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The June 21 Solstice 

Join Us Globally For an OMM-Wave Meditation

On the Solstice Apex :


UT (London) - 5:00  pm

Eastern - 1:00 pm

Central - 12 noon

Mountain - 11 am

Pacific - 10 am

This Meditation is from your home. It is timed globally for group participation at the exact moment of the actual solstice. It will not be broadcast on the Internet. Simply join in from where you are at the above timings. The meditation is for 30 minutes. Begin by toning the OMM for 5 minutes, then visualize a Golden Sphere of Unconditional Love enveloping the Earth. We will be joined by the Angelic Realm, Cosmic Council of Light and Ascended Masters.  Send pure love from your heart and see it bath the planet. Do this for approximately ten minutes. Then visualize the love returning to you, and add your personal prayers and intent for HIGHEST Good. Bathe in the LIGHT.

Archangel Metatron ( with the Cosmic Council of Light)  via James Tyberonn 

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we embrace you in an energy of Unconditional Love. And indeed ALL energy is enhanced this day, for the very solar system of your duality resonance and habitation is opening to allow great and greater frequencies.

And in this auspicious moment we are joined in this message by the Cosmic Council of Light, who will indeed embrace you in LOVE.

 Masters the Crystalline Energies of the Ascension are in powerful free flow on this Solstice, and the benevolent offering is for each of you to seek empowerment and healing.

We are aware of the intensities within this potent time period of the Cardinal Grand Cross and Eclectic Eclipse Triad. So we urge you to seek the Divine Light of this Solstice for mass and individual empowerment .

Indeed it will assist you in navigating the energies at hand, and in so doing you will be a catalystic generator of the OMM Wave of Unconditional Love and spread Unity Consciousness to all of Humanity and indeed the sacred Earth.

 Dear Humans, please meditate in group and in solitude on June 21, for this Solstice is an extraordinary aperture portal of Crystalline Energy that opens with and offers a showering of divine coherent light.

Accordingly this gateway is a fountain of energy that offers each of you a valid re-charging and an opportunity to extend your consciousness in order to lucidly  experience the manifest vision of your dreams and highest potentials for the remainder of 2011,  this magnanimous powerful year of shift.

The Divine Resonance of this Solstice is available to each and every one of you that seeks it. For within this unique Solstice aperture are energies that will empower and stimulate you, as well as accelerate the desired shifts and transitions you are creating.

Within this frequency the dimensional veils are thinned and for a timeless moment , linear time will stop. This is why solstices and equinoxes are so unique, they are dimensional openings that are supra-embellished with energetic geo-codes of Divine Celestial Order.

These contain transmissions and downloads that circumvent time and space to awaken the crystalline structure of the human body and further activate the Mer-Ka-Na to a greater tone of higher frequency, functionality and enhance your optimal awareness.  

The June 21 Solstice exudes Crysto stimuli as a continuum of the Cosmic Trigger, the  impulse for mass release and awakening.

Auric and Mer-Ka-Na Absorption of this energy is by induction, the induction occurs by meditating into theta state during the 24 hour maximum of the Cardinal Grand Cross Solstice. This immediately allows a sense of Unity Consciousness, of divine oneness, as well as alignment with the Divine Self in the coming 12th wave of the Ascension.

By consciously positioning yourself to receive the transmissions and downloads in the quantum field of this 12th wave energy you can indeed empower your life with a renewed vigor, power, purpose , and achieve an integrity of balance and wholeness.

Gather together with like minded souls if you can. But do take part in coordinated group mediations from wherever you are, indeed the energies will synergistically combine and expand. Direct the OMM-Wave of Unconditional LOVE into the world interlaced with your personal goals, prayers and intentions of highest good.

You will receive in return - 100X over, the OMM-Wave that you direct, flowing back into your Beingness in heart Mer-Ka-Na.

Bathe in the OMM-Wave, for it will absolutely energize and realign you in heart purpose and enthusiasm. You will be rejuvenated and be able to face any challenge in greater vitality and vigor.

This Solstice  is a rare catalyst for every area of your life, and is a prolific energetic depository  of  empowerment, that when dedicated to the conscious purification and awakening of consciousness, will return great rewards. You will be gifted 100-fold. And accordingly you will be able to better manage, and optimally achieve the intent and forces around the Eclipses of this powerful phase.

Dear Ones, the Eclectic Eclipse Triad is around release of aspects that do not serve you. It is around redefinition and purification. The self examinations that allow you to purge. The self recognition of ego imbalances, unbalanced relationships and internal conflicts.

Though but one eclipse remains in this Triad, on July 1st, the energy of all 3 are melded, and these are the instruments of your releases. The Solstice empowers you to do so, gives you that essential recharge. And the CGC will further support this purification.  The  Cardinal Grand Cross extends for 8 more weeks. It is a powerful time, that can serve you far more than you may recognize.

Embrace it, for it is an energy you have created. It is the preset of the Ascension..and you are on the cusp of a Quantum Leap. You are indeed Beloved. We honor you, and send you LOVE.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths.

...And so it is...And it is So....


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