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The Potency of Your Imagination

Peggy Black and the 'Team'

We are here and we embrace you with our deep appreciation. We also acknowledge the changing times that are occurring in your dimension and timeframe. There are many who are aware and welcoming these changes in consciousness and there are those who are aware yet are experiencing these changes with more challenges. And there are those who are still locked into the paradigm of limitations, who slumber in the state of powerlessness and projection.

We have spoken of the importance of your physical heart as well as the energetic and emotional nature of this sacred chalice and portal. You have been invited to heal all emotional wounds carried within your heart, to consciously release the grief, anger, loss, resentment or any other emotional memory or issue that you have stored there. The heart center is energetically a chalice of transformation; it is your connection to one another and your connection to divine source.

In the coming days the changes will continue to escalate. It is most important that you ride these waves of change in the highest state of awareness and clarity. It is important that you do your inner work; recognize and own that you are multidimensional and begin to allow that integration and reality to come forth.  
There is a metamorphosis taking place within the physical body. This phenomenon is allowing more and more light frequency to be woven into your field. Each cell is undergoing simple yet awesome shifts, relinquishing patterns of limited behavior and recognizing subtle energy vibrations which are activating latent seeds of awareness. This is occurring within every aspect of your physical body as well as your surrounding energy bodies.

The caring for your physical vehicle as well as your energy bodies is a valuable aspect of this awareness and process that is taking place. Your physical and energetic form is in a state of transmutation as it continues to hold and anchor more light vibrations.

Each individual is responding in unique and personal ways to the metamorphosis. There are those who are totally unaware of the awesome occurrence. They are puzzled and confused about the changes they are experiencing. Then there are many who know a change is happening and are at various stages of their own personal awakening translating their experience in diverse and different ways.  More and more individuals are actually celebrating and welcoming this unfolding and this process.

In your own personal expansion it is important to recognize and begin to actively participate in this wonderful transformation, accepting with clarity and knowing that you are a being of light and you are multidimensional. 

If this seems too far out for you or there is a question as to how or what all this means, we invite you to just hold the space for the possibility. We invite you to play with the idea, relax into the potential, the unexpressed, the unrealized, the unapparent, the concealed and the dormant energy of who you truly are. Allow your imagination freedom. What would it be like to be multidimensional? What is multidimensional anyway?  If I were multidimensional what gifts and qualities would be available? Holding the doors open to the infinite, to all possibilities, allow your imagination freedom.

Let this be the framework for the unique experience of awakening and these coming times. Soften your beliefs just a bit; ask the questions of your self and your imagination "What if I could ...?" Allow yourself to color outside your current reality. Spend some time each day playing with your imagination. Allow yourself the experience of mental freedom, remembering this is just play. Relax into the moment without judgment or expectations. Imagine that you could travel time - where would you go, what would you observe?  Imagine visiting other realms and dimensions. Imagine listening to colors, talking to stars.

We invite you to create an imaginary sacred space formulated of mental images, created within your thoughts. This is your opportunity to create a wonderful, magical environment. Infuse this process with your intentions.  Be patient with the process. We invite you make this as real as possible for yourself. You are working in the quantum field, the field of all possibility, the infinite energy field of vibration in which all aspects of physical reality are created. Allow yourself to see, feel, dream, envision, invent, summon and picture this sacred space.

A sacred space is an imaginary environment that you create. This dedicated sanctuary is only available through the doorways of your mind. You are going to call this sacred space into being. When it is used to its full potential it is an extremely powerful tool. Remember there are no limitations. It is in this space where the usual limitations or restrictions you often experience in your daily reality do not apply. Over time this will be a place you go to reflect, to resolve conflicts, to create, heal and renew. This is the gift of your imagination. This is a secure, safe and conscious place.  It is also a simple method to begin to realize your multidimensional abilities.

It is actually very simple and easy to create your dedicated or sacred space. You will need to set aside some undisturbed time. First dream it up. Where will it be located? Do you want it to be in a natural setting, the forest or the beach? Do you have a favorite location, perhaps a place from your past or even some place you saw in a movie or photo?  You can even fabricate a fantasy location. Allow your creative urges to flow and in your mind's eye or imagination begin to see or sense the location. You can create your special sacred space anywhere that feels delicious for you.

Next decide just how your sacred sanctuary will look. Will it be a cabin in the woods or a glass abode atop a beautiful mountain? It might be a structure from your past. It might even be a temple, a shrine or holy place.  The idea in creating this imaginary sanctuary is to offer you a place of refuge and shelter, a haven.

Once you are comfortable with this process, allow yourself to expand how you use the space. For example, you can create a sacred healing space for yourself, making it as real as possible. You could imagine your energy body there and allow the beings of love and light to minister to your healing.  This would be a special place you would go in your mind just before going to sleep at night. You might ask your angels and healers to join you there. State specifically what you would like them to work on; give them a request concerning your physical body. Then fall asleep in the state of grace.

You might want to create a magic door which allows you to enter other realities, other timeframes, revising historical events or even possibly future events. This door way could lead to enchanting kingdoms with mystical creatures. Allow that childlike curiosity to be active here, allow yourself to play freely in your imagination, knowing that you can travel to these many wonderful, fascinating places safely and easily. 

Your sacred space will become an awesome energetic tool; it will serve you in ways that will reveal themselves over time. You will begin to trust and relax into the process. Even if you only use this sanctuary for your relaxation and renewal it is worth creating. So be adventurous, be playful and make this imaginary space as fascinating as possible.  This is the gift of your imagination.

Another process for your imagination that will escalate your expansion is to begin to consciously welcome the divine transforming energy that is bathing your planet. We invite you recognize the awesome power of your energetic portals. The human body has a series of portals, energetic gateways that open and close much like a camera lens. Your heart is only one of these gateways. These portals are called chakras or spinning wheels of energy. They align from the base of the spine to the top of the head and above. They allow you to receive energy from your surroundings as well as the energy vibrations that are being offered by the galaxy. There is much information given about these spinning wheels of energy. We invite you to discover and begin to understand the importance of this powerful system of energy portals.

We now speak of another extremely significant portal or energy chalice within your body. It is your pineal gland, the crown portal or chakra. It is located in the center of the brain, behind the pituitary gland of your brow chakra.  We could call this your cosmic connection, the doorway to your true understanding of being a galactic being.

We continue to invite you to practice connecting with these energetic portals. Every time you focus on any one of these chakras or portals you allow more energy to flow to that center. Begin to sit quietly and bring your attention to your heart center. Fill your heart with gratitude; fill it with joy and appreciation. Now with clear focus and intention send that vibration of joy and gratitude to any part of your body. You can offer these healing vibrations of appreciation and gratitude to each of the spinning wheels, chakras or portals. It is especially important to focus on the pineal gland. It is your conscious focus that activates and stimulates this center.

Imagine that each time you send your heart's gratitude to your pineal center it opens and allows more celestial blessings, vibrations and light into your physical and energetic forms. This exercise and process will begin to invite and enliven the multidimensional abilities that are yours to discover and honor.

Remember the power of your ability to envision, to imagine, to call forth. Use the power of your imagination to envision a world and reality that lives in your desires. Remember the power of your heart's gratitude to heal, awaken and invite new awareness. Practice sending your heart's gratitude to anyone, to anywhere, and anyplace.

You are on the cusp of  'a great and grand unfolding.' We are honored to support and witness your dedicated work and service in personally anchoring a new reality.  Call upon the support and assistance of the celestial realms; it is your invitation that allows us to join you in this service of transforming the dysfunctional energies of your planet. Be in your joy and gratitude for these frequencies do uplift. In deep honoring and love, the "team"

©2010 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.