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The Spirit of 2014, A Changing Zeitgeist

By Ariel Ky

Hang onto your hats, because 2014 brings a year of whirlwind change to our consensual reality.  It is a year of remembering who we are, what we’ve done (and a lot of it isn’t pretty), and what we haven’t done in our abnegation of responsibility as citizens of our world.  The zeitgeist of 2014, or spirit of the time, is a general outlook of rolling up our sleeves to do the dirty work of cleaning up our problems.  The prevailing attitude of 2014 is, "Let's face the truth, and do something about it." 

There is power in remembering both the good and the bad, as we write our collective stories, sharing our truth, and remembering all that we know, and have known, as denizens of earth.

The operative word for 2014 is co-creation, of the coalescence or concretization of new beliefs that usher in a new operating paradigm.  Here’s an exercise for everyone who wants to help make a better world.  Think of three people who you know personally, people you talk to, so you know what they are facing in their personal lives, and perhaps you know their politics, as well.  You decide to form a creative group with those three people.  Think of it as an experiment in co-creation.  And what you are going to do in this group first, is to decide on a project that you are going to work on together.

The nature of this project will be crafted by the needs of the people in your group.  Perhaps someone needs to get marketed.  Someone else needs help with childcare to get certain tasks done.  Another needs inspiration.  And the fourth person perhaps needs to pull out of depression.  You are going to work with your group together to meet the needs of each one in your group better than they’ve been able to do alone.  This is an experiment in collaboration and cooperation to meet your needs.

That’s the first project.  It may continue for a month, three months, or perhaps even six months until you have established a working relationship with each other as a group of creative problem solvers.

In the second phase, your group starts a new project.  After examining core issues that all of you have, your group may decide to right an injustice in your neighborhood, to tackle a problem that is most pressing for all of you in your lives, to seek out the truth behind an injustice, and to get out the facts so that everyone knows who is responsible for some wrongdoing.  And that’s how simply the process of empowering ourselves to create our future can start.

The emotional course of humanity is like a river, all of our emotions are carried in the stream, mingling with each other.  All of our actions, taken together collectively, impact the flow of the river, all of our beliefs, thoughts, and experiences also determine what kind of river it is.  Right now, the river is badly polluted and choked with debris.  We’ve got to clean it up to allow it to run freely again, and to free ourselves.

How can we begin?  The two greatest forces that we have to work with in order to clean up the river of humanity are love and forgiveness.  Love has the power to transmute everything.  Forgiveness is the greatest force in existence for erasing and cleaning our spirit of all that has stained, dirtied and defaced it.  We have great power in our ability to love and forgive – those are the strengths in people that we must tap into more and more.  The poorest among us, and the most downtrodden, will lead the way.  They have the most to contribute in this spiritual renaissance.

Forgiving ourselves opens the door to forgiving others.  With forgiving, the door opens wide and the river runs freely for love to come in and cleanse us.

How might this process play out in the world in 2014?  Three places in the world come to mind which will probably see significant progress.  First is Korea, as it is very possible the war will end there between the north and the south.  Some of the poorest, most downtrodden people in the world live in North Korea, and this is where the initiative will begin.  North Korea will approach South Korea, seeking an armistice to end the war between the two countries.  In the Middle East, Palestinians will approach Israelis with an initiative that will bring about a breakthrough understanding between those two countries.  And in Africa, many of the poorest countries will initiate a healing process that helps their people to prosper, especially among the poorest of the poor.  South Africa will become a leader in this shift.

As people really begin to understand what a powerful force forgiveness truly has, they will know that forgiving has more power than money, and more power than military might or the use of force.  With this understanding will come the liberation of the poor… knowing how truly powerful they are, and how much the truth does set us free. 

This will be the year of the exposure of corruption in high places.  However, in tempo with the truly terrible revelations to come, there will also be a new spirit of forgiveness that allows a process to begin of rectification of wrongs, of justice prevailing, but not of retribution.  If people seek revenge in this process, it will surely get derailed.   This is an evolutionary time for humanity.

The United States will go through a dark and deep process of self-examination and rectifying mistakes.  It will take great patience and tenderness to see it through, but what will emerge is a nation of true freedom, where love triumphs over hate.   The passion of the people is unleashed to lead and learn in a new way of being with people in other countries, breaking the model of economic imperialism enforced by military means.

In China, a similar process that has already started of netizens exposing corrupt officials will shake the existing power structure.  In fact, the same process that I’ve described for the United States will be happening in every country in the world… in China, Russia, India, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, Japan, Brazil (where some surprising and wonderful events will occur with the World Cup), etc.  2014 will truly be a year of transition, a difficult time of economic upheaval and cataclysmic changes that will be graced by the empowerment of common people finding their voice in the current of events.

This transitional process will open the doors to trust and greater trade among people of ideas, things and opportunities that will lead the way to a golden age for all humanity.  So hang onto your hats, because 2014 will no doubt see another major stock market crash, devaluation of the dollar and rocking of world markets.  It will sometimes appear as though chaos reigns, but a new pattern will emerge from the chaos that will benefit everyone.  We need to trust the process of cleaning house that has begun, and to do our part to clean up the river of humanity, starting with our own lives.

It begins with examining ourselves, of forgiving ourselves for anything and everything that we’ve done wrong, and of forgiving others as well.  So this means engaging in a process of self-examination, forgiveness, and rectifying wrongs –  of setting things right, and doing it all in a spirit of love, not just individually, but also collectively.  This process will start the flow of love between people so that the river becomes powerful and strong to clean up the debris now choking it.

Oh yes, one last admonition.  If we are overwhelmed by the prospect of engaging in this process, especially in forgiving others (which may seem impossible to do), then we can always call on the angels to guide us, or for spiritual assistance according to our beliefs.  (An angel prompted me to add this ending.)

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