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The Magic of May: Midway Point

 By Lauren C. Gorgo

We made it to May!  That alone is celebration worthy considering the magnitude of what has recently transpired within us, but in addition to such a noble accomplishment we also lived to tell about the grand cross event. And now that the eclipse portal is finally coming to a close (5/14), I am hearing that we are about to learn how we are forever changed. 

The transmutational energies of April may have definitely threatened to exterminate us in parts, but from the perspective of my Sources, the heavy (key word) lifting is over. The next leg of our resurrection journey is not without challenges mind you, but with a new level of support.

With Mars still retrograde I doubt we will immediately feel the green-light-means-go energy that we are all so desperate for, but direct is on the docket which means at the very least we should soon be able to stand upright…without the constant looming threat of an unintentional face-plant.

Since the March equinox-ish, things have been so up and down with starts, stops & sputters…like the ole “driving with the brakes on”  or “slogging thru mud” analogies that we’ve become so accustomed to thru our transition into the new world.  There is a constant sense of urgency and a growing list of things to get done in order to prepare for our new lives, yet each time we try to effectuate change in the physical world mother-father GOD seems to put the universal kibosh on our plans.

With so much transfiguration fatigue and emotional unrest to contend with, in addition to the pervasive lack of motivation to bring anything to fruition, it is has been waaaaay beyond frustrating.  In fact, since the solar eclipse especially, I would say that this most recent transformation may be of the most challenging, to date.  There are exceptions to this of course, but most have been pushed either to or beyond their breaking point, facing major patterns of unconscious-creation and the resulting thoughts of: “how could ANYthing possibly be THIS hard?” or “WHAT could possibly be worth all this?”

Because nothing new is really taking root yet, we are left with our wheels spinning and spinning in the old and the compounding pressure is building to a friction point that feels like one of three things could happen at any moment:

  1. we will spontaneously combust
  2. we will be shot out of a cannon, explosively catapulted into our new lives
  3. the Rumpelstiltskin version: our spinning wheels will magically transmute our lives into gold

All things considered, I certainly won’t be surprised if when our wheels finally hit the pavement, we end up taking flight instead.  These are some serious push-pull energies we have been contending with.

Magical Midway Point

So far this year of the horse has been feeling a lot like being dragged behind it with the weight of our pasts in tow, but a lot of things point to that changing this month.

I am hearing that mid-May things shift into a new gear and that, as of 5/5, we are officially midway thru our physical rebirth process.  We have been reborn many times over, so many times that it is difficult to remember who we were before our journey back to SELF began…but this last rebirth, in physical form, is what it’s all been for & about and so we must remain unwavering in our commitment to see ourselves thru the final miles. We have to keep in our awareness the realization that resurrection is the greatest miracle of all…and that without it, the crucifixion is/was meaningless. Baby steps… 

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