Over the years of my channeling work, I have been graced with a number of visions that allowed me to see alternative versions of American history.  By comparison, our version of history is full of missed potentials that were shocking to learn about. I am sure we have all felt that things could have been better by now. Something feels wrong, like we have gotten off course, but where and when did we go out of phase with history’s higher potentials?

In the late 1700s, there were many historical potentials arising in human consciousness, and the angels were very active, seeding revelations into the minds of those who were aligned to receive them. Much of this seeding work centered around the community of Joseph Smith, who would become a founder of the Mormon Church.

Let me share with you something I learned about his character that I have never heard from anyone else. Joseph was the first person in modern history to understand the concept of spiritual resonance. This concept, which became part of his awareness, was like a lightbulb going off in human consciousness. It made his aura the most light-filled of any man in America at the time. It was part of a larger body of revelation that he was helping to bring through, but there were problems with this process that stifled its potential.

Both men and women received revelations that were part of a greater body of work that Joseph was helping to catalyze, but the male consciousness at the time held superiority over the feminine, minimizing their roles; and the women who received revelation did not feel empowered to speak or act on it without the unconditional support of the men. This lack of balance between the masculine and feminine energy in the community caused the male part of the revelation to become distorted, while the feminine part became veiled.

One day I will write a lot more concerning the details of what happened, but what is relevant here is the understanding that revelations begin as something more universal, all encompassing, and unconditional towards all life; but once they reach us in the physical, our human filters can interfere, especially when we try to put such divine revelations into a religious structure. The Mormon revelation, as I understand it now, was about something else entirely. Not the source of a new religion, but an opening that could have freed us from the religious structures of the past to enter a new age of spiritual awareness. This new spiritual awareness is still continuing to awaken in America, but it will no longer be tamed by any religious structures.

Had the Mormon revelation become was it was meant to be, it would have facilitated a more harmonious integration between the American/European settlers and the Native Americans. This, in turn, would have preserved native culture and led to a more balanced relationship with the environment.

When I moved forward into the alternative present of this America, I saw a society that was guided by certain social principals towards wealth and the environment that we are struggling to implement in our present. It was a less polluted, more abundant, safer America. Not necessarily a more Mormon America, as we define who Mormons are today, and yet the work of the early Mormons in this other America had a whole different meaning that was more interwoven in the the collective American identity.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation about our alternative history regarded the work of Nikola Tesla. His spirit came to visit me one night and he took me into the memory of his lab, which was deliberately destroyed by fire. Amazing inventions were lost, and the momentum of his work never fully recovered.

His soul explained to me that all of the right people were in place, with the right resources at their command to bring free energy to the world. We were on the verge of a whole new technological paradigm, but Tesla was the only one who could see the big picture of what they were there to create. It was like each of the people he showed me with his mind were part of a divine blueprint, and yet I could see in the thought-forms of these powerful men that all of them were attached to owning, controlling, or profiting from the technology, which inevitably limited our progress.

Tesla showed me with his own eyes once, in a channeled state of contact with this soul, an America that was not covered with telephone and electrical wires. It was like he was looking at the world through my eyes as I drove past telephone pole after telephone pole, saying “None of this was supposed to happen.”

I felt his pain as he shared the terrible feeling of the more advanced world that we were denied through greed; a world that extended from a pure place in his heart. Still, this potential is not lost. We are nearing the point when all of these alternative worlds will collide, and we will have the opportunity choose once again.

The angels showed me how our atoms are made of probability fields, and that over the past so many years these probability fields have been increasing. The affect of these widening fields means greater unpredictability, and that the ripple effect of our choices is also widening. Everything we do matters. Every choice creates a resonance that others can align with.

This is one of the reasons I started tithing 10% of everything I make to charity. I don’t even think about it anymore. It happens automatically when I get paid. I believe in Gandhi’s message that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. I am certain that this insight is a key to unlocking our highest potential.

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Michael White is an author, intuitive reader, public speaker and channel for Spirit. Michael has been writing on the Internet for ten years and offering private sessions by phone since 2006 that involve spiritual counseling, intuitive reading and energetic healing support. Michael is skilled at assisting people with psychological clearing, spiritual development and finding clarity about one's life path.