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The Importance of Calling Back Your Energy

By Irene Langeveld

It’s funny how we sometimes forget to do what helps us most.

Part of my daily ritual is to call my energy back from everywhere I have energetically left myself. When we go through life, we leave our energy and our attention with other people and places that we get involved in. After a conversation we keep thinking about the conversation long after it has ended and long after it is helpful to think about it. When we come home from work, many times our attention and our energy are still at work long after we have left. We get pulled out of the here & now all the time.

I have made a habit of calling my energy back to myself several times a day. I normally do this when I wake up (to call myself back from my dreams), after work, after grocery-shopping, after communicating with other people, after surfing on the internet, etc. Whenever I feel a bit ‘fuzzy’ or not completely in my power, I call my energy back to get my focus back on the here & now.

And for some reason, I completely forgot about it the last couple of days. I don’t know why. I think I wanted a little change in my daily meditations so I just sat in my meditations, breathing, doing other things than I normally do. I was busy and forgot to do my little energywork in-between activities.

And then suddenly, yesterday evening, I remembered to call back my energy. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t done it for some time until I felt the impact that this simple intention had. It felt like I was finally coming back to center, feeling powerful and contained again after a few ‘wobbly’ days. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to do this for several days.

The big gift here is that it showed me how important it is for me to manage my energy: to call back my energy and to give back what is from others. It helps me to feel centered, powerful and grounded. From this space it is much easier to be authentic and to come from my core being instead of from my mind. It is much easier to stay in my higher energies and feel happy and empowered.

I want to tell you more about this tool, because it is so valuable. I learned this from Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy: Here’s what you do: you visualize a rose and you ask that rose to ‘collect you up’ from everywhere you have left yourself. Then you explode the rose, allowing the energy to return to you. Then you visualize another rose, and you ask it to collect up all the attention points that others have or had on you. You explode that rose as well, allowing the energies of others to return to them, in neutral.

I’ve found that when you get good at this, you don’t need the rose. I just intend to call my energy back to myself and it happens. I like to use the rose for other’s energies though, because it assures me that I am sending the energy back to them in neutral, without emotions or attachments. Plus I like the visualization of the energy of others leaving my field, going into the rose.

I’m sure you can do this in many different ways. I am grateful for the reminder of what this gives me and I invite you to check it out and see how this can be of value to you!

Irene Langeveld

Shining Light

Since 2009 I have been channeling messages and now I have come to a point where I am almost constantly in contact with Spirit. My life has become a co-creation & co-operation with Spirit and I cannot tell you how amazing that feels.

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Irene Langeveld