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The REALity of Illusion: holographic creation

By Lauren Carolyn Gorgo

The new world is here.  It is finally anchored within each of us which means our next steps will be to individually and collectively create the outer reflection of our inner state of LOVE.  The physicalization period has begun, and from here on out, our focus will be on resurrecting ourselves, our lives, our relationships, our homes, our purpose, our finances, our everything.

The past is gone.  We are new, and we are beginning to participate with what feels like a more "responsive reality system" where everything is possible. And even tho we can palpably feel this new life support pumping from our hearts and pulsing thru our veins, we are still  w e a r y  beyond words.

Our self-created universes have definitely been diligent on their recalibrating quests presenting us all with multiple opportunities to purify our hearts and minds/align our thoughts and feelings with LOVE...especially during the recent Venus and Mercury retrogrades.  And even tho we are better for it, at moments, it felt like straight-up abuse.

I know some have had quite a tumble in these energies, and tho we definitely still have another round of (physical) recalibration to sleep thru go via the Mars retrograde/equinox passage, the council reminds us that this next phase of our resurrection journey is not the typical clearing or purifying dynamicbut more of a renewal.

I am interpreting that to mean "less discomfort" because they assure us that the "hard" work is over, tho it's hard to trust because things still feel so hazy, awkward, unmoving, uncomfortable, symptomatic, resistant, limbo-like and just plain weird.

But trust we must, because it is a running theme right now.  I have noticed this more acutely since Saturn recently went retrograde, but we are certainly being tested in our trueness, presented with situations that ask us if we are willing to stand in our heart's knowing with divine authority, unwavering, at all costs...OR, if we will fall prey to any of the fear-based realities which are running rampant as 2014 cranks up the frequency dial.

A "test" of trueness came for me personally this week when I learned that my neighbor's house two doors down had been broken into with an attempted robbery in the middle of the afternoon.  Living in a somewhat secluded, but "protected" area in nature for the last decade, thoughts of safety never even crossed my mind, so I knew I was being presented with an opportunity to make a clear either buy into the fear-based reality that be-lie-ves that the external world influences my own (that things can happen TO me)...OR, to stand in my sovereignty knowing that 1) I create my reality, and 2) I am always safe and protected if I always feel safe and protected.

Making the choice between creating from the outside-in (duality) versus the inside-out (unity) is especially prevalent right now, and will grow in necessity as the world becomes more chaotic and the wheels come off of more of the old-world systems.

For those participating in unity, humongous leaps of faith have been required left and right in order to create our new reality because, well...thats how to create a new reality.  But not only that, we are also at the critical point of now having to take some big actions in faith that align with our hearts call, without knowing the outcomes...mostly because the outcome isn't decided until we take action. (This is what I have referred to as cart-before-the-horse creation in past reports...and which suddenly seems delightfully relevant in this year of the green wood horsie ...insert aha! moment >>HERE<<... )

The new TWYH website is actually perfect example of that process...which, btw, was completely created and implemented (successfully I might add) during a Mercury retrograde 8O ...something I wouldn't have even attempted 6 months ago.  But I finally got to realizing that my be-lie-fs around retrograde were really starting to annoy me...the limitations were just getting so old & tired, and just too disruptive in my life.

I decided that if the expression of my purpose is going to remain in communication and media, then I am just not willing to take that old version of a retrograde reality with me to the new.  So I didn't.  I decided instead what my outcome would be and then acted-as-if it retrograde was actually supporting me to make huge technological and communication changes that involve a lot of "other" people who are seemingly affected by retrograde in the usual and collectively accepted ways. Mission accomplished...even if by the skin of my teeth.

Overall it just feels like we are at a new level of participation with everything...and thats because we are. And though this is just a tiny example of our limitless capability as 5th dimensional BEings, "creating out of thin air" is definitely the name of this new game and one that we will have to become adept at in order to truly thrive here.

And that is the playground of 2014.  
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