Monday September 24th on my drive home I stop again at the shore of Lake Taupo where I was for the sunset last night. The Ancients Ones say ‘they have departed and it is over to me and others like me now. We are the Ancient Ones returned. Those holding the beam have gone to the higher dimensional Earth and beyond this Universe to continue new seedings of creation.

We are in the New Earth now, fully in the sixth dimension which is visible to some. Those who open their hearts will see it and live in it. The rest do not have to wait long, if they so choose.

What began as a great experiment in seeding the void with life has come full circle. Life is seeding life, seeding life, seeding life. The Cosmic Egg here has had its first birthing there will be other layers of it. The Draco Sun is aligned now as the axis has shifted, that is why we did theLiquid Light Plasma work on the build up to the equinox, to assist the Inner Earth Sun to keep balance. You and all those assisting have succeeded.

In the bigger picture all is love and in harmony and what happens in the tiny speck of dust that is the Earth is balance being maintained even though on Earth that is aeons of time with dark and light cycles, earth changes etc. It is merely a speck of dust having its life cycle.


I had one last mission before I drive home and that is to go to the Temple of the Four Winds which no longer is a standing building. So I drive up past Taupo then head inland further west and drive to Benneydale to find the Temple of the Four Winds. I could not find it and asked at the local shop and service station. I had an idea it was back at the marae, but knew it did not matter that I did not need to find it. I just needed to be in the energy field and found out it was more than the Temple of the Four Winds. I was guided to drive up a dirt road not far out of the town and up into the hills, I thought if I was to build a temple it would be up high. I stopped the car had my picnic lunch then tuned in and discovered it was a different temple that I resonated to, that did not surprise me.


I was told on the inner; ‘the Temple of the Four Winds was once the Temple of the Six Elements, this was from the time of Mu and when you lived here/there. In more recent times it became the four winds but in the last golden cycle it was the five elements we know plus the RA source energy.

You were first initiated into the RA at the temple in this area and at that time it was an island in the ocean 400kms off shore. The Golden Solar Disc there was used to increase the rays of the Ra Light to be distributed out to those inhabitants of Mu and the Earth. The RA Light was working in different frequencies of light then and will never be the same again. You have been called here to connect once more to the six elements of the temple, as this is what is required now with the anchoring of the New Earth into the fifth dimension at Mt Titiroa. This is where I will be for the December Solstice. Mt Titiroa was the sister temple of the six elements and is now holding the golden Cosmic Egg given to you from Tibet by the Dalai Lama, as you know, as you brought it and anchored it there. This happened on the March Equinox 2009. We ask you to be here at the Temple of the Six Elements to anchor and hold the beam and send it to Mt Titiroa’. So I connect and allow the energies to come through me as they flow to Mt Titiroa in preparation for the December Solstice.’

If you are interested I am taking a group there, FOR  DETAILS PLEASE SEE 21. 12. 2012 AT PLACE OF FIRST LIGHT AND NEW EARTH


You are the light from the Source within you, through all your cells, DNA and energy bodies.

As you connect into your heart, the doorway of your unlimited self; see the particles of yourself as space and bubbles sparkling brighter and brighter until that’s all there is. Allow yourself to surrender into the all that is.

This time now from the equinox is integration of a new level of the pure heart, unification and peace.

Whatever it is, it does not matter, its energy. You can change your energy any time you like, through your heart with love, acceptance and allowing. If you surrender in divine will and allow then your true self can come through and what is yours and required will come to you, in no time and no space, it just is. 

Blessings of joy and peace within
in the One heart Love Soluntra

Footnote; here are some links about the places I visited and lots more links off them.

I would just like to give a big thanks for all those who were working with the suggestions I gave for the build up to the Equinox. By embracing the solar flares lovingly and seeing the Earth doing this, and doing the Golden and Platinum Liquid Light Plasma work through the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through your own chakras and then Earths and the Diamond Light Matrix activated through you, Earth and the Cosmos. This was a huge success and without you it would not have been possible, thank you radiant light beings for all your loving service. If you still wish to keep doing this then it will assist greatly.

Please see YOU ARE THE EARTH to continue this loving service.

My great gratitude and love to all those who may not have done this particular part in the mission but are doing your own unique part in anchoring the Light, thank you so much for being you and being here right now. You make it possible for us to be in the New Earth.

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